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My Therapeutic Art Approach

I’m Kas, I love Art & Helping others live more happily and authentically. A Creative Daydreamer who feels alive on the Sea shore, walking through the Woods barefoot with the smell of bonfire in my hair.

Having worked for many years as a Counsellor & Creative Therapist in our Health Service & Education, I felt the huge Need for support ‘out there’ for those with Anxiety, Depression, Stress, Grief and Chronic Pain.

Driving from Surgery to Surgery, seeing people one hour at a time was just a drop in the Ocean. Many did not wish to ‘open up’ and talk about their struggles, understandably so.

I had sat in stark clinical rooms over 18,000 hours and eventually asked myself; ‘Am I making a difference?’ I knew I did make a difference to Individuals but I wanted to find a way to help More people ….but how? I wanted something warm, loving, human and creative which resonated with my truest Self.

Early one morning on my coast-to-coast drive to work, I visualised stressed, exhausted people experiencing a Therapeutic Art workshop which allowed them to Heal on different levels and without the need for words. I already made art every day for myself and knew its incredible potential, having experienced Stress & Chronic Fatigue for years.

As a Child I used to sketch Trees. Each one was unique and beautifully knobbly, ‘speaking’ To and For me, of how life was. My accent didn’t 'fit', I wasn’t in the ‘popular gang’.

“What Kind Of Tree Am I?” had just floated into my awareness driving to work that day and my first Creative Therapy Course was born.

I felt satisfied as people came to tear, glue and paint, sip coffee and express themselves through Symbols, Colour & Texture. Arriving with the weight of the world on their shoulders, they left with energy and joy at their amazing Tree painting that they couldn’t believe they had created which spoke of their Truest Self that day.

Then it happened again… I could sense the incredible Need with so much Stress & Pain in the World, and I was only helping 15 people in a group at a time. So I bought a camcorder with no idea how to use let alone edit and managed to translate my unique step by step “What Kind of Tree Am I” Process into an online experience.

Online Creative eCourses from Kas Martin

Amazing Possibilities

I remember how thrilled I felt when the first person signed up to my beautiful online art experience.

Since then, I have developed my Unique Expressive Art Approach which brings together Every Single Thing I know as a Therapist, Artist & Human to Awaken, Heal & Transform. I help others live happier, less stressed Lives.

My online, self paced courses are an invitation to you to Relate with yourself so your Stress & Strains ease.

You will learn, without trying, how to ‘speak’ through Symbols, Colour & Texture in ways that Words can’t.

You will learn without having to do anything other than embrace my Art experiences, how to Relate to yourself in a way which reduces self criticism, doubt and fear, Transforming your way of being into self acceptance, love and ease. You Will notice the difference as your stress reduces.

I teach others to Trust their Fingers, their innate Intuition & Body Wisdom to Express their Truest Selves and Heal as they Create.

I celebrate everyone’s Unique individuality on their own Journey through Life.

As a Creative Daydreamer, I have an endless flow of Healing ideas which I create into beautiful art processes for you to experience online, 24/7.

Through my work I enjoy educating others Experientially in my own unique, creative way, facilitating Growth & Change for those who want this, whilst painting unique art that speaks of who they are, without the need for words.

Art allows a deep connection with Oneself. It improves our Mental, Physical & Spiritual Health. It develops Self Acceptance and how we Relate with ourselves which can make or break us. When we begin to truly see and hear ourselves, this impacts our relationships at home, at work and in the wider world. It brings meaningful Expressive Art that touches others deeply.

I offer You the opportunity to Honour Your Stories as they arise. My Reflective Prompts invite Self Acceptance and a gentleness towards your self which raises Self Esteem and Confidence, reduces Anxiety and Stress and lifts Mood and so much more.

Online Art Therapy Courses from Kas Martin
Online Creative eCourses from Kassi Martin

Above is just a snippet of some of the amazing art that You have created on your journey to becoming YOU.

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