Magic Squares Free Gift

I find it hard to sum up Kassi’s Magic Squares ecourse in just a few words as it has had a really fundamental and liberating effect on me!  I find it incredibly relaxing and a great stress reliever, and it has become a tool to use to deal with my everyday anxieties and stresses.  But greater than that, it inspired me to start keeping an art journal, using oil pastels, largely based on Magic Squares... I kind of took the theme and ran with it and it has become a means of checking in with myself and how I am emotionally.  It makes me feel very happy and content, I would go as far as to say I NEED to create in my art journal for my general Well Being.  On top of that it is giving me an enormous amount of pleasure.   

Tree of Letting Go

Brilliant, fun, thought provoking... a 'Letting Go' of old thoughts and beliefs, and an opportunity to create new ones.  The realisation that my Past is simply a chapter (or two) in the story that is my life.  It doesn’t have to define the Future and New Decisions can be made anytime.  It was interesting to notice my inner battles and how I felt about the Trunk and my Curly Branches.  The multi coloured foliage was so much fun to create and so liberating.  This course and Kassi’s input taught me a lot about Accepting myself and things, just as they are.

Magic Squares FREE Gift

Kassi’s 'Magic Squares' course was relaxing and enjoyable. It provided lots of reflection for me around the idea of boundaries/boxes and opportunities to explore and experiment with blurred lines/mixing colours. Once I had experienced creating squares it was then lots of fun to experiment with different shapes, colours etc which always seemed to end up reflecting my mood somehow.   I love how it requires so few resources and is portable so I can start or continue pretty much anywhere. It allows me to add little pockets of relaxation into my daily life whenever or wherever I need it.

Intuitive Collage

I am so pleased I have found my way to Kassi Martin.   Her e-courses that I’ve completed so far have all been; easy to follow, intriguing, great value for money, good fun and hugely insightful.  If you’re thinking about enrolling, I would definitely recommend it.  Intuitive Collage is my favourite so far. It is in my opinion a very powerful self-help tool. I am impressed!

Early on in the course. I became ‘stuck’.  My inner critic convinced me that all I had was a bunch of meaningless images. Thankfully Kassi’s kindly worded prompts were just the nudge I needed; click, click, click like a combination lock it started to slot into place; all the images I had chosen were actually very meaningful to the issues in my life.

For my final two images waiting to be understood, Kassi suggested I ask my non-dominant hand to express the meanings. It worked!  Here are some of my findings:

-key words; hope, support, freedom
-the elephant in the room needed to be revealed
-two heads are needed to find the key to the problem 
-I can’t be liked by everyone, but even weeds are beautiful & they thrive regardless

Tree of Letting Go

I have completed a few of Kassi Martin’s e-courses and have thoroughly enjoyed them all. 
The Tree of Letting Go is no exception; the series of video clips is easy to follow, encourages self expression and is suitable for absolute beginners (which was good for me!).  It is exceptionally good value for money. 
I particularly enjoyed ‘tuning in’ to my body to decide what the Trunk & Branches should look like.  The strong, upright trunk gave me a feeling of strength, the wide open ‘arms’ of the branches spoke of the joy of being able to let go of the ‘baggage’ that they held.
The group interaction was so interesting & insightful. There is a great camaraderie.  On completion of the course I couldn’t believe the painting was my own work! I had painted my very own ‘Tree of Strength’. 
I felt very proud of my painting, but I wanted the course to continue. Thankfully it can! I still enjoying seeing the posts continuing from the others in the group.  And I can paint more trees of letting go, to let go of more! The course lasts 12 months. I wonder what the next tree will be called...
Thank you Kassi for another excellent course.

Wild Flowers FREE Gift

A friend recommended Kassi to me.  I was a little apprehensive and I chose one of Kassi’s online courses ‘Letting Go’. I figured I had nothing to lose; only time.  I found the videos & prompts for reflection really informative & extremely helpful. I’ve not painted since school, so I followed step by step. 

