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Experiential Expressive Art for Healing & Learning

Would you like to learn how my Unique, Expressive Art Approach reduces Anxiety & Stress, Lifts Mood and Teaches you Experientially how to Relate to Yourself in a Therapeutic Way?

I have blended 20 years as a Counsellor & Creative Therapist with my Love of Art to bring you my Unique Approach to a Therapeutic, Creative,  Life Changing experience.

The less we know about art the more effective my Approach is. 
You'll learn so much without realising you're being taught.

You may never have 'met' anyone who Teaches as I do. I'm real, gentle, open, warm and caring.  I never talk at you nor tell you what to do

I show up for you in a very real, honest and open way so you can learn easily

I model a unique way of Being, the way I talk and relate with myself on video invites you to relate with Yourself in ways which reduce anxiety & stress, lift mood, make you more accepting of yourself and therefore more confident, raising your self esteem

You may have a Caring Role; a Counsellor, Parent, Teacher, an Empath, Youth Worker, Nurse, Artist who feels Stressed, Anxious, Depressed or close to Burn Out.

I bring my Passion, Knowledge & Experience to Teach you All I Know!

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