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Intuitive Art for Health & Well Being

I'm Kassi Martin an Intuitive Artist based in S W Scotland offering intuitive art courses online and in my garden studio for health & Well Being.

As well as my life long love of art making, I bring my extensive background in Counselling & Creative Therapy, Training, Group Facilitation & Mentoring along with all my life experience.

I'm passionate about the healing power of making Art which is why I created my Art Courses for you to experience.

Anxiety, Stress, Depression and Anger can be transformed into a sense of peace, joy and deep relaxation whenever we create art.

Making Art is 'Medicine' which I take daily for my Well Being and love to invite others just like you to experience either online with me or in my garden studio.

It almost didn't happen however. Aged 16 I desperately wanted to go to Art College. I wasn't allowed to go however and was sent to Secretarial college where I could learn skills that would "earn me a good living". Back then we didn't argue and did as we were told however, I never stopped sketching, colouring, doodling and at that time making art with clay.

In 1996 I realised with great excitement that my love of Art could be combined with all I was learning in my Counsellor training. During my Diploma in Counselling, I began to offer creative art courses in community centres and witnessed the relaxation and stress reduction in the participants. My first ever course; 'What Kind of Tree Am I?' was such an amazing experience. I watched everybody's unique Tree emerging on canvas, telling their life stories and offering healing. As well as painting we shared our stories, laughed and cried and everyone went home with their beloved Tree painting.

Through the process of making Art and listening to our inner voice, we can develop greater self awareness, Intuition, Self-Acceptance, Confidence and experience Anxiety & Stress melting away.

I believe we are all Artists, creative in the core of our Being. Art is a mirror, it speaks To us and For us and teaches us what we most need to know. Making art helps us to peel back the layers of Adaptation & Conditional Worth to become happier and calmer within

Art allows a deep connection with Ourselves and this is one of the greatest gifts we can give ourselves. Self acceptance and how we talk to ourselves can make or break us. When we begin to truly see and hear ourselves, this impacts our relationships at home, work and in the wider world.

I believe this helps improve our World and brings with it Soulful, meaningful Art that touches ourselves and others deeply.

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Vibrant Colour & Self Expression

I've made Art since I was tiny. Expressing my creative Soul in many ways over the years from colourful, intricate patterns on tiny graph paper, sketching, painting, working with clay, wedding floristry, creative writing, making music has all been a vital part of my Being & Living. Every time, I always return to my love of paper, vibrant colour and self expression.

Following a period of Burn Out some years ago, I transformed my kitchen into a mini art space, which evolved into my beautiful garden studio. My passion and natural process could not be stopped. My work evolved into an online art studio reaching far and wide to Canada, Australia, New Zealand, USA & Europe.

My own healing journey began with painted Hares, racing blindly through dark, moonlit forests. I played music that spoke directly for my Soul 'telling' my Stories. I was astounded at how much emerged from my art making and reflective writing.

I realised through my Art, I was 'Escaping' the old, fleeing monster 'systems', heading for 'home', in search of My Truest Self and working Congruently with who I am. ​Through my Intuitive Art making I discovered my Passion.

It's all here for you if you want it. I truly embrace all that I offer you. This is my Passion, my life's work. Allow me to guide you through creative processes that will enable you to discover who you truly are, your voice, your intuition which allows you to manage your life in different ways. Your art 'says' whatever is needed to be said. It may whisper initially but we can listen carefully and learn what our intuition & body wisdom has to offer us. In my experience we are never disappointed.

Through my processes you will not only discover You but you will also find new ways and tools to help develop your Practice to become more deeply creative, curious, exciting, inspiring, soul searching for your Clients too. You may even be interested in becoming an Affiliate and developing your Practice using my Courses. Please feel free to enquire if this interests you.

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Above is just a snippet of some of the amazing art that You have created in your journey to becoming YOU.

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Whether you wish to paint more intuitively with soul & joy or you’re seeking out your Truest Self then I am the person you are looking for to guide you.

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