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Special Easter Gift Ends at Midnight!

Goddess Fire Original Art Kas Martin


Unblocking Your Feminine Fire to Paint, Write, Lead & Live

I have an Incredible Gift for you for Easter Monday!  Ends at midnight tonight...

GODDESS UNLEASHED for £99  - Life Time Access  -  Self Paced...  

Please Don't Miss Out!!!

If you're ready for Self Exploration, Personal Growth, Assertiveness, Confidence, Resilience, learn about the Games that People Play (and often drive you nuts), Relationships, Sexuality, being Seen and Heard, Self Esteem and SO Much MORE... too much to mention... Goddess Unleashed is massive and growing all the time.

There are 68 Videos and Written Prompts (to date).  I add to the comprehensive library all the time...  Be assured, I don't do things by halves!

It's an INCREDIBLE Offer and a wonderful opportunity for those of you who prefer a Self Paced experience, and who are unable to commit to the monthly, in group Program with me.

You have the expansive Life Time membership at an amazing, affordable one-off payment of just £99.  WOW!!!  Self paced, you cannot 'fail', no pressure to show up... do it whenever you wish...

If only someone had created this wonderful Course when I was beginning to grow and expand my self development journey all those years ago.

AND... if you do purchase this very Special Gift, and wish to join my online group program later... just email me and we can get it all organised simply and quickly for you.

Here's the special link to dive in immediately:

Goddess Unleashed £99 - Kassi Martin - Raw & Gritty Art Coaching to Unleash Woman

You have until midnight tonight UK Time Zone

I will teach you Many things that nobody has told you before.  Your confidence & self esteem can grow wildly.  You will learn to truly Love and Accept yourself and why this is so important for health and well being...

You will build resilience, develop skills and knowledge and be the incredible YOU that you were born to become.  It's always been there inside of you but Conditioning has prevented it from growing wildly.

You probably have BIG Dreams, you may feel wobbly yet know you are Brave... you may sense you have incredible potential but never had the back up to birth the business you always wanted or make your Dreams come true.

You may be wondering: "What are my unique Gifts?"  Don't worry: this will all become clear.  You're in very safe hands.  Even if you have zillions of exciting ideas pinging from your busy brain everyday!  (Me too).  

You might feel overwhelmed, but I can bring calm and clarity for you.

In 2008, I developed a powerful System: blending Coaching, Therapy & Expressive Arts into one incredible process which I offer you, here.

I've unblocked MANY women, unleashing them to free up their BIG Dreams.  Many want to paint, write, lead, teach, coach, blog or transform their business into something HUGE!

You will learn how to experience autonomy, authenticity, empowerment and freedom to be your truest Self and experience the Success you know you have the potential for.

"Kas IS Dangerous For Boring Lives...  When you come into her Orbit, it's impossible to stay the same. Change Is Inevitable!"

Do You Dream About Writing Your Own Life Story?
A wonderful aspect to Goddess Unleashed is, that the Journal you work in will become a beautiful, creative 'Autobiography'. 

Whether you write, doodle or art journal through my Video Library, you are prompted and led to Honour & Share YOUR Life Stories with sensitivity, honesty, creativity & colour. 

We cover MANY topics as you build resilience and become empowered.

You don't have to be a Writer or Artist. You don't need to know "HOW", yet you WILL end up with a 'book' about Your Life, as you develop beyond your wildest Dreams.

Goddess Unleashed WILL enable you to tell your Life Story as you learn and grow!


Sign Up for the incredible £99 offer
Log In...
Watch, Listen & Read any one of the comprehensive Prompts (Do it in any order you wish)
Open your Journal... and begin... writing, doodling, art making, reflecting (I show you everything inside)
and you will Grow & Grow & Grow!

Whether you use sparkly gel pens and notebook, or you wish to include intuitive collage or use mixed media (I teach you everything) it's up to you.  You're free to choose 'How'.

It isn't all about art making... It is potent, Powerful Coaching, and you will find the prompts invite you to really dig deep and reflect on So MUCH that you've never thought of before.

I'm going to teach you LOTS of Coaching & Psychotherapy skills throughout this work.  You're going to wonder why nobody taught you all this stuff sooner!  Well... they tend to want us to be 'asleep' and 'oblivious' in the everyday, conditioned world, so we don't think for ourselves and break free of the mould!

Some participants love words and writing, others write and doodle, some participants include luscious mixed media art and intuitive collage in their journals.  I teach you EVERYTHING... and it's all a choice! 

I am never far away, if you need help to log in or have questions you can simply send me an email, I WILL reply, and quickly too... I am known as the 5th Emergency Service - I am so speedy, warm and responsive!

Just click the link below, sign up in the usual way and gain immediate access, for Life - Self Paced without pressure

Goddess Unleashed £99 - Kassi Martin - Raw & Gritty Art Coaching to Unleash Woman

Hazel says: "Goddess Unleashed has made such a difference to me. Something inside has shifted! I feel more Awake and Alive than I have in years! I hadn't realised how dulled I felt until I began this process. You definitely do magic, Kas. Strange... nothing in my physical world has changed, yet everything seems different inside. Lighter! More present and ALIVE! Thanks! I Love your work!"

Don't let this opportunity slip through your fingers.
Embrace the power within you, unleash your inner Goddess, and sculpt the life of your dreams with Goddess Unleashed.

Please Stop Waiting until the kids are grown up or lose weight ...or the time is 'right'.  We all know that another 10 years will have passed you by! 


Here is the all important link to gain Immediate Access:

Goddess Unleashed £99 - Kassi Martin - Raw & Gritty Art Coaching to Unleash Woman




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