Goddess Unleashed

Unblocking Woman, Everywhere

Goddess Unleashed Therapeutic Journey will Unblock You in anyway you need:  Emotionally, Physically, Relationally, Sexually, in Business or at Home ...and more

You Will Gain: 
Empowerment, Resilience, Knowledge, Vulnerability, Strength, Authenticity, Creativity, Confidence, Intuition, Boundaries, Fearlessness, Potency & Unfuckwithable Capacity to become Unblocked.

I'm SO confident in Goddess Unleashed, I Give you the First Month FREE to explore and indulge in my Video Library and group experience with me. My MASSIVE Library contains 76 powerful Videos & Written Prompts to dive into - immediately.  No zoom calls, no timetable... total freedom to go at your pace with me available as required.

There's no 'keeping up'. You can't 'fail'. It's Inclusive, Loving & Dynamic. If you prefer Self Paced see Option 2 below.

Learn to Love & Accept yourself. Develop incredible skills & knowledge from my 25+ years Psychotherapy, Therapeutic Coaching & Raw, Gritty Expression to Unblock and Unleash You.

The difference with Goddess Unleashed is I Accompany, Guide, Support & Challenge you with mountains of love.


A Little About 'Unblocking' You

When you come into my orbit, Change is inevitable. I've finally HAD to accept my gift.  I never 'force' or 'expect' anyone to Change/become unblocked. My 'way of being' enables you to become unblocked simply, naturally, easily.  I will get to know you quickly.  I create the environment each individual needs to become truly themselves that they were born to be.  I have an innate knack which Unblocks and unleashes others painlessly!

Change happens gently, subtly. People feel Safe and secure with me. Their truest Self can venture out. That Self which had to hide behind Defences.  Around me, people feel free to emerge into the world. Our Defences can be smiling and saying "I'm Fine!" when we feel stressed or depressed deep down.

Whilst feeling safe and secure around me, you can develop self esteem, confidence, heal your inner child, build boundaries, develop relationship skills and if you want this... your BIG Dreams will flow. Your special Gifts can finally emerge.

Please remember, I am here in this with you!  I'm supportive, exciting, very strong, yet gentle, empathic and boundaried.

First Month FREE.  Leave anytime you wish.  Have me, Kas, 100% alongside you - which is PRICELESS!

How It All Works

So Easy!  Sign Up...  Log In...

Participate in my comprehensive Video Library in any order you wish.

Share as much or little as you wish in my group. I will celebrate all you are learning, we can chat if you wish - it's a choice - No Pressure!

I will Facilitate your experience with Every Skill I Possess and my magical ingredients of LOVE, Acceptance, Knowledge & Skill if you want this.

The Difference is: I REALLY SHOW UP

I interact, listen, facilitate, love, process, share, teach and WILL do whatever it takes to assist and enable you to GROW! I bring 25+ years experience to Everything I do.

With me, you get Everything - if you want it
If you ever feel held back, diluted down or stopped in Life then Goddess Unleashed Is For YOU.  You may have MASSIVE Dreams to Write, Paint, Act, Sing, be a Public Speaker or Leader.  Whatever your Dreams, however BIG

Stephanie Says:
"Kas is completely honest, straightforward, experienced, sharing and caring. It’s a safe space where I am seen, heard, and accepted. Just a short time and I can already see my inner Goddess poking her nose out of the shadows! 
Kas, the way you share everything that you share, is comforting and gives me hope"

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OPTION 1: Entire Library AND Group

Begin Your Transformative Journey
First Month: Unlimited FREE Access to 76 Videos & Written Prompts + Goddess Unleashed Group + Me: Kas Martin (Priceless!) True Value £479 monthly.

Leave any time - Come back when you're ready
Please know, I'm not a 'run of the mill' Therapist or Coach.  I go above and beyond.  I'm fearless and I'm extreme in Motivation, Inspiration, Love, Empathy, Acceptance, Connection & Authenticity.  I encourage, support, facilitate and challenge.

You will learn SO much!  Boundaries, Healing Your Inner Child, Sexuality, Relationships... NO Topic is Taboo in Goddess Unleashed.

I disrupt and Transform the conditional love that keeps you small and diluted down.

You will be fiercely held and loved in my Goddess group.

