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Why We Need Goddess Art

Goddess Art Kassi Martin Your Goddess's Empowering Message to You

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I've made you a video - a sort of vlog type sharing video which speaks directly to Woman.

I also want to let you know that my new 6 week Goddess Course - which is currently in person in my studio, will be created as an online experience so everyone can participate if they wish to.

Here is the link to my Video:
You will need the password: GoddessArt

I'm calling all Goddesses who have BIG Ideas and LOTS to say!

You know who You are… wonderful, amazing YOU, full of energy with the capacity to change the world …but drowning in the patriarchal society.

Millions of us are aware that our one precious life is NOT about Which hoover, beauty or diet product will finally transform us in to an acceptable size and shape of Woman…

No wonder you can feel bored & dangerous, full of despair, experiencing loneliness or a lashing out energy building up inside of you…

Of course you feel like this!

You've spent decades doing all that you were conditioned to do… (smile politely, say you are fine, don't show your true feelings or emotions, never raise your voice etc etc...) but it simply leads to stress, low mood, pain…

No Wonder! You're holding your Truest Self back… you WILL be suffering with all that effort!

I have a 6 week program which will unleash you from limiting roles and beliefs which reduce you… where you can explore everything that frustrates you and dilutes you down.

I will NEVER reduce or dilute you. Most of us have been told that we are Not Enough, Not Good Enough, or that you are Too Much.

I offer you a wonderful, spaciousness to release your awesome self to become everything you already are.

It's always been there inside of you but sadly suppressed to keep you small.

My wild, unleashing, joyful Goddess painting course will invite and support you to Be Truly YOU.

I enliven your heart, mind and soul…so your Goddess can break free and become all she truly is.

She's there inside of you, waiting for you to notice her so she can Unleash YOU!

My exciting, Therapeutic Art process is spread over 6 weeks.

You may think "I could never paint a Goddess!" You most definitely can!

We're all creative and however you express your Goddess is exactly what needs to be seen and heard.

We will talk, share, explore, laugh, cry and probably swear… we will dance and sing out of tune… and stop giving a fck about all the trash that depletes and reduces us.

Your Goddess has a very empowering message for you and I will help you hear her deep wisdom that resides in your DNA, your blood and your bones. It's been there for centuries... passed down your lineage.

My special, unique, Goddess process is for YOU and for all Woman, so get on the wait list by replying to this email and stating your interest and I will keep you posted.



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stephanie hardy on Wednesday, 10 May 2023 20:55

So happy to see the Goddess Course getting ready to be online! Can't wait for all the wisdom and growth I suspect will happen when I take this class!

So happy to see the Goddess Course getting ready to be online! Can't wait for all the wisdom and growth I suspect will happen when I take this class!
Guest - Kas on Thursday, 11 May 2023 06:36

Thank you Stephanie! ?♥️?

Thank you Stephanie! ?♥️?
Tuesday, 28 May 2024

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