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Top Coaching Tips To Unblock Your Feminine Fire

I'd like to tell you a story to explain why I called my wonderful online program "GODDESS" Unleashed:

Once Upon a Time there was a little girl called Kassa (that's me) who was taught that there was a Powerful, All-Knowing Man called God who sat on a cloud, up in the sky, watching down on me... 24/7.  He didn't ONLY watch me... he watched everybody... phew... because that would have been weird!

"...Even when I'm asleep?" I asked (feeling anxious)

"Yes...!" came the reply…

"...Even when I'm in the bath???" (I felt horrified!)

A slow, wide-eyed, nod responded to my worried little face. "So you better scrub behind your ears and neck like I taught you. OK?!"

Ears? I was much more concerned that God would see my Bottom 

I mean, SO much emphasis had been placed on keeping my Bottom covered up and never letting anyone see it, EVER.  Nobody told me why... I just knew it was Very Important. Bottoms were 'private' and had to remain hidden at all times.

"So you need to be a good, polite, kind girl Kassa!  And play nicely... be pretty and thin or no man will ever marry you...", leaving a brief pause for everything to sink in... " Know what will happen!?!?!"

I knew the answer to this one.  I straightened my spine and smiled proudly as I announced confidently;  "Or... I won't get any presents at Christmas!"

Beaming confidently, awaiting the praise that would boost my fragile self esteem which was shakily built upon conditional love... (therefore - worthless)

My spine soon crumpled up however as everybody laughed at my answer.  "No you silly girl!!! Santa Claus brings Christmas presents, not God!!!" Everyone looked at each other, laughing at my confusion.  No wonder I was confused. Telling children this kind of bullshit will not only confuse them but create Mistrust in their World.  

I blushed hotly.

"So are God and Santa brothers?" I asked

To my thinking, it made sense... two old men, long white hair and beards... I mean brothers look alike, right?  I just wanted to get clarity and none of this was making much sense.  More laughter ensued. I felt stupid when they all laughed at me.

Laughing at me was the least of my problems however. I now had THREE problematic men in my life.

Two were invisible. One sat on a cloud watching me 24/7, the other zoomed around the world in a sleigh with flying reindeer once a year and came down the chimney in my house if I wasn't naughty but I was nice.

AND the third problematic man was my Grandfather who abused me from 2 - 15 years of age

This is a LOT to deal with. No wonder I was so quiet, serious and worried all the time.  

There was quite a bit of other stuff but I don't have space to write it down here - it is all shared in Goddess Unleashed, in a way that Educates others.

So I did my best to be REALLY good, hiding safely under the stairs where it was cool on the dark red tiles. I drew Trees, made colourful patterns on graph paper and dreamed of having a big Horse to gallop away on.

God and Santa could see me 24/7.  They knew if I was naughty or nice.  I had to keep my grandfather's VERY Bad Secrets, which technically made me feel guilty and ashamed because I'd been taught not to keep secrets.  And I tried really hard to get out of the bath carefully, balancing under my towel to hide my Bottom from God.

I blocked the abuse out of my Mind until the next time

...and the next - and the next... basically every weekend for 13 years.  My Grandfather told me it would kill my Grandmother if I told her.  My Grandmother was everything to me and he knew this.  He also told me that nobody would believe me anyway, that they would call me a liar because everyone liked him, he was kind and nice... and little me knew that telling lies was as bad as keeping secrets and letting God see your bottom. 

I couldn't win no matter what I did

What a massive predicament for a little girl who was already dealing with other, difficult issues in her little life.  Unfortunately, things were going to become much worse as the years passed by.  Much worse... even into my 20s, 30s and 40s.  

AND, as is the way... all of these Patterns set up in childhood are repeated throughout life, in all of our relationships: Marriages, friendships, colleagues and with family.  These patterns show up everywhere whilst shopping, driving, on holiday, in our dreams and how we relate to our children too.

