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Expressing and Honouring our Life Stories is vital for Mental Health. We can do this with colour, texture, collage, symbols, with or without words, and I can teach you How - simply - with my Therapeutic Courses.

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  Dear Emotional You  &  Wildflowers 

The less you know about Colour, Texture, Collage, Writing, the better this works.
If you know lots, I'll playfully invite you to break the rules!

Kathy King:
  "Every course has been fun, challenging, enlightening and left me longing for more.  Kassi is one gifted Therapist, Artist & Teacher" 
Expressive Art Psychotherapist, Artist & Teacher, Providence, Rhode Island

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My eCourses invite you to Express yourself Therapeutically which heals deeply.

Many of us, if not all, are conditioned and inhibited which destroys Confidence & Self Esteem, leading to anxiety, stress, depression & pain.

 My Courses are Self Paced however, you can invite me alongside you in Therapeutic Conversation.  I'm robust, potent, authentic and fearless.  I'm empathic, accepting, and will attune to you with resonance.

I promote Autonomy & Self Expression for Transformation

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You can work through my courses again and again, creating new unique art that will teach you so much about yourself each time!

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Psychotherapist providing Self Expression for Change & Growth.

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