Coupled with this, Kassi provides continual, non-judgemental, support.  This was priceless. I felt supported & cared for.  I got to a road block in the Letting Go course; I discovered that I wasn’t ready to let go of some aspects of me. And that’s OK. There is plenty of time and I will return to it when I am ready.  Meanwhile I had rediscovered my love of art & was hungry for more. Kassi has many courses & all of them sounded appealing to me. I was struggling to choose, so again I played safe & opted for a free course; ‘WILDflowers’.  I felt excited to start & immediately watched it through from start to finish. I jumped straight in with the paints & found it hard to leave it long enough to let the paint dry! I had it finished in a few days!  This enthusiasm & energy in itself, is quite something for me at the moment. It felt like a breath of fresh air.

I thoroughly enjoyed the whole process; the Wildflowers course, the self reflection in my journal, Kassi’s positive feedback & suggestions for further thought, and the optional Facebook group of like minded people. It has provided me with opportunities to reflect on my beliefs, strengthened my understanding & acceptance of myself & enlightened me to the affect that colour has on me.
I’ve also met Kassi in person at her Gretna studio for a 1:1 in person. She welcomed me warmly into her home & studio. The studio felt healing in itself; it is a kaleidoscope of colour, full of all her wonderful art work.  The session was a mix of talking, reflecting & creating art. Kassi devoted the whole 90 minutes solely to me. I found it incredible that my intuitive art reflected aspects of my life experiences. It is so interesting & enlightening. It was like holding a mirror up to myself; with Kassi’s support, holding the space for me.

It certainly stirred something up, as I had a good shop in Gateway Village afterwards, for lots of colour! That in itself is interesting as I hate shopping & rarely buy anything for myself.  I am looking forward to seeing Kassi again and enjoying more of her wonderful courses. And my journey with Wildflowers is not yet complete. I feel the need to create another, bigger painting! I’m off to start it now,  Susan

Intuitive Mixed Media

I'm enjoying this course so much!  I feel wonderful when I'm doing Intuitive Art with Kassi - the sense of joy, freedom, adventure and playfulness is amazing. It's as if the paper becomes a space apart from anything else in my life, where I can do anything I want, and where I can practice being confident and assertive before I try it out in the external world.  In some ways I don't want this particular one to end but I'm also dying to get started on my next one!  Jacqui

Magic Squares FREE eCourse

I experienced a great deal through creating Magic Squares Kassi.   All in all it was a very therapeutic experience.  It was relaxing & calming. It was thought provoking; some frustrating traits were discovered in my Self because the squares helped me to reflect, but this helped me begin to change some of these traits.  It was thoroughly enjoyable and I made more than one!  Thank you x

Letting Go 

Letting Go has been a truly inspiring experience.  I am in amazement at just how many of my life processes have emerged during this creative process and the learning and awareness that has opened up for me as a result ... what a journey. Kassi is warm and empathic, and I've really valued her support and gentle encouragement.   Tracy

Honouring Your Inner Child

This is the second course I've done with Kassi and I have enjoyed it so much. Honouring my inner child has opened a door I hadn't realised was there and it has lead to more doors opening. I am left with a feeling of gentle growth and curiosity. This course has deepened my trust in me. I am listening to my intuition and giving my feelings priority. I'm looking forward to doing another painting with this same process Honouring My Inner Child.  Kassi is a wonderful facilitator and has been a companion for my inner child as she lead us through step by step. 

In The Words of A Song

In The Words Of A Song is a wonderful, rich combination of music, art and reflective writing which fits together beautifully. 

With Kassi’s gentle support and encouragement as a compassionate “witness”, and through the idea of taking a song, creating art intuitively, then writing about it, I was able to delve deeply into the memories, feelings and experiences of my past as they came alive in my art and writing.

They were then ‘let go’ as I created a new layer on top ... moving forward with a different level of awareness and acceptance. 

