Kassi Martin

Raw & Gritty Art Coaching to Unleash Woman

Unleashed? From What???

Hello, I have something very important to say to Every Woman, Everywhere... Having spent a life time witnessing and experiencing shocking and outrageous 'Limits' placed upon myself and Woman everywhere, whilst growi...
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Exciting, Unique, Wild, Intoxicating: Goddess Unleashed!

Hello BE UNSTOPPABLE!  BE UNFCKWITHABLE!!! OMGoddess! After a Long Creation and Birthing process, finally… Goddess Unleashed is here!  And I begin with a HUGE Gift to you. It's been a MASSIVE piece of work...
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The Kimono, My Critic & Freddie Mercury

Hello Sharing more Top Coaching Tips for Life, Art & Creative Biz  "Today is the youngest you will be, for the remainder of your life".  My wise Inner Goddess whispered in my ear this morning as I...
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Sparkling, Introverted Empath

HelloSharing top Coaching Tips for Life, Art & BusinessWell... yesterday was a first in many ways and probably significant evidence that my own psychotherapy journey is working VERY deeply within.For those who know me, I'...
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Body Wisdom - a Therapeutic Art gift for You

Raw & Gritty Expression to Unleash Woman: Be Confident, Resilient & Empowered Hello Sharing more top Coaching Tips for Life, Art & Creative Biz! I've created another Therapeutic Art experience for you in the form ...
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Why We Need Goddess Art

HelloSharing more Top Coaching Tips for Life, Art & Creative BusinessI've made you a video - a sort of vlog type sharing video which speaks directly to Woman.I also want to let you know that my new 6 week Goddess Course -...
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