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Online Intuitive Art and Personal Development Courses from Kassi Martin

I'm an Intuitive Artist with a 19 year background in Counselling. I've spent these years finding creative ways to help others become themselves, feel happier, less stressed, more confident and self-accepting. I am hugely passionate about my work and how I can help You.

I discovered how creating art, whether a doodle or a painting can teach us so much about who we truly are, our relationships, our past, our work ...whether knowingly or not, emerges through pen, crayon, paint or papers.

You may be like me and Love journals, notebooks, stationery, you may collect lovely colourful gel pens, crayons, glitter, craft supplies. Often though, we work so hard and give so much there is no time or energy left for us to use our beautiful craft supplies. They just sit there looking truly inviting - but un-used. Often, we get truly depleted and almost burnt out by all our work, giving and caring until we almost reach rock bottom. The majority of those I work with are Caring Professionals or those who 'Serve'. Counsellors, Teachers, Nurses, Parents, Clergy. What do we tend to do when get this low? We work even harder to stave off the stress and anxiety. A vicious cycle to be caught in. I Can Help you.

When our salary drops in our account we squirrel something away towards our next holiday, we buy new shoes, we meet friends - those just like our loving, giving, caring Selves for coffee, to let off steam and put the world to rights ...and then we carry on as we always have, working hard, giving and caring for others even when we are ill. What about You in all this? Who cares and gives to You? I hear a distant, 'Oh I'm fine, I'm strong... I just keep on going regardless!'

Online Art Therapy Courses from Kas Martin

My Intuitive Art was birthed!

I transformed my kitchen into an art studio which evolved into my beautiful garden art studio.

I painted Hares galloping blindly through dark, moonlit forests, played music that spoke directly to my Soul. I appreciated I was Escaping the old, the archaic, galloping through forests, heading for 'home', in search of Me.

​Through my Intuitive Art I found my Freedom and discovered my Passion and Gifts. I can express who I am and best serve those I work with individually and in groups.

I developed one day group experiences, 6 week online group experiences. Travelling to Scotland wasn't easy for many who now undertake my offerings online, any time of day or night. I offer my courses in amazing, inspiring and life changing online groups usually over 6 weeks, allowing you to manage easily around your life, family and work wherever you are on our glorious Planet.

What I offer you

Online Creative eCourses from Kas Martin

I have created my online courses for caring, giving people just like You. I used to work in a huge health organisation, caring & giving there, at home and for friends too. When I discovered how creating art gave me answers to solve my life problems, it was an incredible gift to discover. I went on to create the same process for You in the form of my ecourses! It's all here for you if you want it. I truly embrace all that I offer you. This is my Passion, my life work, and I am so grateful that it gives me a living. I meet amazing humans like you. Your art and craft supplies come out and I gently guide you through lovely, creative experiences that enable you to discover who you truly are, your voice, your intuition which allows you to manage your life in different ways. Your art says whatever is needed to be said. It may whisper initially but we can listen carefully and learn what our intuition and wisdom has to offer us.

There is nothing more satisfying for me as watching a caring yet depleted Human begin to make sense of their life, their work, their relationships, their feelings and emotions and start to tweak things so they feel happier, more confident and relaxed, less stressed and can look at their doodles, their Tree painting or their art journal and say 'Wow, I created that - and I know exactly what I need to take care of me now. and I Will.'

If you have spent a lifetime contorting and twisting yourself to fit into work, friendships & relationships.then you have probably found your way here because what I offer is exactly what you Need.

Every doodle, sketch, painting I have made is a powerful, potent self expression. Empowering, freeing, revealing... leading each of us another step closer - sometimes a giant leap - towards a more complete and Real Self. The Self we were born to become.

When we Let Go of the need to 'Know' and simply Trust that all the answers we are looking for are inside of ourselves, we change, we grow, we can simply Be.

I offer insight, spontaneity and confidence. You will discover how my blend of Intuitive Art is inspirational and life-changing whether in my studio or online.

Making Intuitive Art the way I do, offers a means to healing emotionally, mentally and spiritually, working our way back towards our Whole Self we were born to become.

I’ve spent many years developing a brave, exciting, uplifting online process which offers You a healing experience through intuitive art, even if you haven’t created art since primary school. No matter what we are dealing with we can explore the possibility of making Intuitive Art to know ourselves more fully and therefore heal ourselves.

Apollo, God of The Arts & Medicine taught us that by creating Art we can know ourselves more fully and when we know ourselves, we feel more whole and therefore heal from ill health. We can awaken ourselves from the deep sleep of hypnotic daily life, and in some cases, from simply existing.

Art making allows space for our inner voices to speak directly or indirectly, consciously or unconsciously to us.

Online Creative eCourses from Kassi Martin

I have a number of unique, inspirational art courses available as self paced experiences with a whole year's access to each. Please bear in mind you can include me in the process if you wish. I am kind, compassionate, insightful and a gentle guide and facilitator.

If you enjoy working with mixed media and delving deeply into who you are you will probably love my Intuitive Collage class. I share openly about my own process through a series of videos whilst inviting you to also explore and create your very own unique intuitive collage. Rich, deep, soul searching art! What a combination.

My unique and most popular Paint The Tree of YOUR Life online art experience is now available with a year's access and email support through the 6 stage process.

Visit my art courses page to see everything that is available for you. There is a free gift ecourse - a wonderful journey through a beautiful process that heals.

Online Art Therapy Courses from Kassi Martin
Expressing Who I Am
Online Creative eCourses from Kassi Martin

Visit my Workshops page to find out what is happening Live in my art studio.

...And Then

I released my Intuitive Art into the Universe. You came, you experienced, you grew, you became more You.

I can inspire you to Paint Yourself as Trees, Goddesses, Warriors, Angels. Share our stories through Art, dive deeply inwards until you discover an amazing spaciousness and freedom within. You can Let Go of the archaic rules you lived by, Let Go of your Inner Critic. Discover how Intuitive Art helps you find yourself. Art heals Stress, makes us Confident, makes you whole. Intuitive Art is the key.

Above is just a snippet of some of the amazing art that You have created in your journey to becoming YOU.

Visit my Testimonials page to find out about others experiences of working with me.

My Blog reflects ways to help you Relax, Re-Energise & feel Inspired.

About Me

Whether you wish to paint more intuitively with soul & joy or you’re seeking out your Truest Self then I am the person you are looking for to guide you.

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