There were challenges, resistance and tears along the way, but also smiles, amazing discoveries and acceptance. Through this process I have been introduced to new parts of my Self and seen old ‘forgotten’ parts develop in strength and resilience. 

This course offers total control and freedom, both through song choices and the depth of exploration. I feel very attached to my final ‘image’ as it seems to be a very powerful, accurate reflection of where I find myself now and yet is built on all the previous, sometimes ‘rocky’ layers of my memories and experiences. 

Working With Kassi:
Each course/experience has been illuminating and provided wonderful new awareness. I have been able to see and ‘interact’ with so many different parts of Self that previously I didn’t even know existed! I always learn something new.

Working with Kassi in such a creative, reflective way has allowed me to experience myself and connection with another from a new perspective. No matter the depths I have travelled, Kassi has been supportive, unwavering and totally accepting and her presence has been invaluable ...a very precious thing to be able to offer. 

Paint The Tree of Your Life

I took Kassi's Tree of Life course on the recommendation of a friend.  I'm so glad I did! I haven't done anything even close to painting for over 30 years and was anxious about 'making a mistake'.  One of the things I learned is that oftentimes a 'mistake' is simply the precursor to something very special.  A great metaphor for life!  Kassi is kind, generous, hugely compassionate and insightful.  The course was fun, occasionally challenging in a good way and enlightening.  I hope to be painting for many years to come.  Don't hesitate to do this - go for it!  Thanks Kassi

Tree of 'Letting Go'

This has been a great course so far.  I haven't yet finished but have had some very interesting and exciting insights. I know I will be making quite a few Letting Go Trees over a course of time, as I delve deeper as there are many hidden things to Let Go of.

I definitely recommend Kassi's course, her enquiring Prompts are so helpful and always welcome even if it means looking at things you don't really want to. She is very respectful of what you have to say.
Claire, Art Therapist

Intuitive Collage

Intuitive Collage was so much more than I expected.  I took my time to gather items to play with for the collage which was so much fun.  I did not realise that I was collecting a number of images of me as a child that I did not have until about 2 years ago (now 57) and as I was gathering these items I was tapping into memories, fun, some not so fun so was being transported.  I did a little journalling alongside. 
When I finally came to collage I was ready and in no time I had an amazing layered collage, which meant so much to me in terms of being more integrated with the different Parts of me.  I loved the process and what I have created.  The reflective Conversation with  Kassi after, was incredible and as I journeyed I got to witness my inner child in such a proud, wonderful way, and got to honour her and my life's journey to date without even thinking too much about it.  
The process was so intuitive.  I feel more whole, integrated some how.  I want to do another.  I loved it.  Thank you so much Kassi. 

Intuitive Collage for Healing & Well Being

I enjoy all of Kassi’s courses and this was no exception.  My intuitive collage unfolded very naturally through a very well guided set of prompts and questions and demonstration videos.

I found myself being totally committed to the production of my collage and to the messages that arose as a result of delving deep into the layers of images and colours. I couldn’t stay away from my collage too long and each time I re-connected with it, I became totally absorbed in the process. It was a very healing experience.

Kassi supported me in the interpretation of my collage too, especially where areas of the collage had trouble speaking to me. Kassi uses a variety of strategies which enable you to interpret your visual work in a non-threatening, non-judgemental way that supports your emotional, mental, spiritual and physical wellbeing. Both laughter and crying (the latter I am particularly working on) are allowed to be welcomed.

