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Top Coaching Tips to Unblock Your Feminine Fire

Many people talk about Empowerment, but WHAT is that exactly, and how does it look?

If YOU want to become Unblocked and Empowered - you can have it - 100%.  

This is what my work is about... however you choose to do it with me... including Goddess Unleashed, One to One Coaching, Unspoken Moments or My Vagina Stories.

If YOU want it... you can have it.  THIS... I promise you.

You may currently feel obligated in many ways... could be within your family of origin or through caring for others in friendships or at work.  You may go above and beyond all that is usual because you were raised to be a Good Girl, a Kind, Polite Girl... a Yes Girl... a Girl who was raised to be all their parents, community and society want her to be...


I imagine you have MASSIVE Dreams too - just like all of us...?  (don't worry if you don't know what they are exactly yet...this will come)

I imagine you give and love and care and work hard and please others and try to be perfect and 'get it all right' so you don't receive Criticism?

IMAGINE if you felt totally FREE?  Free to live YOUR life the way YOU want to live it!

I am guessing you like this idea?  I LOVE this idea!  

After all the years of giving, caring, worrying, trying hard - so much CRAP - where you followed all the rules you were taught in childhood and which left you lacking in self esteem and confidence, with anxiety and stress, with low mood and pain.. miserable migraine, headaches, neck ache, back ache... and the obligation to grow up, be clever, be thin, be pretty, get married, have kids and before you know it you are heading towards your 50s, menopause, feel like shit and thinking that life has passed you by...

IT DOES NOT HAVE TO BE THIS WAY!  Wherever you are along that 'conveyor belt of life' - it can be different.  I MADE it different for me...

When I am congruent (my insides match my outsides)... I have a strong sense of self... I know my own mind and NOBODY on this planet could move me from my position... THIS is so exciting to reach this solid place within me.

If YOU are ready to be completely in your Power, NOW is the time to reach out to me.  It doesn't matter how we work together:  one to one Transformative Coaching online or in person or through Goddess Unleashed Transformative program.

I WILL fully show up for you 100%.

You may be a Dreamer, Coach, Therapist, Artist, Leader, Writer - you probably have massive dreams and you may need Love and Encouragement to breakthrough your limiting beliefs so you can at last Soar... in your fullest potential.  Unashamedly.  

Reach Out To Me!!!  I Am An Expert At All Of This

I share a video below of Hazel and myself working together.  Hazel is ready to be free!  I share a little of my story of obligation to Unstoppable Freedom.

Here's the you tube video:  (Please Subscribe, Like & Share)



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Tuesday, 18 June 2024

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