However!  (and this is why I Do, what I Do to transform YOU) when we notice how our patterns are repeated throughout life, and bring everything into Conscious awareness and we finally feel all the feelings we blocked out when events occurred...  especially with a loving, knowledgeable Therapist who can hold space and facilitate our journey, we can then become whole.

Our whole, truest Self, which brings joy, calm, focus, confidence, empowerment & resilience - this in turn reduces anxiety, stress, depression, fatigue and more

I began my Therapeutic Journey mid 1990s soon after embarking on Counsellor Training. I continued my personal Therapy to heal myself.  I'd never been so committed or enjoyed anything so much in my whole life.  In 2001, I began my first counselling job in various GP Surgeries.  I felt happy, satisfied and proud of what I was doing for myself whilst helping others to heal.

I had embarked on a 9 year Psychotherapy training. I was training Counsellors in a University setting, working in General Practice, had my own Private Practice and had gradually developed and integrated my own Expressive Arts Therapy approach into my Practice - My Way!  Uniquely mine and was delivering workshop days in person.

In 2004, a very serious pattern of giving and caring emerged which was based on an entanglement with my Grandmother

I began raising a child I hadn't given birth to.  He would have gone into the care system and was in very dire need. This was the hardest thing I have ever undertaken. It was a Legal and life time commitment to become his parent for life.  There were many meetings and hearings, it was a massive undertaking.

A few years later, I burnt out. No wonder! I left the National Health Service and Higher Education and slowly began to focus on my Self, my Creativity & Therapy.

I realised through my art making how oppressed and dominated I'd been throughout my whole life beginning with God, Santa and my Grandfather.

I began to explore The Patriarchy - my Mind, Eyes and Heart opened

I felt so deeply for what Woman had experienced - I HAD To Contribute to the Reparation and immediately knew 'how'!

Firstly I had to free up and completely unleash myself from powerful, coercive, manipulative men/others so I could discover my potential as a Woman, Therapist and Coach which I did in my personal Therapy.  Then, I transformed the zillions of wildly creative ideas which constantly push through me (and that had been criticised and ridiculed for years - mostly from colleagues and trainers who had torn me down and kept me small.

At that time, I had little self esteem and allowed them to behave in this way towards me.


None of their tactics (steeped in patriarchy) could work on me any longer!  I was determined to birth all my exciting, potent and creative experiences so every Woman, everywhere, could benefit.

I continued to address those "3 problematic men" from my very early years in therapy.  Of course the God and Santa issues were more about how I was deceived in childhood and could not feel free and relaxed to live my life without believing I was being watched 24/7.   The main and very real issue was the Psychopath who sexually abused, controlled and manipulated me until I was 15.  The sexual abuse stopped there but the psychological issues did not.  My fears around "God" seeing me in bed (given my abuser came in to my bed) and being naked in the bath, really impacted my Mind causing my inner child to be acutely stressed and anxious to the extreme.

As I developed my Therapy Practice, I began to consider what a female 'God' could bring to our planet.

Wow what an exciting thought! This felt so wild and freeing I couldn't wait to begin!

Initially, I created "Celebrate Your Inner Goddess" in 2006-7 using colourful pens, writing and sharing together in groups.  "Goddess" had nothing to do with God/power/rules/sinners and having to bow down and pray to a male deity.

My work unleashes and unblocks all the qualities Woman had been told to hide away and replace with the conditioned ways of being.  That conditioning manipulates Woman to believe they are valuable and worthy of love if they do the conditioned 'things'.

Such as???  Thin bodies, pretty faces, marriage material, great cooks, ability to iron a mean crease in trousers, wide hips for child bearing.  To say "I'm fine" and never say precisely how life actually is for them.  To never share their true feelings or rest and self care when unwell.. to give above and beyond to everyone but oneself... to smile and mask their pain... the list is endless.  

