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Be Confident, Empowered & Resilient with my Raw & Gritty Approach to Unleash Your True Potential. Woman has been conditioned to play small & 'serve' others for long enough, now it's YOUR turn!

I'm Kassi, a Therapeutic Coach

I have integrated everything I know as a Therapist, Coach & Artist to Unleash those who want more freedom from conditioning and patriarchy.

I am a prolific raw and gritty creator which tended to bring judgement. Now I don't give a damn, I'm free to be myself. Having Unleashed my own shackles, I offer the same to others - predominantly Woman.

I've blended EVERYTHING I know, created MANY online Courses for Adults to express their life stories and experiences using my raw & gritty, therapeutic approach which I have created over many years.

Kassi Martin

My Courses

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Grounded Like Me Coaching Program is for Successful & Aspiring Course Creators to Unashamedly enhance your Creative Business. You can replicate ALL my Courses as your own... Constant Contact & MORE!

You get Life Time Access to work through my courses, unleash yourself, find YOUR own voice whilst creating unique art leading to greater confidence, resilience & freedom.

Kassi Martin
Kassi Martin
Kassi Martin

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Kassi Martin
Kassi Martin
Kassi Martin
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Raw & Gritty Art Coaching to Unleash Woman 

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