I am always interested in Kassi’s courses as I know that I will further deepen my awareness of my sense of self and grow in ways that not only I will benefit from but also the people and the world with whom I engage with will too.
Tracy Metcalfe

Paint The Tree of Your Life

Who knew I could paint a picture, especially intuitively and from the heart! What a great experience.  I have recently completed the 6 week Paint The Tree of YOUR Life online group offered by Kassi.  It was one of the most reflective and rewarding experiences I have had in a while, and I would highly recommend it to anyone who is looking for a creative way to be introspective in an encouraging, safe and non-judgemental space.  My creative outlet has been photography, I had never painted before I decided to sign up for this course.  Though I was excited to try something new, I also felt quite anxious, my 'Inner Critic' tried very hard to convince me not to go through with it. I am so glad I decided to follow through.  With Kas's gentle support and encouragement, I came to trust my intuition more and put aside my 'Inner critic' to explore some things from my past and look toward the future.  The positive fedback from others in the group proved valuable as well and there was no pressure to paint at any given time or to share anything I didn't feel comfortable with.  It was a process for sure, but one that turned out to be both exicitng and freeing!  AND I have a painting I'm very proud of that has a lot of meaning to me!  I feel inspired to paint more and to create more colour and discovery in my life.  Thank you so much for the opportunity Kassi!

Letting Go

When I did the Letting Go e-course, it made me think of how art parallels life, and I thoroughly enjoyed being free to create what felt good at the time. I have learned to slow down, hear myself and trust my intuition. Painting can reveal so much!
Thank you Kas,   Andrea

Paint The Tree of Your Life

I feel very positive. This process has given me an opportunity to reflect on my Past experiences in a way that is very new to me. It has given me a new set of metaphors for reflecting on what is a very familiar story. One key result has been the acknowledgement that what has passed has influence but does not define the Present. I knew this to be true, but I am not sure it was truly felt until now.

Paint The Tree of YOUR Life - online experience
"This was an amazing experience for me.  I really enjoyed the procss of creating the tree with the helpful support of Kassi.  As well as being lots of fun it also gave me an opportunity to learn about myself.  Kassi is a warm, respectful and patient facilitator.  She is available when needed but lets you get on with it too.  Kassi has created a wonderful, supportive and creative environment in which to explore yourself through art.  Well worth doing."  Alan 

Themed Intuitive Mixed Media

Kassi is a great teacher who makes beautiful art. She doesn’t push you, or judge.  Kassi gently guides you and teaches you to be yourself by being present and kind.  Painting with Kassi has helped me process and express my feelings.  I couldn’t communicate what I felt very well until I started painting. I feel it slows me down so I have time to listen to my thoughts and feel my intuition.  I am proud of taking Part in this course, and I am grateful.

Paint The Tree of Your Life

I've recently participated on 'Paint The Tree of YOUR Life' online group with the fabulous Kassi facilitating. I can't recommend Kas's online courses and groups enough. It's not just about painting, it's about the those personal aspects of art and what can come up while I work... sometimes difficult, often fun and very rewarding. As a result, I seem to emerge from these experiences with a renewed, refreshed vision for where I am heading with my life.  I love all these courses for my own personal and professional development. Thank you Kassi

Paint The Tree of YOUR Life

I decided to take part in Kassi's Paint The Tree of YOUR Life online painting course. Part of my work is contentment coaching and I thought I might pick up some tips for working with my own clients. I was totally unprepared for how powerful this would be on a personal level! I've discovered creativity I forgot I had, I've remembered how to play and I occasionally even win a battle with my Inner Critic! This course content is interesting, well presented and inspiring. The support from Kas is gentle yet powerful. If you're wondering whether this course is for you, just go for it! You won't regret it!

Paint The Tree of Your Life

When I first saw Kassi’s tree painting course I wondered what crazy world I had stumbled upon, but something drew me to signing up to find out! As I’m too far away to go to the studio I made use of the online course... what an amazing experience! Kassi's videos lead me step by step through creating my own amazing tree; I was amazed at the depth of emotional experiencing that came up and my “mark making” sent me in directions I never expected. I felt challenged and held and understood, it was an incredibly moving experience... now I can't stop painting trees! Thank you so much Kassi!  Judy

Summer Wildflowers

While I've always recognised my innate creativity and it has emerged in lots of different ways, it wasn't until I began doing Kassi's online groups and classes that I have started using the visual arts in a joyous and meaningful way.  With Kas, I have learned to experiment without judgement and take pleasure in my intentions and in the happy accidents that happen along the way.  Painting Summer Wildflowers alongside Kassi in her online group has been an intensely joyful experience.  I have felt supported and nurtured throughout the process and was so pleased with the result, I am going to continue painting Summer Wildflowers.  I would really recommend this course to everyone.

