Why Expressive Art?

You were trained to become the perfect version of a Human your Caregivers always wanted. You negotiate hundreds of 'rules' you carry within your Mind every day causing Stress, Anxiety, Depression & Inner Conflict.  Making a decision often feels impossible.

How Many Of These Do You Tick?

Work hard?  Experience Anxiety/Stress?  Put others before yourself? 
Need to be Liked?  Experience headaches/tension/pain?  Feel Overwhelmed like a 'Cottonwool' Brain?  You're supportive & giving? You always followed the 'Rules' so where did it all go wrong? 

My Unique Expressive Art Approach propels You towards greater Self Esteem & Confidence, Assertiveness, Inner Peace, Learn to say 'No' & mean it, Develop Self Care & Well Being.

I bring 20 years of Passion, Wisdom & Personal Experience as a Counsellor & Expressive Artist, specialising in Personal Development & Self Inquiry.

I am an Expert in my Field, with a genuine Girl Next Door Acceptance

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