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I have something very important to say: Having spent a life time witnessing and experiencing shocking and outrageous 'Limits' placed upon myself and Woman everywhere, whilst growing up and in adulthood, as a sexual and domestic object for 'man', I reached a point where I was beyond fucking done with it.

Perhaps like me you've been pushed up against walls, pawed at, roughly kissed with stinking alcohol/cigarette breath whilst trying to wriggle away politely because we were "raised to be nice girls".  Reduced to a pair of breasts only worthy of being whistled at...  Expected to be the cook, cleaner, childminder, laundry person including ironing for Everyone... just for starters.

Let's Get Real

This is how it's been for billions of Woman - and children - worldwide ...and let's be frank... it's been considerably worse!  Outrageously worse...

After decades of Training, Therapy, Coaching, reading and dialogue with other Woman, it is crystal clear the majority are conditioned, coercively bullied and manipulated into 'getting on with it' without question, or awareness that it's happening, it runs so deeply within us.

Perhaps you're thinking: "Oh no, not another Angry, Man-Hating Woman?!  They get to a certain age and they just go crazy!"

Am I angry? Without A Doubt!  Do I Hate Man?  Not at all..  

They have been as deeply wounded by conditional love and the patriarchy as everyone else.  

Am I Crazy? Absolutely not!

I've never been more sane in my entire life.  The more honest, frank and real we can be with ourselves, the more sane and Unleashed we become and this benefits the whole planet.

Like me, you were probably Conditioned to receive approval or disapproval depending on your behaviour.  To oblige and accommodate for thousands of years, we have been torn down, limited and reduced to live our lives on the unconscious Conveyor Belt from Birth to Death.

The reward?  You die having been loved conditionally.  

But How Did You LIVE?

...By being ignored, manipulated, denied, oppressed, coerced, reduced, limited, threatened and abused to behave in ways that are more 'manageable' for others?  

Research has proven many woman are most at risk in their own home.  I have been one of these woman.  As a child, I was not only at risk, I was abused from age 2 years - 15 years.  This set up a pattern in me to enact with other men - and believe me, I did this, unconsciously... again (my first marriage) and again and again, until I stopped it with the support of my Therapist.  We did it together, relationally.

Boys are raised to become providers. Powerful, Strong, Controlling, Emotionally Oppressed and Conditioned to project Power in the boardroom and the bedroom.  

It keeps the Patriarchy 'alive' and sadly, Woman are a part of this too.  Yes!  Absolutely, we are.  We have been Conditioned to raise our boys into men who will behave in particular ways and expect their partners and wives to behave just as their mother did - including doing everything for them.

All that I outline above HAS to be challenged and Reorganised for the benefit of all Humans and is partly why I created Goddess Unleashed for EVERY Woman, Everywhere.

I've Taken Inventory Of My Life

I have shared, honoured and deeply explored my stories.  I have made change, developing through potent psychotherapy and coaching.  

Through my journaling and art making, I discovered my Goddess; Star who resides in my blood and bones.  Star carries within her, ancient Wisdom, passed down through Generations of woman to me.  I can call upon this wisdom as required.  I can teach YOU how to call upon Your Goddess too. 

Added to which, I bring 25+ years knowledge, experience and practice as a Psychotherapist, Coach, Trainer and Mentor to disrupt, interrupt and deeply disturb these ancient, limiting approaches to 'modern life' with the intention of enabling woman to become Unleashed and Unblocked, globally, ultimately impacting everybody they come into contact with.

HOW? Through inspirational, motivational Coaching, Creativity & Dialogue which has been created for Every Woman, Everywhere in the form of Goddess Unleashed Transformative program:

My loving, potent, knowledgeable way of being will impact you, having a 'knock on' effect to impact your children, relatives, colleagues, friends and beyond.  THIS is my legacy that I want to leave behind.

Get your first month FREE.  Yes!  Full access to my potent Library of Video and Written Prompts which will incite, excite and invite you into creative reflection and exploration.

You also gain access me: Kas Martin in my Goddess Unleashed group (at no extra charge).  

I will teach you Everything I know

You will develop the important art of Sharing & Honouring your Truth.  Being Seen, Heard and Loved as you become more and more Unleashed and Unblocked.  You will learn so much from all of my videos and written prompts rich in psycho-education and coaching.  You are invited to journal with words, doodles or art (I will teach you everything) Then you can bring all of your work to my group where I will meet you there.  I will witness you.  I will celebrate you.  I will talk with you if you want this... you will never be pressured into anything.

I Show Up 100%

This is where I am different.  You won't be joining a leaderless group and have to fend for yourselves, with each other... 

NO.  I Lead, I Connect, I Share, I Teach, I Facilitate.

YOU have a Goddess Within You Too

Your Goddess has evolved through Generations of Woman, passed down through your DNA. I teach YOU how to access in to this incredible Part of you who has wisdom, intuition and knowledge.  Our Goddesses; those Woman before us... were Healers, Midwives, Seekers, Counsellors, Truth & Story Tellers and Educators who held Community with Love, Knowledge, Equality and Potent Capacity.

Our Goddesses... YOU, me... carry the capacity for Creation of Life deep within our Womb.  You were born with 2 MILLION eggs - Yes!!!  Your capacity for creation is immeasurable.  Your capacity to create life can be used to generate incredible gifts for our Planet and every Human will benefit.

My Goddess, Star stands up for what she believes in... She will not back down nor settle for anything less than what she believes is good enough.  She is Resilient, Empowered, Loving, Wise and she expects respect.

Star is in every cell of my Being.  She has waited patiently for me to finally step up to become fully who I was born to be.  Feisty, fearless, loving, intelligent and I won't accommodate or be coerced.  I challenge and heal everyone who comes into my Orbit.  My superpowers are Empathy and ability to go to the extreme in Love and Fierceness.

Like Star, your Goddess is Unstoppable and Unf*ckwithable

Becoming Unleashed is vital for You and for everybody in your world.  Yes... you will Change, this is inevitable.  Not because I will 'force' or even 'expect' you to change... however, during our time together, you will be the centre of my world, just as you should and could have been with your Mother.  

Change WILL happen, gently and subtly...  How?  Simply because you will feel SO safe and secure with me your realness will simply become.  No effort... it just happens.

The security of our work together will offer you something so profound to the truest essence of who you were born to become.  Your truest essence which had to hide behind defences all of this time, until now, will be free to emerge, safely as yourself.  

Welcomed into the world and loved just for being YOU.  No need to do anything or be anything... you don't have to prove your worth or show up with all your skills and qualifications...  None of that will matter.  YOU... your very essence of YOU is all that is needed.

Once YOU, your truest Self, your most real, authentic You is able to emerge and simply be... then the whole of your being will feel safe to flow from you.  Your innate gifts and interests will be able to emerge and become all that they have been waiting to become all of this time, since the day you were born.

I will never dilute you down or make you small.  I will always lift you up and ignite you.  I will support your Dreams however wildly exciting and you can grow and grow and be your truly potent Self

Added to which, all that you will learn in Goddess Unleashed will enable you to develop resilience and a strong sense of self that would have emerged in childhood, had everything been in place for you back then.  

I am not saying your parents or caregivers are 'bad', I believe the majority did everything they possibly could... AND they could only offer you what they received themselves.  We can't know, until we know... and this is what Goddess Unleashed will bring you.

I will do everything in my power to support and love you.  This is my promise.

Sign Up to Goddess Unleashed here.

First month is completely FREE to totally indulge and immerse yourself in EVERYTHING... Leave whenever you wish.



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