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I Followed The Rules, Why Am I Still Unhappy?

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People often begin our work with: "But I did everything I was told to do.  I followed ALL the rules! Yet I am STILL anxious and unhappy.  WHY?!"

We follow the rules to gain approval and conditional love from parents, caregivers, authority figures, teachers, friends, colleagues and partners. Generally, approval & conditional love is all anyone is ever offered.

We do our best to 'get it right' and this leads to unhappiness, illness and Incongruence.

What's Incongruence?
It's when our insides don't match our outsides... how we feel and what we say or do, is conflicted.  Imagine being forced to smile and be polite to someone who has harmed you... that's incongruence and this will bring about stress, anxiety, depression, pain, immunity issues and disease.

"So Why Are We Continuing To Condition Our Children?!"
Great question!  It is so deeply ingrained in humans...

Which is why I do all that I do to help CHANGE this

Conditional Love says:
"When you do this or say that, I approve of, and love you... but when you do x, y or z, I disapprove of you and I no longer love you, unless you behave as you 'Should'.  Then, I will love you again."

Surely Real Love can't be switched on and off depending on how we behave?  I'm afraid so.  This is what Conditional Love looks like.  It controls and manipulates - whether it is Approval or Disapproval.  It creates insecure attachments... anxiety, depression, pain, stress, lack of confidence and self esteem, inability to say NO, perfectionism and more. 

My Approach completely embraces Unconditional Love 
This enables your insides and your outsides to match.  You know when they match because you feel amazing, capable, potent, content, happy, satisfied, confident and ultimately, Unblocked - my Speciality!

I can unblock all that the conditional love blocked in you.  This will free you up to live and flow... Your focus will be your Big Dreams (not everyone else and their dramas!).  I know you have big dreams!  Perhaps you want to make art, write a book, teach and lead or be a Therapist and Coach like me...  You may dream of having a website full of wonderful courses like mine... You can have anything you want and I am determined to help you get it!

I naturally have the capacity to relax people so deeply that they feel joyful, calm and confident in themselves.  No need for airs or graces or trying to get everything 'right'. Perfectionism destroys confidence and joy! My level of Acceptance is huge.  Many people have told me that I make them feel 'drugged' they are so at ease around me.  Just to be clear, I am totally against drugs but I am all for Acceptance and Unconditional Love - what an incredible impact they have!

When you come into my Orbit 
You will begin to feel an unbound freedom that's always been available to you. This freedom was blocked by Conditional love: that Approval-Disapproval, on-off Love that destroys security in Humans and creates low self-esteem, diluting you down and filling you with anxiety, dread, low mood and more.  

I will set you free from all of this... You will let go of inhibitions and embrace your free spirit to flow effortlessly.

I Promise... I Don't Do Things By Halves!
We can work together one to one, online, in person or via Goddess Unleashed my Transformative Experience.  When you sign up, you get All of Me, in my group.

Goddess Unleashed rich in Unconditional Love and brings health, happiness, contentment, joy, spontaneity, creativity and Realness. You will learn SO much from my Video Prompts and interaction with me in my group it will change how you relate to yourself and others and your self confidence and resilience will grow and grow and grow!

I offer a deeply therapeutic space where you can let go of all that you HAD to be to gain approval and conditional love, and instead, you can become Truly YOU.  You will have autonomy, self esteem, confidence and resilience to live your life fully and get your Big Dreams out there.

Everything will change.  You will be assertive, and notice the game playing that goes on around you.  You won't get caught up in their dramas.  You will treasure your Life and be completely focused on yourself and Your Dreams.

If You Are A Coach or Therapist You WILL Learn So Many New Skills & Tools
You will learn SO much from Goddess Unleashed:  what I teach and how I facilitate in my Group.  Over 25+ years I have developed integrative ways which are grounded in the Client Centred Approach and integrate Gestalt, Jung, Relational Transactional Analysis, Body Psychotherapy, Reparenting, Somatic Experiencing, Focusing and Therapeutic Raw & Gritty Art which I have developed myself.  I can promise you, your Practice will develop dramatically. 


Goddess Unleashed is a Transformative Coaching Program rich in Psycho-Education and Raw, Gritty Art to make deep, powerful, long lasting Life Change.  You need to experience me, in my group to KNOW that I mean everything I say.

Which is why you receive your first month FREE to indulge and immerse yourself fully in everything I offer.

When Your Insides And Your Outsides Don't Match
We don't feel good.  We experience horrible symptoms; pain, migraines, anxiety, low mood and illness. Our confidence and self esteem lacks... we aren't assertive or self accepting. We try to be 'perfect' so we don't get criticised... let's face it, we will do anything rather than lose that brittle, conditional love and approval.  No wonder life has always felt so empty.

Our parents & caregivers smile proudly when we do everything just as they taught us to, even though this over-rides our autonomy and does untold damage to us.

The Approval-Disapproval See-Saw 
This affects everything we do unless we find a way to become our Truest Self which brings confidence, strength, contentment and self assuredness - which is what Goddess Unleashed and all of my work is about.

Gaining approval means forsaking our innate wisdom, intuition and autonomy. It can feel treacherous at times: consider the child who is neglected or abused for example.

AND... the circumstances do not have to be as dire as neglect or abuse for the child's Will, Agency, Autonomy to be undermined and for them to develop low self esteem, low confidence and an Insecure Attachment ...which will probably last their entire lives, unless they DO something to stop this, like work with me.

Conditional Love impacts all of our relationships, including with our own children - and so the wounds continue down the generations as more children are born into conditional love.

I interrupt the Conditioning Process
As soon as we begin work, I disrupt the 'old' ways of doing things through everything I teach and share with you and how I interact with you.  I value every Individual and their uniqueness.  I figure out your strengths and desires.  I am committed to enabling you to develop self awareness, autonomy and congruence so you can be all that you were born to be.  Everything is all there inside of you just waiting to be Unblocked.

I go above and beyond 
When you work with me, you will receive EVERYTHING.  My support, love, empathy, realness, challenge... you will feel my strength and determination to Unblock you.  I'm respectful.  I go at your pace...  I never force or coerce...  I am attuned to YOU.

If You want authenticity, autonomy, realness and to get your MASSIVE Dreams out there, I will do everything in my power to assist you.

I'm Kas, a Transformative Coach
I unblock Leaders, Writers, Therapists, Coaches, Artists, Teachers and those who aspire to undergo profound Transformation.  We can do this one to one, in person, online or via Goddess Unleashed.

You can book me for a session (get in touch) or sign up to Goddess Unleashed for your first FREE month here:
You can leave any time and come back when you change your mind... and you will still be Loved!

If you want me 24/7 Constant Contact - I currently have one space available for this - get in touch.

Goddess Unleashed is all about Unblocking You so you Become truly YOU. It's all there inside of you but it's been bogged down under a lifetime of conditional love as mentioned above.  I will free you from that bog!

Wobbly Yet Brave?
You are probably just like me! Wobbly yet Brave. Fiercely Loving but not a pushover. Ambitious and Driven but can get lost or confused and need another to light the way at times.

I WILL LIGHT THE WAY FOR YOU using ALL my Therapeutic, Coaching and Creative Skills.

You need to experience me, to discover what is possible
The first month is completely FREE, you can leave any time you want, it's at an incredible price and worth a small fortune.  YOU can have All of This right now!  Instant Access upon sign up - here is the link that you need:

Life is too short to waste any more time.  I can't wait to work with you in whichever way you choose.

If you prefer to go it alone - you can get Goddess Unleashed Self Paced, Life Time Access for an incredible one off payment - Choose Option 2


Kas <3

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