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And the Tree held the Sun... until it learned to Let Go...
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The Muscari Bulb Jailer

  Hi there How are you? It's been so mild and my garden has daffodil shoots everywhere.  Such bright, friendly flowers I always think. Two Christmas's ago I was given an unusual plant gift from my Aunt which wa...
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Humans Have So Much In Common With Snowflakes

Hi there How are you doing? It's snowing! I woke up very early this morning when my Beloved popped a piping hot water bottle at my feet. Ahhhh what lovely gifts he brings me, thoughtful man. Then he whispered  'The Snow ...
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How To Explore... She Flies Like A Bird

hi there How are you doing?  I feel Really excited to be sharing an actual Exploration of an Intuitive Painting with You. It's such a beautiful, satisfying, meaningful 'chat' between somebody who has created a painting a...
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Grief is Love With No Place To Go...

​hi there How are you doing?  How is everything in your world? Stepping Over Elephants I've been stepping over that 'Elephant in the Room' again, for quite some time...  I had intended coming back much sooner and sh...
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Inspiration Is All Around

hi there, How are you?  Thank you so much for your loving messages, I appreciate every one of you.   Here I am, almost at the end of another Year.  I have lots to share with you, some of which I am not qui...
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Preparing For A Goodbye

Hi there How are you doing? I find myself in December again. How can it already be December?  This will be my 57th December. Impossible! That number just won't register in my brain. I'm aware that I haven't written in a ...
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