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And the Tree held the Sun... until it learned to Let Go...
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Power In My Expression of Sadness - an exploration

hi there How are you doing? I've been busy of late getting three new online art classes ready to release. I feel so lucky to work in ways which fulfill me. Today I have another beautiful Exploration for you to read. I really ...
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Physis - forging ahead regardless

hi there How are you?  Spring is truly in the air is it not? Our garden is filled with moment by moment new growth forging forth, upwards and outwards. It just cannot, will not, be halted. Our Daffodils seem to...
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Turning Can'ts into Cans and Dreams Into Plans

hi there How are you doing? It's been a little while since I wrote a more personal post and have a yearning to say hello and check in with you. Taking Stock & Feeling Grateful I've been taking stock of late and feeling ve...
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A Strong Spirit That Won't Be Changed

Hi there, How are you? If you would like to email, press return - I will respond. I love to hear about your Life. Send photos of your Art, or let me know what has been happening in your corner of the world. I have another won...
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My Resewed Heart - an exploration of Intuitive Art

hi there, How are you? I hope all is well in your corner of the World. I have another exploration of art to share with you.  This painting was created by La Tana who is Italian with superb English language.  I speak...
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Accepting Change Can Sometimes Be An Act of Great Courage

Hi there How are you doing? I feel Really excited to share another Exploration of Intuitive Art with you!  A beautiful process of exploring our inner landscape through intuitive art.  All images shared here are ...
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