Paint The Tree of YOUR Life

Working with Kassi is like looking in a very kind, loving and inspiring mirror. Kassi lets you see what's possible. She let's you see what's stopping you, she lets you see how you can change it, what's holding you back. Kassi supports you to change if you want to whilst gently looking after your deepest feelings. She helped me become the Best version of me that I can be. Through you Kassi, I discovered the artistic, creative me I didn't even know existed. I've discovered my passion for music, dancing, singing, painting and can't believe this bit...I might try amateur dramatics. All this got squashed out of me to take up a more "sensible and realistic career path". Thanks so very much Kassi xx

Themed Intuitive Mixed Media

What surprises me always is Kassi's unstoppable Creativity and all of her courses are so well managed.  This painting courses guided me to Introspection and to a kind of meditation about my feelings.  Each of the little 'frames' drove my attention to a deep level.  To be honest at the start, I was very doubtful about what I was going to create because it looked difficult to do.  But I loved it so much!  Frame by frame, my attention to details was captured and my feelings felt magic.  It is difficult to explain what I felt while I was painting this small, yet massive, painting! I feel like Kassi is with me through her videos, guiding all of us to a personal destination, even if it was just to enjoy and relax.  I have many things to say but not the space for that!  Each course is a new and unexpected discovery.  It helps to balance me when events happen and upset me in daily life.  Thank you.

All of the courses I have done with You!

Kassi, your courses have helped me to redisover my love of making Art and are helping me to fight the negative voices that tell me I'm not an Artist.  They have also introduced me to an amazing tool for self reflection and self undrstanding.  You are so gentle and affirming in your approach and I love that you continue to support us as we progress on our journey with this.

Intuitive Collage Day - in Studio, S W Scotland

Kassi, I absolutely loved today. It was so much fun, so relaxing, enlivening, and I adore your relaxed nurturing style.  You just hit the spot every time.  You notice so much and make it make sense.  I wish I could express it better.  You're a star!  I will absolutely cherish my collage, it's already taught me so much and as I look at it now I learn more...  A window inwards...  an open door...  'the authentic me'.  Thank you <3  Hazel 

Kassi's Studio Workshops

I've been to many of Kassi's painting days including What Kind of Tree Am I, Discover Your Inner Goddess & intuitive Painting and benefited immensely. Kassi has a warm, non-judgemental attitude. Her welcoming art studio is surrounded by Kassi's art. I haven't done anything arty or creative till now. It doesn't matter though.
I've changed because of these workshops. I value myself and my time so much more. I've changed my working practices to include self care. 

I was very burnt out with a demanding job as a Nurse Practitioner and spent time looking after everyone else.  What I didn't realise was how much I neglected myself and this made me very tired, irritable & resentful.  I value myself, and in doing so I now feel able to be there more fully for my family and my patients.

I've created my own special space at home with treasured things around me in colours that make me feel good. I play music again. If I'm struggling I look at the paintings and remember what I learned.

I'm so glad that I found Kassi and her studio it truly has changed my life for the better.

Paint The Tree of YOUR Life

I would highly recommend this wonderful opportunity to experience Kassi's unique form of self-discovery and personal development through intuitive art and Paint The Tree of Your Life.  I love to work in an intuitive way and see a visual expression of my feelings.  I felt I got to know and undrstand myself a little better through each stage of creating the tree of my life.  Kassi supported my process throughout.  Her warmth and curiosity enabled me to deeply explore the images and my process.  The warm and non-judgemental environment has given me a sense of freedom from my more critical voices."  Alex Graybow

Creative Therapy/Counselling

I thought there was something physically wrong with me a few years ago - I felt nervous - and when I spoke, I felt like I wasn’t making any sense.

