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Come And Find Me!

Hi there How are you today? I've been happily creating in my studio. painting, tearing, gluing, Happy Me :) It's so cosy in here with the rain pouring down outside, the chatty Crow community cawing in the almost-bare Beech Tr...
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Moving Towards The Thing I Want To Flee

Hi there How are you doing today?It's October, it's Autumn and it's raining. Three of my favourite, precious "things " in the World.  I'm with my Beloved, a fourth favourite & precious thing.  I would expect mys...
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Fluffy, Amethyst Jumper Time Of Year

Hi there How are you doing? Yesterday I dug out my favourite, fluffy, amethyst jumpers, my soft Indigo fleece with rows of pinks, purples & greens and my luscious Scarves including my favourite soft lilac and a gorgeous b...
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A Little Nudge of Reassurance

Hi there How are you doing?  I have been so grateful for the cooler spell here in Scotland and have spent a few hours each day of extreme heat deep in my art studio (menapausal cave) but relishing the mornings ...
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Eye-Spy! An Exciting Exploration of Art with Ros

hi there How are you doing today? I've been having a long, slow morning. Breakfast in the garden with my Beloved, feeding the birds and watching their antics on the low wall beside us. I painted for a little while a...
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The Head-Shaking Disapprover

Hi there, How are you doing? I can't believe it's July already. How about you? I've been taking stock of late. Looking back, to my left, right, and straight ahead, and asking myself 'what do I want more of, less of, what are ...
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