You will gain clarity, confidence, resilience & feel excitingly Unblocked. 

Everything has always been there inside of you. You just need the most conducive environment to be who you always were before Conditioning and Patriarchy fucked with your Mind and Blocked your Energy from flowing autonomously.

THIS will enable you to Dream BIG!  I Unblock Creative Woman who have wanted So MUCH MORE than they ever felt was possible.

Then I will step out of your way so you can soar ...and yet, I'll always be available to you as a 'safety net' if you ever need to lean a little.

When you become fully YOU, you impact the World including the Generations who will follow you. This sends out an incredible ripple effect, giving me hope for our future, collectively and reassurance my Life has benefited others.

If you're ready to step in to who you truly are, please Do Not Put This Off Any Longer! Your Truest Self and your unique Gifts are needed in the world.

Whilst I'm all about breaking rules and shaking things up, you'll remain lawful and loving. However, you'll become SO switched on nobody will ever fuck with you again!

Nobody will be able to dilute you down or hold you back
You will be unstoppable, fiercely wild and unashamedly empowered. 
I share EVERYTHING I know with you.

My Intention

I've poured my heart, soul & knowledge to inspire, excite and incite you to dig deep & take back your Power in my expressive approach to becoming Unblocked.

Join my Inclusive group experience with raw, gritty expressive writing/arty/reflective parts and bring it into my indestructible group with me where the juicy connection and Transformation happens as we share together.

Raw, gritty & imperfect... Totally disregarding rules about art making, writing and transformation.  The less you know about 'art' & 'writing' the better this works!  

Masses of exciting Prompts to reflect upon and put into Action

AND in my Goddess Unleashed group where we can connect and do the work.
You'll feel my love, passion, drive and determination for You to succeed and be fucking awesome in our world and that gives me satisfaction.

My support, encouragement and spirit, my inner Child and every single aspect of my learning and personal growth is in my library and my group for you to experience, play with, use and become Unblocked and Unleashed.

At the very least, all you need is a Journal for wet or dry materials
If you love to be arty please use any materials you want such as:

Gel Pens, Glitters, Glue, Oil Pastels, Caran D'Ache Crayons, Watercolours,
Acrylic paint, brushes, water, a cloth, pencils, pens.

I will teach you HOW to create intuitive, expressive mixed media
Using wrapping paper, craft paper, tissue wrap, greetings cards, old childrens books from charity shops. I won't be held back!

The Goddess Unleashed Video Library & online Group

Just £79 per month FROM MONTH 2 (True Value £479 per month)

Leave at any time

What's in the Video Library?
Here's a peek inside: 76 Videos & Written Prompts (and growing). You can decorate your unique Journal Cover. Attend to Your Wounded Heart. Reflect and dive deeper into your Shadow, Learn How to manage your Inner Critic, Sexuality, Relationships, Shackles of Shame, Honour Your Inner Child, Share Your Body's Stories... 
& SO Much MORE!

Unblock, Transform and Get Your BIG Dreams Into our World

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OPTION 2 - Goddess Unleashed - Self Paced

£99 One-off payment.  Lifetime Access.  Self Paced

How does self paced Goddess Unleashed work? 

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Watch, Listen & Read the Prompts

Then Journal... Reflect... Learn... and Grow & Grow & Grow! 

Whether you use sparkly gel pens and notebook, or you collage or use mixed media (I teach you everything inside) it's entirely up to you.  You're free to choose.  Some love words and writing, or doodling through the prompts or make luscious art.

It is all your choice!  You are completely FREE to participate as you wish. 


If you work in a journal you will create a book which will be all about your Life simply by following my Prompts your journal will be like an autobiography in colour!

Are you tired of conforming to the constraints of online groups?

Do you yearn for the freedom to explore your inner self at your own pace, on your own terms?  

Look no further - Goddess Unleashed is here to revolutionize your journey of self-discovery!

For just £99, you gain exclusive access to a transformative experience that transcends boundaries.

Say farewell to rigid schedules and hello to a world of boundless possibilities.

With Lifetime Access, the power is yours to shape your destiny whenever inspiration strikes. 

As the visionary behind Goddess Unleashed, I understand your desire for flexibility - and I'm here to make it a reality.

