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Please Don't Miss This Amazing Free Summit

Hi there,  How are you? I have some wonderful news!  My friend Tamara Laporte from Willowing Arts has just opened registration for The (free) Life Book Creativity & Wellbeing Summit. https://www.willowing.o...
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Angel Art - Emergence

hi there How are you today?  It's been so hot.I wanted to share with you about our amazing time in Edinburgh and The East Neuk Of Fife by the Sea (great big, happy smile, contented sigh).  It was ...
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Witnessing Exciting Journeys!

Hi there, How are you today? It's a lovely cool, breezy day today which is lovely for my hot, menopausal bod! I feel so excited, happy and proud of my latest online group experience.  We are a small group of amazing...
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How I Let Go of my Jail of Perfection

Hi there How are you doing today? I've been Letting Go of quite a lot!  It's been a very freeing and releasing time for me. I was a Perfectionist for many, many years.  At one time I would have been preening my Self...
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Belly Flopping Into Big Emotions

hi there How are you today? So - getting right in to it...  Today, I've experienced a Loss. Not a simple straight-forward, one-off kind of Loss. Like walking out of my favourite coffee shop with drink in hand, bumpi...
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How Being A Rule Breaker Makes Your Confidence Soar

hi there How are you doing today? I thought I would share a little with you about how creating through my Expressive Art Approach will help you raise your Confidence, Reduce your Anxiety & Stress level...
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