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I'm Kas a Transformative Coach, Psychotherapist & Raw, Gritty, Expressive Artist. I work with woman who have BIG DREAMS! In 2008, I began creating a potent, powerful System combining Coaching, Therapy and Expressive Arts in one incredible blend. I've continually developed this System, working through my own struggles and issues whilst accompanying many, many other humans through their own psychological struggles, which blocked them from success.

I UNBLOCK Woman: bringing autonomy, authenticity, empowerment and freedom so they can be their true Selves. Like me, probably have BIG Dreams perhaps to be a Writer, Artist, Leader, Coach, Therapist or aspire to undergo profound transformation and discover your unique Gifts ...but something blocks, limits or holds you back.

I can help you. I can Unblock you. You will become Unleashed and your Dreams will become a Reality.

We are Conditioned to receive Approval and Disapproval which limited us. Holding you back and diluting you down. You obliged and accommodated without question. Billions of Woman for thousands of years have experienced such shackles as conditional love.

Woman has been Torn Down, limited, reduced to live their lives on the unconscious conveyor belt from birth to death. The reward? You die having been loved conditionally. Approved of... but How Did You LIVE having been ignored, denied, oppressed, repressed, reduced and limited to something more manageable?!

I believe this HAS to be challenged and Re-organised for the benefit of all Humans and this is what Goddess Unleashed and all of my work is about.

I have explored my experiences since childhood, changed and developed through potent psychotherapy and coaching. I finally discovered my Goddess; Star who resides deep in my blood and bones. She carries within her ancient Wisdom, passed down through Generations. I can teach you everything I know so you can be Seen, Heard and Successful.

We can work together one to one, in person, via Zoom or through Goddess Unleashed Transformative Experience - for Every Woman, Everywhere.

Kassi Martin

What You Could Experience through my Approach

When you come into my orbit, Change is Inevitable. Not because I will force, or expect you, to change. No! Change WILL happen however, gently and subtly. How? Simply because you will feel SO safe and secure with me. My Way of Being is my Gift to the world.

The coercive and abusive Trauma I experienced in childhood, has shaped me to become who I am and enabled me to offer all that I do to every Woman, everywhere. I am no longer ashamed, I am proud of myself.

My love, acceptance, empathy, compassion, care, humour and my fierce determination that you can feel safe enough to be you, is vital to me. The security of our work together will offer something so profound to the truest essence of who you are.

Your truest essence, which was probably hidden behind your Defences much of your life, will be free to emerge. Defences? You know... like your wobbly smile when you’re really scared, sad or angry, or when you say “I’m fine” when you really feel low, stressed or drained & exhausted.

As your truest self emerges, you will be welcomed and loved by me... just as you are. Therefore the ‘change’ comes entirely from you, innately and in your own time. No forcing. Ever.

Once you feel safe and secure in being your truest, real self, all your Gifts and Big Dreams will feel safe to be seen and heard if you choose to share with me.

Dreams don’t have to end the Climate Crisis. Your Dreams will be completely unique to you. You were born with your own special Gifts which will begin to flow freely from you as you become safer to be Yourself. Why? Well because I won’t ridicule you, or make you small, feel silly or stupid the way others might have in the past, or still do, even today.

I am loving, encouraging, fun and exciting to be with. I tap into my Goddess Wisdom - created from thousands and thousands of years of unshakeable experience which has been passed down from Woman to Woman to me.

You also have your own wisdom within YOU. Through our work together, however we work, your wisdom will become available for You to tap into.

I will support your Dreams. I won’t dilute you down to be less than you truly are... you will grow and grow and grow and become your potent, Truest Self, fearlessly.

You will soar high... completely free, autonomous and resilient. With a strong Sense of Self and confidence, you will never allow anybody to make you small or tear you down.

If ever you need a little ‘top up’ of support, love or encouragement, I will be here... a safety net for any wobbly moments.

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