Half way through a sentence, I’d lose my confidence and want to stop talking. In fact, I didn’t even feel sure of what was coming out of my mouth and worried I was developing Alzheimer’s.

Working as a full time Advanced Nurse Practitioner, I knew only too well how the NHS works, and how a story like mine may be viewed! I would be judged by them all.

I also did not want to admit to anyone in the medical or nursing profession that I was struggling. I knew I would be viewed as weak! It was my job to Help others - not the other way round!

I was never off sick. Never complained. Listened endlessly to the struggles of others. Problems, illnesses. At work, socially and at home.

Kassi pointed out that I wasn’t weak. In fact I was very Strong and being so strong all these years had worn me out. That helped me to consider what was happening. Kassi shed light on a lot of things over the sessions. This helped me to join up the dots and make a more complete picture of the problem. I was so close to burn out then.

I know lots of people say they feel overwhelmed but I didn't know what it was physically to feel this way. Kassi said it sounded like my Brain was stuffed full of cotton wool in all the crevices. It Did! Exactly that! That was part of the Overwhelm. Unable to think clearly, process or feel very 'there'. Sort of distantly there.

The techniques Kassi gave me to use were instantly useful! I passed these on to my patients and it felt soooooo good to do, because I knew they really worked.

I rarely spoke about my difficulties to anyone. Very occasionally over a drink or two to a close friend.

Although I was nervous, never seen a therapist before, I was absolutely astounded at how Kassi helped me to see that these symptoms were stress related.

After one session the nervous feelings when speaking, started to ease. I felt so heard. Really heard. The pressure began to ease off and I felt a bit better and a bit clearer as the weeks passed.

Kassi has an amazing ability to see things in me that I couldn’t see. It did at times feel like magic.

I have had lots of sessions with Kassi. Sometimes it’s talking. Sometimes using her art materials. She has all sorts of other tools up her sleeves which she brings out as and when she feels I will benefit from them.

She just seems to know what will work best for me and now I trust her, I go with her ideas and they are so effective.

When I first began seeing Kassi she sensed I found it hard to say “No”. One of the first things she did was encouraged me to say No to her. It was so hard to try to say No to her even when it was “arranged” between us. This made me realise how powerful the family 'rules' I had learned when growing up were.

She helped me to process it, all of it, from simply preparing to say 'No' and all that happened in my body, so I could finally say 'No' and not feel anxious or go bright red.

Then I actually began to say 'No' at work.

Whist working with Kassi I always felt cared for and respected. Like I really mattered. My feelings really mattered. They were allowed. For a very long time Feelings had been treated as if they were 'bad' and to be avoided at all costs, not just at work but at home and when I was a young girl too. I just did what I was told to do because I was a good girl and liked to please everyone. I never caused a fuss even when I was being walked all over. Sadly I wasn't able to cope with emotions or feelings either and would try to make please smile instead, or distract them.

As my Feelings were now “allowed”, they seemed to gain perspective for me. Through working with Kassi I really learnt to look after myself. I learnt that looking after myself was okay. In fact it was essential. I was able to allow others to have their feelings too. In fact, I now LOVE Feelings!

It didn’t make me any less kind, considerate or empathic. It didn’t make me a worst parent or a worse partner or a worse Nurse. In fact, it made me better at all of those things because I now had something of me to Give. Previously I’d been so burnt out I hadn’t anything left to give.

My children, now grown ups, are doing very well for themselves. They learnt and mirrored my behaviour. I’m so proud of them. We all support each other. They are amazing young women. I look back at how I was at their age with sorrow. I was a 'yes' person that everyone liked. I never put myself first. Kassi asked me where I was on my 'list' but sadly I wasn't even on my list back then. I can't believe how badly I treated myself.

