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BUT I'm Scared!

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Sharing Top Coaching Tips to UNBLOCK Woman

Many say:  "Kas... I want to do Goddess Unleashed BUT... I'm scared"

Please don't worry about being scared.  This is a wonderful sign...  It means you are seriously considering it, and your nervous system is active because your critical voice inside is suggesting you won't be good enough or that you will fail.

The thing is, it's absolutely impossible to 'fail' Goddess Unleashed.  You just cannot fail.  And... you Don't need to be a writer, artist, academic or rich either.

Please know if you feel scared I will take such tender loving care of you. You will feel so loved whilst you grow you will never have experienced anything like this before. 

Others ask:  "HOW will you 'unblock' me?"

Simple.  It's through the work we do together, whether one to one with me in person or online, or if you do it through Goddess Unleashed in my online group.  All you need to become unblocked, is me, Kas.  Unblocking those I work with is my Gift.  It is what I was born with... and it is my passion.  

My way of being, my skills and knowledge, my capacity to talk with you as an equal human being... the fact that I am not scared to love you, all parts of you that others have found Too Much or (whatever they have called you) is what will unblock you.  I won't limit you the way others have.  I will encourage and celebrate ALL of YOU.  These are the 'ingredients' you need to become Unblocked and they are all inside of me as a Woman, a Human, a Transformative Coach and everything I've learnt and experienced over the decades.  It's just all inside of me waiting to connect with you.  That's it...

Another question:  "How Do You Know I'm Blocked?"

I don't know how possible it is for us NOT to be Blocked due to society, culture, conditional love from parents and caregivers and the patriarchy, I honestly don't know how we can NOT be blocked... It's so simple to me...  Parents have a baby, they want their baby to be loved and acceptable in the world we all live in today... as soon as possible they begin to 'train/teach/condition' their child to fit in and belong and be just like everyone else... (sadly robotic and pretty boring) here is the 'list'...  learn good manners and be nice, go to school, succeed and make parents proud, be thin, beautiful, clever, find a partner, settle down, get a mortgage, have children, and put their children through exactly the same process as they have gone through - ie:  Conditional Love.  

This is totally Devastating, Boring, Limiting and kills our Unique Capacity

OK I get it, we all want our children to fit in and belong and be law abiding HOWEVER!!! The potential that every, unique child brings into the world is Massive and sadly it is Blocked from the beginning.  It could be when parents are dreaming of whether they will have a girl or boy, and what that girl or boy will become to make them proud as parents...  'maybe we will have a boy and he will be a wonderful doctor just like you...'  

In that moment, the fetus is being 'blocked' already, before it has taken its first breath.  This 'blocking' (the parents dreams for their child) does untold damage.  It prevents the natural flow of energy to allow the child's truest nature, gifts and ways of being into the world...  This is very sad - if not Devastating - for every child born and for the World too.  Just think what that baby boy COULD have brought into the world had he remained unblocked and not limited by the parent's desire for him to be a doctor just like Dad.  If only he could have been prized and free to allow his true self to grow and become whatever he wanted and desired.

Which brings me back to YOU becoming UNBLOCKED through our work together.  

My way of being, my free, relaxed, skilled and wise approach to relating with You, will free you.  I guarantee it.  If you want to discover your purpose, unique gifts, and be you without being unlawful or anxious because you won't gain approval anymore, then this is for you.

I teach you Everything I know!  

Such as? How to protect your energy and not be used and abused by others!  You are going to learn about art making that is 'Therapeutic', and that Speaks for you and to you about your life and how you currently choose to live it so you can adjust things to suit YOU.  You're going to learn about raw and gritty journaling to free up your blocked energy.

No matter what age you are, Goddess Unleashed is for Every Woman, Everywhere.  If you are young, free and single - wonderful - you can re-route your childhood conditioning before you get in there too deep... it isn't too late for you!

If you're a mum with young children - brilliant! Goddess Unleashed will help you raise them to truly live their lives and not be on that Treadmill of Life everyone knows so well: grow up, get married, have kids, have grandkids, die... such a waste of everyone's potential and lives.  I KNOW there is so much more to life than just this.

If you are menopausal - WOW this is an incredible Life Stage for you... You are at a crossroads!  So many Woman feel 'written off' at home and at work.  They feel depressed at this life stage, struggling to find their place in the world and may just hide away, ashamed of their body changes and lack of energy.  Many end up taking care of their grandchildren so their own children can progress their own lives and careers.  It doesn't have to be this way. Menopause is the gateway to becoming the Leader that you are. Yes... a Leader for Woman. Your voice is needed!

