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Kassi - Therapeutic Coach

Kassi Martin is on a mission to Unleash the Goddess in woman. Kassi is a prolific creator of Online Courses combining mixed media Art, Therapeutic Coaching & psycho-education.

"Goddess Unleashed" is her flagship Course for woman who are ready to embrace the Self they were born to become.

Kassi’s infectious and inspirational personality playfully invites participants to Let Go of the Patriarchy and their Conditioning through her raw & gritty approach to expression through all forms of creativity.

Kassi’s approach offers many benefits; raising confidence & self esteem, reducing stress & anxiety, lifting mood, reducing pain & fatigue and unleashing your full potent capacity to positively impact your life, the Generations to follow you and consequently, our World.

Kassi’s background within Mental Health began in 1996 where she worked widely within Public & Private Healthcare, Higher Education & Not for Profits. Kassi works with adults 1-2-1, in groups in person and online, therapeutically and as a Business Coach.

Kassi's source of power is her empathy, intuition and ability to go to the extreme. When people come into Kassi's orbit, change happens. It is exciting and inevitable.

Kassi's Expertise: Trauma, Attachment, Boundaries, Resilience, Psychosomatic Experience, Burnout, Sexual Abuse and complex Personality Traits.

Kassi is a Life Book Teacher and contributor to other online events.

Online Creative eCourses from Kas Martin

What You Could Experience through my Approach

We all follow patterns and conditioning we are raised within. We need to belong & survive. When we grow up however, we have more options. We can develop awareness, choose to do things differently but we tend to need 'someone' to back us up, and that's where my work comes in!

Mid 30s, my stress and anxiety was acute. I stumbled into Therapy by chance. An exciting, wonderful world opened up for me. Enthralled by the change I experienced, I began training and in my usual, extreme way, did it to the utmost of my ability! I trained for 9 years initially, receiving personal Therapy throughout and embraced every moment of becoming who I was born to be.

I wanted the whole world to experience this incredible possibility and began sharing my learning, facilitated and taught at every opportunity, one-to-one, in groups and then I discovered the online world!

I have always been creative. I wanted to go to Uni to become an artist which would have destroyed my creative confidence! We don't need more Conditioning, we need freedom and spaciousness to become ourselves and find our unique 'Voice'. My love of Art & Creativity is integrated into all I have created on my website, in studio and in my Practice. I am Very Proud. It has taken guts, energy and I'm not finished yet! I have unstoppable energy and won't be held back!

I feel compelled to invite Woman to explore and share their stories, grow and become who they truly are through "Goddess Unleashed".

Online Art Therapy Courses from Kas Martin
Online Creative eCourses from Kassi Martin

Above is just a snippet of some of the amazing art that You have created on your journey to becoming YOU.

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