Goddess Unleashed

Be Unstoppable, Be Unfuckwithable

I'm about to make you an Amazing offer!

I am SO confident in everything you will receive in my online Group, I'm Giving you the First Month to explore, indulge and immerse yourself in my entire Goddess Unleashed Video Library: FREE

Yes... FREE for one month - Access to my powerful, potent, inciting 50+ Video & Written prompts. Everything: Free... for the first month.

I Refuse to limit you!  That's happened all your Life, so please, Fill your fucking boots to capacity, then in month 2, you can join my online group!

Ready to Dive in for deep Transformation?  There's no 'keeping up' or being 'left behind', no 'tests'.  This is an inclusive, loving, dynamic, Transformative, small Group experience.

With FOUR Options to Join: Including 'Pay What You Can' and Leave Any Time You Want what's to lose!

Together, we will disrupt and Fuck Up the 'rules' you've conscientiously lived by - all those patriarchal structures you've tentatively tiptoed around so you can Break FREE!

Below... choose YOUR way inside Goddess Unleashed

Paula says:  "Wow! It’s an amazing, safe community where I can be real and deal with my stuff.  I've worked through some of the prompts and therapeutic art exercises and have been journaling like never before. There’s been clarity and breakthroughs.  I highly recommend this to anyone who’s ready to heal and become everything they were meant to be."


Hazel says:  "My Goddess work has made such a difference to me. Something inside has shifted! I feel more Awake and Alive than I have in years! I hadn't realised how dulled I felt until I began this process. You definitely do magic, Kas.  Strange... nothing in my physical world has changed, yet everything seems different inside. Lighter! More present and ALIVE!  Thanks!  I adore this work!"

Take your first step to empowerment and Sign Up now

First month: FREE Access to 50+ Video Library
Second Month: Join my dynamic online Group + Video Library
PLUS! Access to 2 deeply personal & vulnerable videos for Group members only

Pay Monthly - Leave at any time 
I understand life is changeable.  There is no long-term commitment here. Just one month at a time, following your first FREE month.  If you leave, then change your mind, you will be welcomed back.

I share Everything I know with you including how to release exciting Energy that creates unstoppable, fiercely wild Unleashed living. 
One taste, and there's no going back!

Choose from FOUR Options to access Goddess Unleashed, below

Stephanie Says:
"Kas is completely honest, straightforward, experienced, sharing, and caring. It’s a safe space where I am seen, heard, and accepted. Just a short time and I can already see my inner Goddess poking her nose out of the shadows!"

And... "Kas, the way you share everything that you share, is comforting and gives me hope that I can someday get there too!  I feel like wherever you are, you understand and always leave a light on for us so that we can see the faint glow, no matter how far back on the road we are..."

Option 1 - Goddess Unleashed Group

Ready to embrace your transformative journey with me?

First Month: Unlimited FREE Access to 50+ Video Library
Second Month: Entry to my online Goddess Group + Library
(Leave at any time - no further financial commitment)

Get your safety belt on!  It's freeing, exciting, sexy and fun
...and this is just the beginning.

Don't Panic: While I'm about breaking the rules and shaking things up, rest assured, you'll remain lawful and loving.  However, you'll be so switched on - nobody will ever fuck with you again! 

Destroying the Rules: We are going to disrupt those patriarchal structures that you've been tentatively tiptoeing around for decades. It's time to release yourself from the outdated rules that have held Woman back for centuries!

Step into Your Power:  I invite you to embrace your feminine energy and power, become unapologetically unstoppable, fiercely wild and thrillingly empowered.

Dangerously Unleashed: Brace yourself, because once you get a taste of this, there's no going back. You'll be dangerously unleashed in the best possible way.

My mission is to ensure every Woman can access Goddess Unleashed

Here's info &
materials you could use

I've poured my heart, soul & knowledge to inspire, excite and incite you to dig deep & take back your Power in my expressive approach to becoming Unleashed.

My intention is to create an Inclusive group experience with some art, raw, gritty expressive writing/reflective parts and bring it into my indestructible group with me where the juicy connection and Transformation happens.

