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Term 2 of Life Book 2020 Begins soon!

hi there How are you doing in our new 'normal'?  I feel so conflicted in that I love the impact of the 'Pause' on the old Life and yet I am deeply saddened by all the devastation that the Coronavirus ...
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How To Break Free, Distract & Seek Peace in Lockdown

hi there How are you doing?  A short time into Lockdown...   so many of us are experiencing Big Feelings and not surprisingly... under these truly unrecognisable and challenging times. It impacts ...
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Your Immune System Needs You! and breathe...

hi there How are you? The World feels rather scary and alien right now as each day passes. Many of us won't have been through anything like this before. Many, many of our Ancestors experienced - and survived - all sorts of di...
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How Are You? Sudden Surges of Worries...

hi there How are you? I Really Am Asking; How Are You? We are in such strange and scary circumstances almost everywhere at the present time. Understandably we are going to experience a lot of stress and anxiety. I notice I mo...
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Owl Is Watching Over Me

Hi there  How are you?I had a wonderful conversation with Jacqui du Rocher earlier this week about her amazing Owl she created using Oil Pastels in her Art Journal - see the wonderful image above. I introduced Jacqui to ...
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In The Words of A Song

Hi there, I was honoured to accompany Tracy online as she created, shared and worked her way through In The Words Of A Song.  I loved watching her Painting emerge - you can see Tracy's step by step pr...
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