Kassi Martin Online Painting Courses

Self Expression for Life Change

Ultimately, as a Therapist, I transform lives

When you venture into my orbit, you will discover the very best version of Yourself

Change Is Inevitable!  

Experience my enthusiasm as I dig out all your potential and hold a mirror up to You so you can gaze with wonder at the sparkling light of your Being.

If you want to stay the same there are many others you can work with,
...but I am not the Therapist for you!

"Kassi is like a 'Sparkler' on Bonfire Night!" 

I will light up your Mind, Body, Heart & Soul and you will feel wonderful.

You won't experience what I offer anywhere else in the world.  My enthusiasm, empathy and love will flick a switch in you that nobody will be able to switch off.

I facilitate Self Expression through
 Talking Therapy, Mixed Media Art, Intuitive Collage, Writing & Sharing and Therapeutic Workshops
online & in person, 'live' or self paced

The best way to experience me is Live, in action, 1:1 or in a group.

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Honouring Our Story

Kathy King:  "I started taking Kassi's Courses several months ago, and I can't stop!  Every course has been so fun, challenging, enlightening, and left me longing for more. Kassi is one gifted Therapist, Artist & Teacher. Kassi is very Intuitive and just knows what I need before I do.  Many thanks dear Kassi!" 
Expressive Art Psychotherapist, Artist & Teacher, Providence, Rhode Island

Undertake one of my eCourses to Heal unfinished emotional hurts & wounds, discover so much more about who you are AND seriously consider inviting me on board for Creative Process Conversation to accelerate Change & Growth.

The less you know about Art, Collage or Writing the better this works.

If you know lots about all the above, I will playfully invite you to break all the rules!

Expressing ourselves in spontaneous and intuitive ways through art, collage and writing develops Confidence & Self Esteem, reduces Anxiety & Stress, lifts Depression & eases Pain, whether Somatic, Physical or Psychological.

I promote Autonomy, Self Expression & Authenticity for Change & Growth

Develop Confidence, Self Acceptance & Joy. 
Find courage to begin living the life you truly want.

My eCourses are Self Paced with 24/7 Access

Acccelerate your progress by inviting me to join you, either during or after 

My flagship ecourse What Kind Of Tree Am I? is Self Paced with Life Time Access.  You can work through it again and again, creating new Trees that will teach you so much about yourself time and again! 

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