Then there is that Retirement Life Stage - Fantastic!  You have incredible knowledge and wisdom from Life to shape younger lives into who they truly are. You have the potential to Lead - your voice matters and I want to help you find your voice and value your self so others will also value you. Family often 'write off' the older generations as 'their life is over, they can watch our kids!'  How rude and how dare they... This is NOT true!

Goddess Unleashed will FREE you of those things that LIMIT you and your Life!

"I Want To Be Unblocked Kas!"

If You want to feel Free and Unblocked, which in my experience leads to Contentment, Inner Calm, Resilience, Potential, Confidence and Focus on What YOU Want for your one precious life... (and I know you have Big Dreams!) simply sign up for Goddess Unleashed: You Get the first month FREE!

Yes... FREE... Really! No catches...

FREE to totally immerse and indulge yourself in EVERYTHING in my Library... participate and connect with me in my online group.

It's full of rich content. Do as much or little as you wish without restriction or pressure.  I NEVER Limit anyone nor do I pressure anyone - these ways are harmful to humans.

All you have to do is follow my link and get your first FREE month.  You can leave at any time, no questions asked.  You can come back too - as many times as you wish.  I will always welcome you back.

You WILL be astounded at Everything I have made available to you in my Library... AND I show up 100% for you in my online group.

Goddess Unleashed Library currently has 79 modules for you to pick and choose from... do them all... or be selective and do what grabs your attention, in any order you wish!  There's no 'right or wrong'.

If you want to leave, simply unsubscribe. You will have lost nothing - well that's not true... you will have lost your potential to grow and become un-fucking-believable however, you can always come back, no questions asked - I will welcome and love you no matter how many times you walk away and come back.

A word about "Change"

When you come into my orbit, Change Is Inevitable.  I have a certain vibe that will make you feel anything you want is possible.  That's because it IS possible and I will help you make that happen.  People feel very free and loved around me. I give everyone 'permission' to show up as themselves and be truly who they are.

I never "force" or expect you to change… during our time together, you will be the centre of my world and change will come about through my love, care, knowledge and all that I share in my library.

Change WILL happen, gently and subtly.  How? Simply because you will feel So safe and secure with me, your defenses will ease and you will grow in your own way.

The security of our work together will offer something so profound to the 'truest essence' of who you have always been, you will emerge and grow and feel amazing.  Your truest essence - which had to hide safely behind your Defenses - will at last be free to emerge.

Defenses? You know… like smiling when you're really sad or angry…. Or like saying "I'm fine" when really you feel low or stressed. These are psychological defenses.  Every blocked human has these.  They damage us... bodily, psychologically, spiritually...

Oh and You are going to Learn a Shit Load of Stuff!

Seriously... I am going to truly excite you with everything I teach you. Everything I have found useful from my own learning, training and experience over the last 25+ years I share willingly with you in easy, straightforward ways so YOU can learn and grow and become.  This comes from the world of Counselling, Psychotherapy, Coaching, Personal Development and Life Experience.

As your truest self emerges, you will be welcomed and loved by me ….exactly As You Are.

Once you feel safe and secure in being your truest, real self, then all your Big Dreams can flow from you. Big Dreams don't have to mean flying to Mars or ending the Climate Crisis…

Your Dreams will be completely unique to you. You were born with particular 'Gifts'. They will be free to flow from you. And don't forget… I'm here in this with you! I am very supportive and resourceful.

I Will completely support and Encourage your Dreams. I won't dilute you down to be less than you truly are… you'll grow and grow and be truly potent.

You will be free, resilient, have a strong sense of self, your confidence will soar ...and if ever you need a little 'top up' I will be here - your safety net for any wobbly moments. We all need a safety net every now and then.

We can work together in any way you wish. I am a Transformative Coach and I offer sessions one-to-one, in person or via Zoom as well as my Goddess Unleashed Transformative Experience. It doesn't matter how we work together... the experience and results will be the same.  You will become unblocked and live freely and congruently.

Here's the link you need:  Goddess Unleashed:

If you prefer one-to-one sessions with me, on demand, no obligation: email me at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to get our first Conversation booked into our diaries.

Please Stop Wasting Your Life! It's so precious. Weeks become months which turn into decades and life just passes us by!



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