Raw, gritty & imperfect... Totally disregarding rules about art making, writing and transformation.  The less you know, the better this works!  

Masses of exciting stuff to consider, reflect upon and put into Action

AND vitally important
belonging to my special Goddess Unleashed small group where we can connect and do the vital Goddess 'work'. You'll feel my love, passion, drive and determination for you to succeed and be fucking awesome in the world.

My challenge, support, encouragement and spirit, my inner Child and every single aspect of my learning and personal growth will be in the group for you to experience, play with, use and become UNLEASHED!

Supplies List:
(please don't be restricted by my supplies)

I work in my Journal - 12" square, Hobbycraft (Seawhite) for wet/dry

and if you're like me you won't want to be restricted so... I use wallpaper lining - it's cheap with MASSES of paper for wet and dry art making.

At the very least you could use a notebook, pen, your love, empathy, acceptance, compassion & kindness for yourself

and if you like colourful Supplies.
Gel Pens, Glitters, Glue, Oil Pastels, Caran D'Ache Crayons (watercolour)
more glitters, acrylic paints, more Special glitters,
paint brushes, water, old rag for wiping, pencils, pens

I love wrapping paper, craft paper, tissue wrap,
I collect images from cards and old childrens books from charity shops
I use anything and I won't be held back

You might even feel called to paint on a canvas - it's all a choice

I wonder which way you will choose to access Goddess Unleashed?
Below are the 4 Options... (and a list of some of the Modules!)

The Goddess Unleashed Group
Month 1 - FREE Access to my entire Video Library of 50+ Videos & Prompts
Month 2 - Enter my Transformative online group where I am present, responsive, facilitative, kind, wise & determined to fucking unleash you!

Just £79 per month - a fraction of a one hour session but you get unlimited access to me, as long as you are in my small group of like-minded Woman

Monthly Membership - you can Leave at any time
(if you need help to leave, please email me and I will help you)

What's in the Video Library?
Here's just some of it: The creation of a precious, unique Journal Cover, Celebrate Your Yoni mixed media, Attending to Your Wounded Heart, Reflection On Your Shadow plus deeper dives into Shadow work, Our Inner Critic, Sexuality, our Relationships, Shackles of Shame, Understanding Childhood Conditioning, an Indepth Collage to Honour our Inner Child, Sharing our Body's Stories... plus more!

Option 2 - Inspirational 30 Min Coaching

£250 - via Zoom
One-off ...or book as required

If you're here, you're probably ready for something VERY different.
Having had FREE access to my Video Library, you're probably raring to go!

Before we begin, I need to let you know, I'm not a 'run of the mill' Therapist or Coach.  I go above and beyond.  I'm fearless and I'm extreme in
Motivation, Inspiration, Love, Empathy, Acceptance, Connection & Authenticity. 

I encourage, challenge and support in the ways you will Need.  I will unsettle, awaken and stir up the 'residue' lying at the bottom of your Soul.  I disrupt the patriarchy running through your veins and transform the conditional love that has kept you Small and diluted down, all this time.

I will invite you to reach into your Shadow side.  I will support you to take risks, face exactly what you are capable of and challenge you to embrace your truest Self.

The more you embrace your Shadow, the more whole and complete you will become. You are likely to gain clarity, confidence, resilience & feel dangerously unleashed. 

Everything has always been there inside of you. You just need the most conducive environment to become who you always were, before Conditioning and Patriarchy fucked with your Mind and your Life.

I provide the most conducive 'Nest' just for YOU.  Everyone needs a specific and unique 'Nest' to grow.  Then I will step out of your way so you can soar.

YET... I'll always be available to you as a 'safety net' so, if you ever need to lean a little, I am completely here for you.

Why do I do this?  It's simple... If you become truly you, you'll impact family, children, friends, colleagues. Generations to follow you are impacted.
This sends out an incredible ripple effect on our World, giving me hope for our future, collectively and reassurance that my life has been a gift to others. 

I want my Love to reverberate in the Universe... Forever.

