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Real Woman: Real Conversations - Paula

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Sharing Top Coaching Tips to Unblock Your Feminine Energy

Today I share another in the Real Woman: Real Conversations. series.  Paula and I met early February 2024 to record this together. (link below)

Real Woman: Real Conversations is about Honouring Our Stories, proudly and unashamedly.  I believe we all have incredible stories and experiences within our whole Life Story as it unfolds.  We are conditioned NOT to be real, to pretend to be fine, we feel prohibited to share feelings or experiences for fear of being judged.

"What will people think or say about me if they know 'this' thing?" we've been conditioned to be this concerned all of our lives which keeps us Small and Diluted down.

Many only dare to open up in confidential spaces, or with strangers in airports or train stations, guaranteed they will never meet that person again. We can feel so ashamed, that most of our Life experiences are taken to our grave, never spoken about and yet... when we do share, we help everyone who listens.

I intend to breakthrough, interrupt, and stop these 'old ways' of keeping our experiences, events, stories, feelings and emotions hidden away, as if there is something wrong with us.  By bringing everything into the light, where it can be shared, seen, witnessed, known and usually, identified with (Me Too!) by many others, it will put an end to lowering our voice in case we are overheard and judged.  It will give permission to others to begin opening up and sharing without embarrassment, fear or shame about their experiences.

Conditional Love and patriarchy uses shame and judgement to keep us Small, Silent and unable to simply be who we truly are and share ourselves in the moment. It stops our Energy flowing through us as we live.

We sensor ourselves through fear of being judged as Unacceptable, Inappropriate, Not Good Enough or whatever your family of origin/those who raised you, taught you during your childhood.

With this is mind, and as a Transformative Coach who loves to Free, Unblock and Unleash others, I offer these Real Conversations to shine a light on our 'Shame' and in an environment of empathy and compassion, it can bring ease and release us from what may have felt like 'imprisonment'.

Please watch and listen with love, empathy, compassion and acceptance and if you would like to record a conversation with me, please get in touch and we can get this into the diary.  Don't worry about world time zones, we always find a good fit!

I'm Kas Martin - I work with women who want MORE; Leaders, Coaches, Therapists, Artists, Writers and those who aspire to undergo profound Transformation.  We can work together one to one, in person, online, or via Goddess Unleashed Transformative Program

Goddess Unleashed is a wonderful, transformative program that WILL change your life and impact your whole world and relationships.  There are no deadlines, you can't fail or get behind, you simply have to commit to yourself, show up, participate and everything will fall into place for you. Don't forget, I am there alongside you.  I know you will Transform your life and birth all your MASSIVE Dreams out there into the world.

The current price of £79 per month is valued at £479 per month and will be increasing soon to £99 per month.

Respecting me and all the work I have put in to creating this incredible experience for you, is vital.  This is a reciprocal experience.  We both benefit: you learn and grow and I get to do the work that I am completely passionate about.

Sign up today. Get your First Month FREE - immediate access to full library and online group, which includes Me - which IS invaluable!

Better put your safety belt on - This will be exciting!

Kas <3
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Tuesday, 18 June 2024

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