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Having spent a life time witnessing and experiencing shocking, outrageous 'Limits' placed upon myself and Woman everywhere, growing up and in early adulthood as a sexual and domestic object for 'man', I reached a point where I was beyond fucking done with it.

Perhaps like me you've been pushed up against walls, pawed at, roughly kissed with stinking alcohol/cig breath whilst trying to wriggle away politely because we were raised to be "nice girls". YES! This is precisely how it's been ...and considerably worse. We all know it and yet nothing changes!

After decades of Training, Therapy, Coaching, reading and dialogue with other Woman to comprehend that the majority are Conditioned, Gaslighted, bullied and manipulated into 'getting on with it' without question, or possibly even Awareness that it's happening.

Perhaps you're thinking: "Not another angry, man-hating woman?! They get to a certain age and go crazy!"

Angry? Without doubt! Man-Hating? Not at all... they have been as deeply wounded by patriarchy as much as woman. Crazy? Absolutely not! I've never been more sane in my entire life... which is where the 'Unleashing' comes in!

Like me, you were probably Conditioned to receive approval for certain behaviour and disapproval for the opposite? To oblige and accommodate the patriarchy without question? I refer to billions of Woman and Children, worldwide, for thousands of years. Woman are torn down, limited, reduced to live their lives on the unconscious conveyor belt from birth to death. The reward??? You die having been Approved of... but How Did You LIVE having been ignored, denied, oppressed, repressed, reduced and limited to something more manageable?!

I am Pro Man. Boys are raised to become providers. Powerful, Strong, Controlling, Emotionally Oppressed and conditioned to project Power in the office and the bedroom. It's all about keeping the Patriarchy 'alive'. I believe this HAS to be challenged and Re-organised for the benefit of all Humans and this is what Goddess Unleashed is about.

I have taken inventory of my life, relationships, experiences since birth, changing and developing through deep, potent psychotherapy and coaching where I finally discovered my Goddess; Star who resides in my blood and bones. She carries within her ancient Wisdom, passed down through Generations to me, and is accessible 24/7.

What You Could Experience through my Approach

I bring 25 years Knowledge & Experience to Disrupt, interrupt and deeply disturb these ancient, limiting approaches to 'modern life' to form new pathways for Generations to become Unleashed. How? Through inspirational and motivational Coaching, Creativity & Dialogue which has been created for Every Woman, Everywhere. I am determined to impact the World and have a 'knock on' effect so every unleashed Woman will go on to impact children, relatives, colleagues and friends.

YOU are invited to step up and join a FREE first month membership to my potent Library of Video and Written Prompts which will incite, excite and invite you into creative reflection and exploration which you can bring to Month 2 when you join my Goddess Unleashed group. Here you will develop the important art of Sharing & Honouring your Truth, being Seen, Heard and Loved as you become more and more Unleashed.

I believe YOU also have a Goddess within, who has evolved through Generations of Woman, passed down through your DNA. I invite You to sense in to this incredible Part of you who has wisdom, intuition and knowledge. Our Goddesses were Healers, Midwives, Seekers, Counsellors, Truth & Story Tellers and Educators who held Community with Love, Equality and Potent Capacity.

Our Goddesses... YOU, me... we carry the capacity for Creation of Life deep within our Womb. We are born with approx 2 MILLION eggs... Our capacity for creation is immeasurable. Your creative capacity can be used to create incredible gifts for our Planet and every Human will benefit.

Star stands up for what she believes in... even with tears in her eyes she will not back down nor settle for anything less that what she believes is good enough for her. Resilient, Empowered, Star expects to be respected, because she is respectful.

Star is in every cell of my Being. She has waited patiently for me to finally notice her, meet and set up to become fully who I was born to be. She is feisty, fearless, won't accommodate or be gaslighted. She challenges and heal everyone who comes into her Orbit. Her superpowers are her Empathy and ability to go to the extreme in Love and Fierceness.

Like Star, your Goddess is Unstoppable and Unfuckwithable.

Becoming Unleashed is vital for everyone on our Planet! Find out more on my Goddess Unleashed page or feel free to email me or connect on Facebook.

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