Inspirational Coaching

If you're here, you are probably ready for something VERY Different.  Perhaps seeking special, inspirational and motivational one-to-one time with me.

Perhaps having had FREE access to my Goddess Unleashed Video Library, you're now raring to go!

Before we begin, I need to let you know... I am not a 'run of the mill' Therapist or Coach. There are a million therapist/coaches out there to help you stay the same.

I go above and beyond... I am fearless and I am extreme in
Motivation, Inspiration, Love, Empathy, Acceptance & Authenticity. 

I encourage, challenge and support in all the ways you will Need.  I will probably sense what you really Need long before you know - and I will tell you.

I will unsettle you, awaken you, and stir up the 'residue' lying at the bottom of your Soul, your Essence and your Shadow.

I will disrupt the patriarchy running through your veins and the conditional love that has kept you Small and diluted down all this time.

I offer spacious and exciting ways of Being that you might experiment with... because this tends to lead to a more satisfying way of living.

I will invite you to reach into your Shadow side.  I will incite you to take risks, face exactly what you are capable of and challenge you to show up in your raw, gritty messiness, Everywhere.

The more you embrace your Shadow, the more whole and complete you will become. Which means reduced Stress & Anxiety, elevated Mood and reduced pain, fatigue and brain fog. 

Your happiness and contentment is likely to soar.

It's always been there inside of you.  You just needed the most conducive environment to become who you always were, before Conditioning and Patriarchy f*cked with your mind and your life.

I intend to provide the most conducive 'nest' that I can for YOU.  Every individual requires a specific and unique Nest to develop and grow.

Then I will step out of your way so you can soar...

YET... I will always be available to you as a sort of safety net, if you ever need to lean a little, even just for half an hour.

Why do I do all of this? 

Well... for every person who becomes truly themselves, they impact others so positively.  They impact family, children, friends, colleagues. Generations to follow are impacted.

This sends out an incredible ripple effect on our World and gives me a lot of hope for our future together. 

When I leave this planet, my impact will still be felt in the world.  I want to "give" a lot while I'm here.

So, if you're ready to step in to who you truly are, in person or online, Contact me. 

Please don't put it off any longer, your real, true Self is much needed in the world!

Inspirational Coaching:  £250.00 via Zoom

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