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Raw & Gritty Art Coaching to Unleash Woman

Why We Need to STOP Raising 'Good Girls'

Continuing with my top Coaching Tips for Life, Art & Creative Business: Be Confident, Empowered & Resilient Hello Sometimes I wonder if I am flawed.  I'm talking specifically in terms of my capacity to ...
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Unleashing the Voice of Woman

Unleashing the Voice of Woman:  A space for Woman to share their Story, without censor.  Speaking their truth so others can too.  If you would like to contribute, simply allow your story to flow in all its...
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The Problem with Tiptoeing Around Everyone's Eggshells

Hello Continuing to share my top Coaching Tips for YOUR Life, Creativity and Business.I am well known for saying it as it is, lovingly calling it all out and being up for the most exciting journey of self development we can p...
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What's In Your Wild Heart?

Continuing with my top Coaching Tips… for Life, for Art Making and for Creative Business. I wonder if you are a Creative like me? With Wild Imaginings…and Massive Hopes & Dreams?Maybe your Big Dreams or Wild Imaginings ar...
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Love Is All You Need

Kassi is a Therapeutic Coach, Expressive Artist, Prolific Creator and Enthusiastic Supporter of Unleashing Woman in Art, Life and Business. Continuing with my Top Coaching Tips, today I share&nbs...
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Does Tough Love Help?

Continuing to share my top Coaching Tips for Life, Art & Creative Business with you..."Tough Love" …Were you raised on this?  Many of us are.I experienced a lot of Tough Love as I was growing up.  Some from ...
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