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I fuse Coaching, Therapeutic Art Projects & Well-Being into Transformative eCourses for Adults who want So Much MORE.  My MASSIVE Package containing 'Absolutely Everything' worth £4,799 for one incredible price of just £179 

Absolutely Everything contains 60 Therapeutic Art projects and downloads. Many are very in-depth courses which not only take time to work through and process as you go but you can also return again and again using exactly the same process to create more pieces of unique Art.

A tiny seed, became a BIG Dream, and turned into Reality for me. It just GREW & GREW & GREW just as I have through my Therapeutic Art process.  I am Proud of what I've created! 

Let's Get To The Nitty Gritty - like What's Included:

*Paint The Tree of Your Life  *Tree of Letting Go  *Be The Generational Turn 
*Sloshing Around In Love  *Holly & Berry Door Wreath  *Autumnal Intuitive Collage *Intuitive Themed Mixed Media  *Wildflowers  *Dancing With Despair  *Tree Hugs *Brand New Magic Squares  *Angel-Goddess-Me  *Expressing Feelings with Colour & Texture  *Honouring My Inner Child  *Angel Wings Constellation  *She Turned Her Darkness into Colour  *The Gift of Anger  *The Essence of my Core Self  *The Worry Tree Tool  *Goddess Art Download  *Tree of Self Acceptance  *Wisdom Within Me  *Luscious Landscapes  *Art Journal Covers  *Being Seen, Being Heard  *Let The Dark Be Seen  *Express-Accept-Release  *Exploring Our Sexual Energy  *The Importance of Saying No pdf/download  *The Knobblyness of Trees  *Dear Emotional You  *Dear Joyful, Contented You  *Tree of Hope and Healing  *Intuitive Soulscape  *I'm Important Too!  *Chaos to Calm  *Intuitive Neon Moon  *Intuitive Concentric Circles  *Feeling Locked Down *Print/Trace/Colour My Trees  *Sparkling Confidence Course  *Art of Self Expression PDF  *Bloom Unashamedly download  *Seeding Our Hopes & Dreams  *Midsummer Goddess of Fire  *AKA Star! Paint The Tree of YOUR Life!  *Hand Tied Flower Posy  *LoveHeART Inc  *Trees to download for Collage  *Imperfectly Perfect Jukebox Rainbow  *Seeding Hopes & Dreams (mini)  *Raw & Gritty Art Journaling (mature)  *6 Mandalas to download & colour in  *Steer Clear Inspirational Download to Colour in  *The Tussle of Life & Death Intuitive Collage
*RIP Russell - Don't Step On The Slob  *And My Bird Can Sing  *I'm Not Too Fcking Much  *Freedom & Control  *Flower Power  *Cat Wisdom  *Listen To Me  *Have Wings, Will Fly  *Be Your Own Kinda Rainbow  *Chicken Butterfly

as well as my incredible Content you receive FREE Access to me in my online Community where I Show up for you with my
 incredible Sensitivity to the Need of others, a deep empathy, acceptance and love, enabling you to feel safe, at ease, loved, held & contained, yet free to be yourself.

When you come into my orbit you will find it impossible not to Change!  I am unafraid to reach into my Shadow and I support you to do the same, so you can Grow & Grow & Become your AWESOME Self.

For Just £179 
(worth £4,799)

OH!  And the less you know about Art the better... if you know lots... I'll playfully invite you to break all the rules!

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Bursting with EVERYTHING Just For YOU!

Unlock lifetime access to my comprehensive Therapeutic Art Projects and let them guide you on a journey of self-discovery, healing and personal growth like no other.

Discover the path to ultimate self-confidence, resilience, and empowerment. My unique blend of Transformative Well-Being Projects are all here for you.  Be warned... they aren't little projects... a few are brief but many are HUGE!!!!

Self-paced, life long with no pressure or rush AND ...just because you work through a project once, that isn't the end.. Many people, me included, go through them again and again creating more and more deeply and discovering more about themselves as well as creating beautiful, unique mixed media Art! 

With 24/7 access to unlock your true potential, downloadable resources, experiential learning, and therapeutic check-ins in my group, you'll embark on a transformational healing process that enhances confidence, self-esteem, and overall well-being.

Dive into a diverse range of creative courses that cater to your holistic development.
Self-Paced Learning: Learn at your own speed, allowing you to absorb and apply each lesson on your terms but with me to hand, in my group. 

Where It All Began...  Once upon a time 
...there was a shy girl called Kassa who loved Art, Horses & Trees. She had a tricky, insecure start in Life. So much happened, with 'Goodies' and more than her fair share of 'Baddies' (there is too much to share here but it's all in my Art Projects!) until one day, Kas stumbled into the world of Psychotherapy which Changed Absolutely EVERYTHING for her!

Fast Forward to the Millenium - Kas Qualified Psychotherapist and Raw & Gritty Expressive Artist quickly realised she could combine her love of Art with the World of Therapeutic Healing!  Kas dreamed up her first therapeutic art workshop:  'What Kind of Tree Am I?' an instant hit, which evolved into a 7 week online course which attended to the Past, the Present & Dreamed BIG for the Future!

When It Was Too Much, She Created a World of Her Own


Many people embarked on this voyage of self-discovery through Kas's amazing Tree painting project and they yearned for more and more.

Kas created project after project, as people devoured her creative courses. Kas  developed her completely unique Therapeutic Art Approach releasing it into the world

Kas and her boundless creative energy and prolific nature had a DREAM!!!  To package everything she had created up into one MASSIVE online, lifelong experience so that MANY more could access at one incredible affordable price!

Absolutely Everything was birthed into the World
Kas felt proud and LOVED every second of its creation! 

Now you also are invited to participate in Absolutely Everything - a wonderful, Experiential Learning rich in Therapeutic and Cathartic potential. 

The Tree Held The Sun Till It Learned To Let Go

Why did I create Absolutely Everything?  Well... there were just SO Many individual courses and projects to choose from, people couldn't decide which to buy.  I received many emails asking for advice about which course would help with this or that issue... so I dreamed about combining every single thing into one massive package, called "Absolutely Everything" at one affordable price making it truly accessible:
Just £179  (true value: £4,799)

Shortcut your path to personal growth and development, ultimately saving valuable time and resources. 

Transformative Healing: Elevate your confidence and self-esteem.

Experiential Learning: Immerse yourself in hands-on, practical experiences that bring personal growth to life.
Intuitive Art for Health & Well-Being: Discover how intuitive art can be a powerful tool for enhancing your overall health and well-being.  

Access to Kassi in a FREE Online Community: Connect with like-minded individuals and engage with Kassi, an invaluable resource in your journey toward empowerment.

Therapeutic Check-Ins: Benefit from regular therapeutic check-ins designed to foster healing and boost self-confidence.

Reduce Stress & Anxiety: Learn strategies to effectively reduce stress and anxiety, creating a more peaceful, centered life.

Raise Mood, Ease Pain/Fatigue: Discover techniques to elevate your mood and manage physical discomfort.

Unlock the door to a life filled with self-assuredness, resilience in the face of challenge and a sense of personal empowerment that knows no bounds.

Enroll today and embark on a transformative journey that will change your life.

Get Absolutely Everything... Feel Confident, Resilient & Empowered

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