Expressive Art For All ...going deeper than words

hi, I'm Kassi  Welcome to my world of Expressive Art & Intuition
with the capacity to Heal, ease Stress and offer incredible tools for a meaningful life.

Whenever my Mind feels scrambled & overwhelmed, or I'm struggling with a problem, or feel wounded by someone, I always return to my love of Art Materials and Paper.  C
olour & texture expresses our Emotions & Thoughts, offering inner calm, insight and solutions.

Intuitive Art offers a Mindful experience, allowing us to Hear our Truest Self, discovering what we Need.

I believe every one of us can express ourselves through art whether Collage, Doodling or Painting.  We find answers to our problems and discover a profoundly relaxing, mindful process we can use again and again. 

As we know and accept ourselves more fully through our art making, we discover a deep inner wisdom and peace.  

I have made you two FREE art taster courses to dip your toes in.  Click on the images below for info and sign up.

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