You'll discover 76 (so far!) captivating Video Prompts paired with Written Prompts, meticulously crafted to guide you on your path to empowerment.  Whether you prefer introspective journaling sessions or unleashing your creativity on canvas, Goddess Unleashed caters to every facet of your personality.  

Attend to your mind, body, sexuality, relationships, boundaries and how you relate with yourself.  I teach you everything I know to enhance your whole Self to ultimately become your Truest Self.

Each Video Prompt serves as a stepping stone towards your healing journey.

Don't let this opportunity slip through your fingers.

Please Don’t Waste Any More of Your Life

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OPTION 3 - Pay What You Can

Pay What You Can

I appreciate Life throws us curve balls. If you're raring to participate I want to help you find a way to gain access, however, I will NEVER give Goddess Unleashed away.

Click the contact button below to email me.  We can have a warm, relaxed conversation and negotiate a figure so you can gain access.

I take myself and my work, Seriously. I want YOU to take yourself Seriously.

Please hold in mind, the true value per month is £479.

I currently charge £79 per month

If you are serious about putting a whole new show on the road, contact me to discuss your way in to Goddess Unleashed.

Hazel says:
"It’s a non-judgmental, inspiring, educational, deeply therapeutic and healing journey.  Working with Kas is amazing.  Kas truly ‘gets it’, gets ME. She helps me to ‘Get ME’ to be ‘REALLY ME’.  And I’ve never been more ME.  And do you know what?  I like ME and all I’m becoming.  I feel ALIVE and Unstoppable. I highly recommend this course to anyone who truly wants to LIVE. Don’t wait, just DO it.  Time is precious. I’ve got NO TIME TO WASTE OR WAIT"

Click the button below to contact me

OPTION 4 - Goddess Inner Circle

Experience full-on, Intensity & Transformative Connection

Break Free of Limiting Beliefs and Live Your Most Incredible Life

Welcome to a realm where power, wealth, and wisdom converge. You are invited to embark on a journey of self-discovery, transformation, and liberation within the sacred space of Goddess Unleashed Inner Circle.

Are you a fearless Woman and believe in investing in yourself, harnessing your potential, and rewriting the rules of your existence? 
If so, you're in the right place.

Discover the Unstoppable Force Within You

It's time to release yourself from the chains of patriarchy and conditional love. Feel the exhilarating rush of freedom as you step into your true, unapologetic Self. It's time to shine, and live life, Unleashed.

What Awaits You in Our Inner Circle:

Powerful Therapeutic Coaching Dialogue:
My unique coaching style is the catalyst for your transformative journey of self-empowerment and resilience.
I guide you as you rewrite your life's script.

A Treasury of Wisdom: Gain access to my full library of 76 written and video prompts - which are regularly added to.  Each a precious gem on your path to self-discovery to spark revelations and ignite your inner fire.

Embrace the Chaos: I don't shy away from life's complexity; I embrace it. In my Inner Circle no topic is off-limits. I am here to help you confront and conquer any obstacle in your path.

One Month at a Time: I understand that life is dynamic, and so is your journey.  There's no long-term commitment — just one month at a time

First month
: FREE access to my Video Library and my Inner Circle Goddess Group which includes a one-to-one 45 minute zoom call with me where you can bring anything for discussion every month

My Inner Circle isn't just a group; it's an indestructible, empowered space.

Your Unique Gifts Await the World:
Tap into your unique gifts and bring them to the world. Together, we'll help you unleash your power and claim your rightful place.

If you're ready to disrupt the patterns of your old life, shatter the glass ceilings holding you back, and emerge as a force of nature, then this is your moment. Goddess Unleashed Inner Circle is your catalyst for transformation.

Join me, and let's embark on this life-changing journey together.
Embrace the potency, the empathy, and the liberation that await you.
Your most satisfying life begins here.

Ready to become Unleashed?
When you Sign Up you receive your first month free to enjoy my Library of Video Prompts in a self-paced way.  The second month is when the excitement and transformation begins!  You will be invited into my Inner Circle online where we start immediately - or as soon as you are ready - no pressure, you choose the pace.

Just £999 from Month 2 - Leave at any time, with no further financial commitment and if you decide to come back, I will welcome you 100%

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