My girls are high up on their own lists. I'm so proud. They speak up and speak out, ask questions and challenge. They astound me!

The challenge of their teenage years was difficult. Kassi helped me to manage and find my way through, staying boundaried which I think Really helped my girls most.

I do not say that it was easy, you have to be prepared to put the work in yourself if you want your life to change for the better. However, Kassi is an enlightening, knowledgeable guide for me. Never faltering - it’s very do-able. I really have never looked back. I feel better. I sleep better. I enjoy life much more. The difficult times are so much easier to cope with and process.

In the beginning I had quite a few sessions. Latterly they reduced as I felt better. I still have occasional sessions when I feel I need one. It’s much better than a shopping trip or a new handbag. I love working with Kassi in her studio. The best money I have ever spent.

I am eternally grateful to her for literally changing my life. I can hear Kassi's voice saying “No, you changed your own life, I witnessed it!”

I’ve got more confidence. My self esteem has improved. I’ve lost weight because I actually enjoy taking care of myself. I’m mentally and physically fitter than I've ever been.

I’ve loved writing this testimonial Kassi - it’s been a great reminder for me of just how far I’ve come with you beside me, sometimes in that roller coaster car - thank you!

Lots of love and gratitude, 
Rosie xx

Feedback for Kassi

Kassi when you share your process, imagery and story it helps bring your whole process to life. I've seen many of my own stories expressed in my Art and is very empowering. Having permission to own my stories and vulnerability with my art has allowed me to find the place where I am now, which is about giving myself permission to find out more about me and for this experience, I am really grateful.

Angel, Goddess, Me

This may be my favourite course so far ...I cried and laughed, struggled and celebrated my way through this, but I’ve loved it all.  Kassi’s way of working, her Support and Acceptance is powerful and affirming.  She encouraged me to find my own way of working which increased my confidence in trusting and following my own impulses - when I did this my Angel appeared easily.  My finished image means a lot and is a constant reminder to embrace the me that I am and to allow all of myself to emerge, especially my creative side.  It also reminds me to trust myself and follow my instincts.

Paint The Tree of YOUR Life

Kassi's Paint The Tree of YOUR Life is a beautiful journey of healing and self-discovery. Through her caring and empathic curiosity, Kas provides respect and support for whatever level of sharing and 'opening up' you feel comfortable with. It's a magical process of traversing through your own inner 'forest' as your beautiful tree unfolds the treasures that await your heart. I would encourage you to consider her class.  Kassi's gift as an Artist and Therapist and the loving, private classmate-shared experience touched me deeply.

All The Courses I've Done With You Kassi

I've attended Many Painting courses in Kassi's little garden Studio and Love them all!  Kassi always gets what I want to say... even without words and when I don't understand myself.  Kassi has a magical little art studio where miracles happen and dreams come true. My life has been totally transformed by Kassi and all of her workshops and courses. I can't believe the changes I've made and how wonderful I feel about my life today. Don't think about this for long, just Do It you won't regret it.

Self Care Coaching

Thank you so much Kas, I knew I was experiencing tension headaches but I didn't realise that all the other pain in my body was due to all the stress of my work and family life.  I now feel much better in how I deal with people and pressures at work which has not only lessened my pain but made me feel much more tolerant of family demands - there are so many of those ever day. I like how I've learned to listen to myself now too and that's down to you! I used to think I had to be tough and rough on me otherwise I'd just lie around the house and do nothing but now I speak to myself more kindly I actually do lots and have loads of energy.  I know I can check in with you any time I need but right now I'm doing really great.  thank you, Chrissie


It took me a long time to commit to counselling but when I met Kassi I warmed to her straight away. She is so positive and supportive. She is gentle and caring but strong when she needs to be. She has been a non-judgemental allie on my challenging therapeutic journey.