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Owl Is Watching Over Me

Hi there  How are you?I had a wonderful conversation with Jacqui du Rocher earlier this week about her amazing Owl she created using Oil Pastels in her Art Journal - see the wonderful image above. I introduced Jacqui to ...
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In The Words of A Song

Hi there, I was honoured to accompany Tracy online as she created, shared and worked her way through In The Words Of A Song.  I loved watching her Painting emerge - you can see Tracy's step by step pr...
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Expressing Feelings in Colour for Self Regulation - a video

hi there How are you? I've been rather unwell with an infection. Not nice and being an impatient Patient it's been tough!  I just want to do things and make things and read and go in the woods but my Body said 'NO!!...
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Are You In?

Hi there How are you? I've been really busy creating for the amazing Life Book 2020.  I am so excited about the three Lessons I am working on for this popular and superb year long course.  I can't wai...
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What Do You Mean, Why?

Hi there How are you?You probably noticed I make lots of Expressive personal growth experiences.   WHY? You might wonder... Well, because I am absolutely compelled to do so.  It feels impossible ...
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Life Book 2020 - I'm So Excited!

Hi there Fantastic news! Life Book 2020 is now open for Registration! I am So, so grateful and excited to be part of this amazing year long course and can't wait to share my lessons with you! An amazing part of this is when y...
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