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Exciting, Unique, Wild, Intoxicating: Goddess Unleashed!

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OMGoddess! After a Long Creation and Birthing process, finally… Goddess Unleashed is here!  And I begin with a HUGE Gift to you. 

It's been a MASSIVE piece of work - not only the dreaming and creation of 46 potent Video & Written Prompts…But the filming, editing, Biz meetings... Revamping my website… phew!  ...but of course, my unstoppable determination MADE this happen!

Just wait till you experience the full force of my Love and Attention when you join my Goddess Unleashed group!  You won't have experienced Love like this anywhere else! It's the kind of love that fills you up with capacity and potential to soar knowing you have backup as required…

But first… my HUGE Gift: I am SO confident in my group process, you will receive a whole month of FREE Access to 44 potent Video Prompts before joining my online group in Month Two where you can Really Dive In to the raw, gritty, loving connection with me.  When you arrive in my Special Goddess Group you will receive the password to unlock TWO of my most vulnerable and precious Videos just for you!

My video library includes arty activities from creating a precious, unique Journal Cover to Celebrating Your Yoni in luscious mixed media.  Be prepared for a true Goddess experience of Unleashing yourself on the World!  We will attend to Your Wounded Heart and reach into your Shadow…so much Goddess Work for us to attend to I can't wait to spend quality time with you!!  You will take inventory of your Sexuality, your Relationships and your Shame.  We will attend to your Inner Child, share Our Body's Stories... plus SO Much More.

I am SO proud and very excited!  I want this to be an incredible experience for you

With Four Options to enter Goddess Unleashed, you can leave any time with NO further commitment, completely self paced...

...AND with a Pay What You Can option - because I am determined Goddess Unleashed will be inclusive to every Woman, EVERY WHERE!!!

You can't 'get behind' or 'do it wrong', there are no 'tests'... this isn't F school!

Goddess Unleashed IS Exciting, Unique, Wild, Intoxicating & Unleashing!  Please Do NOT Miss Out!!! 

Check it out here:

and... You know if you need the Pay What You Can - please just get in touch and together we Will make this happen! email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to apply <3

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Saturday, 13 July 2024

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