So Much Brain-Washing Trash had been shaping Woman all these millennia

I felt rebellious and determined to offer something wonderfully exciting, loving, intelligent, wise which was educational, intelligent and creative.  I invite woman to paint Yonis and learn how to listen to the Wisdom that runs through their Bodies.  I teach woman to cut through Psychological Games of manipulation and coercion played on her so she can remain free, joyful, in touch with her own capacity and potential.

Through my Therapeutic training and Personal Therapy I know we can heal ourselves, reclaim our voice, step into our power and unashamedly strut our sexual energy in every step we take!  I've created a healing, therapeutic program AND facilitate each participant's journey through it... 

THIS is Why I Created Goddess Unleashed

I'm not interested in Goddess Archetypes or painting them.  I'm not interested in making you fit into any particular category at all!  There are plenty of courses out there that do that shit... This will not empower you!  It will simply make you adapt and become further conditioned - Yet AGAIN!!!

The Therapeutic Coach in me prefers to invite you to discover your own special, uniqueness which springs from you and all of your life experiences.

And you know... you can - but don't have to - paint.  You are born a Creative!  It doesn't matter what a teacher or parent told you about your creativity...

You Are Creative

How do I know?

You have an incredible energy inside of you.  You were born with 2 million eggs to create Life!

YES!  Two Million Egg Follicles - You have INCREDIBLE capacity!

I Do NOT mean go and make babies – I believe our world is already over populated.   However, you CAN transform all this creative potential to make Art, Write Books, Poetry, Songs… perform on stage, lead others, and a million other things you may have inside of you that are bursting to be birthed.

We each have our own unique gifts for our world! Take it from me, YOU Have Potential.

The modules in Goddess Unleashed - 71 to date - are rich in psycho-education, creativity and are life changing.

You will learn SO Much whilst becoming free, unleashed, unblocked and unfuckwithable!

The rich and varied content of my video library is exciting, intelligent, wild and inspirational.  Filled with wonderful, thought-provoking Prompts based on 25+ years of my Learning and Experience in this field.  You will become more YOU and Real and determined not to be f*cked with by anyone!

It isn't about trying to be attractive to men or fitting in to the fashion and beauty gurus or pressure from friends to look a certain way or be a certain size and shape.  This isn't about tying yourself down to any one, or any thing!

Firstly it's about becoming Free and completely YOURSELF, growing and developing a strong sense of Self and if you wish to discover your Big Dreams and Gifts and birth them in the world I'm also available to help you with this too.

When I began creating Goddess Unleashed, my intention was to create the OPPOSITE of God and Patriarchy

THIS is where "Goddess" comes in - it had to be personal to me and my life experiences to be real, true and authentic to me so I could create my Gifts for YOU to benefit.

Every one of us is unique. We all have gifts. We all have Massive Hopes and Dreams.

I bring my capacity to Love in the extreme, to support and encourage.  I teach and share knowledge and importantly, facilitate your journey.  I incite you to Dream Big and I will never, EVER hold you back or dilute you down - and I won't let YOU hold yourself back either!

I Unblock those I work with - simply engaging with me brings about excitement, freedom, permission to be oneself and feel intense joy

THIS is My Gift in the form of Goddess Unleashed.

I am SO confident in my incredible Library - I offer the first month FREE.  Completely FREE to immerse and indulge yourself in.

You can leave at any time by Unsubscribing. No questions asked. If you need help to do this, just ask me. If you wish to return, you will be welcomed back.

Here is the all important Link:

I promise you, you won't be disappointed and I WILL show up for you! 

You will be invited into a Goddess group upon signing up (no extra cost) and I will be there alongside you.  This is a choice to join.  

I will never pressure you however if you want to share and experience all I offer, I am there with you.

Please stop wasting your life! 

Weeks become years which become decades... I wasted so much of my precious life and I refuse to do that any more.

Sign Up Now:

Kas <3

Healing Deeply - on video
Unashamedly Unstoppable!


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