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Are You Ready For Profound Transformation?

When you come into my Orbit, Change Is Inevitable

I Unblock Leaders, Coaches, Artists, Therapists, Writers and woman who aspire to undergo profound Transformation.  We can work together 1-2-1, in person, online or within Goddess Unleashed.

Women have cautiously tiptoed around, thriving on Approval doing untold damage to their confidence, self esteem and limits them in all areas of Life.

I'm a Transformative Coach with 25+ years experience within Adult Mental Health, Higher Education, Not For Profits and Private Practice.

"Kas, the source of your Power is your capacity to go to the Extreme... and be the biggest Badass your Clients have ever, or will ever, meet!"

If you've been called 'Too Much', 'Not Good Enough' or have a MASSIVE Dream, my work is for you.

Goddess Unleashed Transformative Program is for Every Woman, everywhere.

If you prefer Transformative Coaching with me, one to one, we can do this in person or via zoom video link to suit your time zone.  Simply email me to have a free 30 min chat or if you are ready to begin, let's get it booked into the diary!
Kassi Martin

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Get Absolutely Everything worth £4,799

for JUST £179 with Lifetime Access

Grounded Like Me Coaching Program is for Successful & Aspiring Course Creators to Unashamedly enhance your Creative Business. You can replicate ALL my Courses as your own... Constant Contact & MORE!

You get Life Time Access to work through my courses, unleash yourself, find YOUR own voice whilst creating unique art leading to greater confidence, resilience & freedom.

Kassi Martin
Kassi Martin
Kassi Martin

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Kassi Martin
Kassi Martin
Kassi Martin
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