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Body Wisdom - a Therapeutic Art gift for You

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I've created another Therapeutic Art experience for you in the form of a video 'lesson' (link coming up)

It is all about Body Wisdom… really listening to our Body… to our aches and pains, our somatic responses... so we can process what is going on inside of us, develop our self awareness and grow... and feel better.

Many of us experience body pain - sometimes for years and years.  We may not realise it can be emotions like fear and worry manifesting in our Body.  People repeatedly go to their doctor for pain medication when really they would benefit from Saying Exactly How They Feel or becoming aware of what they are Not facing up to - perhaps anger, sorrow, rejection from all sorts of life experiences which could have happened yesterday or 20 years ago.

These unexpressed emotions show up through aches and pains.  Often you hear someone say "Oh it's my neck injury (leg/head/shoulder)… I had an accident 15 years ago and it just won't heal…"

John Sarno MD would disagree.  In his book Mindbody Prescription he discusses many reasons why we experience pain and often it is NOT related to say a broken leg from years earlier. The body tends to heal rapidly… but when we block our emotions (consciously or unconsciously) we can experience a constant ache or pain for years because we are not noticing and attending to our emotions.

My Therapeutic Art experience can help you tune inwards, with love and allow space to express exactly what is happening deep inside of you and often our pain evaporates.  I find this again and again.

I'm Kassi Martin, a Psychotherapist, Coach and Therapeutic Artist with almost 25 years experience within Mental Health, Higher Education and Not for Profits.

I offer Therapy, Coaching, Psycho-education, eCourses, support, love, enthusiasm and kindness to many people in different ways all over the world.

Here is my video Lesson:  (you may need to copy/paste that link to your browser)

A little note on why 'watching' my video lesson is fine However if you wish to experience growth and development we need to actually, physically "Do".   This means it is an invitation to really take part and process the experience.  We can talk about issues until the cows come home but we have to 'DO' in order to benefit.  Doing, physically moving... creates the new neuropathways which will lead to Change for you.

Please participate in a way that feels 'right' for you, pens, pencils, sharpies, paint, finger paint, oil pastels - it doesn't matter at all how you take part in this... but please Do Take Part!!!   Then take photos and share in my online community (it's free to join). 

I WANT to See what you've done and hear all about it if you would like to share.  I will comment; with love, acceptance and support… this I can guarantee.  When I relate with you, I really impact and this often brings about something lovely inside of you.  Try it and see!

Here's the link to my group in case you wish to connect with me there:

Can't wait to see and hear how this goes for you
Kas <3
Sparkling, Introverted Empath
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Tuesday, 28 May 2024

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