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Top Coaching Tips to Get Unblocked for Every Woman, Everywhere

So many people talk on social media about Generational Trauma... and forming Trauma Bonds.

It's great to 'know'... However, How Do We Actually HEAL from this? They put all that content out there - it sounds impressive - but with NO offering in ways to actually Heal.

Anyone can regurgitate 'theory' into a camera but we have to 'Do', we have to 'Feel', and work through the processes that Will turn all this around for us.

Goddess Unleashed DOES this... Let me teach you how - with love and gentleness - to Heal and Grow into YOU.

The 'regurgitators' can talk until the cows come home... stay in your brain, keep it cognitive, keep it theoretical... then smugly sit back and pretend "We've done the work" because we now 'know' the theory... sorry to tell you, however, this is completely incorrect.  This is Not how to Heal and Develop.  

You/We all need to Do and Feel in order to break through and heal and overcome.

NOTHING will change until You actually DO the work which is what I Do with/for those who work with me.

How? Easily... through incredible, unique, creative ways to Honour your Stories. We express and we share together... being witnessed is Vital! Shame plays a massive part in keeping the old trauma alive in us and imprisoned. I have the key to unlock this for you and it is simple.

I teach you EVERYTHING I know... from 25+ years of being a professional Psychotherapist and Coach and in excess of 22,000 hours of sitting with actual humans who HAVE changed their lives around, after years of pain, anxiety, stress and much worse.

My Goddess Unleashed program does this within SO many realms for every Woman and especially in terms of birthing your Hopes and Dreams.  Nothing is Taboo.  Nothing is denied, ignored or oppressed. We are breaking free from Coercion, Manipulation, we are facing our childhood experiences without blaming those who came before us, we are making art of our Vaginas to explore the centuries and beyond of suffering Woman experienced...  We are DOING the work.  We are Feeling into our Bodies and we are breaking through and coming out the other side, differently.

YOU will experience an incredible UNBLOCKING of your Life Force Energy when you participate fully in Goddess Unleashed With me...

Yes, I fully show up. You are not left to your own devices. You can do it self paced if you wish however, I recommend that you step up and fully immerse yourself. I am completely there with you in the online group, available, loving and I do not hold back. I give mountains of myself to you...

I give everything I have - and I Expect YOU to show up and commit and take responsibility so Your Life can be INCREDIBLE too.

In Goddess Unleashed we share with written words, we do raw and gritty scrawling from our most wounded places, we make art (you do not have to be arty to participate) and we are witnessed together as we share without pressure. There's no keeping up... you can't get behind...

Please watch my two brief video clips below with love, empathy and compassion for my inner child <3 AND there are a few more 60 second 'short' clips for you to get a wider sense of me and my work. There are currently 61 Modules in Goddess Unleashed waiting for you to start!

Please remember to Like, Share and Subscribe.  I have lots of videos on my channel now, lots of clips from Goddess Unleashed, as are the two videos below...

and of course I am still a one to one Counsellor, Therapist and Coach

Goddess Unleashed is for Every Woman, Everywhere -

We all know we cannot continue with patriarchy and conditioning as it stands so let's take control of our own lives and make it the best we can before it's too late. We aren't going on marches, we aren't blockading bridges... we are taking this to a very Personal and deep level and is YOUR opportunity to UNBLOCK You with me fully onboard.

I'm Kas Martin, I'm a Psychotherapist and Coach for Woman. I live to share my Gifts which are all about unblocking, unleashing and liberating Woman.

Goddess Unleashed is not about looking gorgeous and sipping champagne! It's real, gritty, raw and makes so much sense... you Will cry, you Will rage, you Will laugh and you Will feel wonderful too... It's about getting real and taking responsibility for YOUR life AND everyone you are in contact with WILL benefit too.

It's a no-brainer in terms of financial commitment - valued at £479 a month and yet I only (currently) charge £79 a month! What are you waiting for? Remember, you have to DO something to make your Life count. Sign up today!

Kas <3 

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Real Woman: Real Conversations - a Video

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Tuesday, 18 June 2024

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