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Top Coaching Tips - Unblocking Woman's Energy to Come Alive!

The wonderful video snippet below comes from a Conversation with the incredible Tracy Metcalfe: Artist, Educator & Guide and demonstrates simply and clearly how we can hear an "Unmet Need" and how I offer a way to Unblock that unmet need in moments.  

A 'block' which may have been locked inside of us for decades

Welcome to my world of Therapeutic, Transformative Coaching where every single human that I work with is Seen, Heard, Witnessed and Transformed congruently, within their own unique way of being.  

My non-judgmental, loving and highly skilled approach to resolving trauma and psychological pain is shown in this video

You will hear in the video how, as a child with two siblings, the safe containment within their home was the best their mum could manage under the circumstances and yet, Tracy longed to break free and run wild and loose!

There is so much richness here in this clip and it offers deep exploration and understanding of what I do in my work to unblock those who sit with me in Conversation, whether that is online/zoom worldwide - in person in my garden studio or my consulting room in South West Scotland, UK.

I appreciate that I offer many different ways of working, workshops and courses.  They may seem confusing... and yet - there is one single robust thread that runs through everything I do and that is to Unblock and Heal Everyone who comes into my Orbit.  

This is my ultimate intention in my Work and Life

How we work together is up to the person...  we can talk, we can talk and paint, we can process through collage, we can do any of this in person or online - or you might embrace my hugely healing Goddess Unleashed program - which has me onboard to facilitate and hold.  

I don't mind how we work together, the bottom line is Healing, Growth, Unblocking and making life richly satisfying for everyone - and that includes me too!  I LOVE what I do.  It is my passion and my life.

Here is the video clip below - If YOU would like to experience me, get in touch, we can do this - I can work with your time zone and busy life... just reach out and let's do it.



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Tuesday, 18 June 2024

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