If you're ready to step in to who you truly are, contact me. Please do not put this off any longer.  Your Real, true Self is needed in the world!

Click the Button below NOW and we can find a suitable date/time to meet.
I won't obligate you to book more... everything is a choice with me

Option 3 - Pay What You Can

Pay What You Can
I want Goddess Unleashed to be Inclusive for every Woman

I appreciate Life throws curve balls, and we need Goddess Unleashed even more at these times! During my lifetime I've had various financial situations.

When I left my first husband I had to leave without even my clothes.  I know life can be a feast, famine or somewhere in-between.

I want you and I to find a way in to Goddess Unleashed.  If you're raring to participate, full on, I will be determined to get you on board.

Click the contact button below, we can have a warm, relaxed chat and get your full access to me, my Video Library and the Group.

I won't pressurise or obligate you in any way.  I won't ask for evidence of income.
You are the expert on your own finances

Hazel says:
"It’s a non-judgmental, inspiring, educational, deeply therapeutic and healing journey.  Working with Kas is amazing.  Kas truly ‘gets it’, gets ME. She helps me to ‘Get ME’ to be ‘REALLY ME’.  And I’ve never been more ME.  And do you know what?  I like ME and all I’m becoming.  I feel ALIVE and Unstoppable. I highly recommend this course to anyone who truly wants to LIVE. Don’t wait, just DO it.  Time is precious. I’ve got NO TIME TO WASTE OR WAIT"

Watch my video to find out more:  https://vimeo.com/878253697

Click the button and let's do this

Option 4 - Goddess Inner Circle

Experience full-on, Intensity & Transformative Connection

Break Free from Patriarchy and Live Your Most Incredible Life

Welcome to a realm where power, wealth, and wisdom converge. You are invited to embark on a journey of self-discovery, transformation, and liberation within the sacred space of Goddess Unleashed Inner Circle.

Are you a fearless Woman, conqueror of Life, and believe in investing in yourself, harnessing your potential, and rewriting the rules of your existence? 
If so, you're in the right place.

Discover the Unstoppable Force Within You

It's time to release yourself from the chains of patriarchy and conditional love. Feel the exhilarating rush of freedom as you step into your true, unapologetic Self. It's time to shine, and live life, Unleashed.

What Awaits You in Our Inner Circle:

Powerful Therapeutic Coaching Dialogue: My unique coaching style is the catalyst for your transformative journey of self-empowerment and resilience.
I guide you as you rewrite your life's script.

A Treasury of Wisdom: Gain access to my full library of 40 written and video prompts - which will be regularly added to.  Each a precious gem on your path to self-discovery to spark revelations and ignite your inner fire.

Embrace the Chaos: I don't shy away from life's complexity; I embrace it. In my Inner Circle no topic is off-limits. I am here to help you confront and conquer any obstacle in your path.

One Month at a Time: I understand that life is dynamic, and so is your journey.  There's no long-term commitment — just one month at a time

First month
: FREE access to my Video Library
Second month:  Access to my Inner Circle Goddess Group which includes a one-to-one 30 minute zoom call with me where you can bring anything for discussion

My Inner Circle isn't just a group; it's an indestructible, empowered space.

Your Unique Gifts Await the World:
Tap into your unique gifts and bring them to the world. Together, we'll help you unleash your power and claim your rightful place.

If you're ready to disrupt the patterns of your old life, shatter the glass ceilings holding you back, and emerge as a force of nature, then this is your moment. Goddess Unleashed Inner Circle is your catalyst for transformation.

Join me, and let's embark on this life-changing journey together.
Embrace the potency, the empathy, and the liberation that await you.
Your most satisfying life begins here.

Ready to become Unleashed?
When you Sign Up you receive your first month free to enjoy my Library of Video Prompts in a self-paced way.  The second month is when the excitement and transformation begins!  You will be invited into my Inner Circle online where we start immediately - or as soon as you are ready - no pressure, you choose the pace.

Just £999 from Month 2 - Leave at any time, with no further financial commitment and if you decide to come back, I will welcome you 100%

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