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What's In Your Wild Heart?

Wild Heart - Kassi Martin What's In YOUR Wild Heart?

Continuing with my top Coaching Tips… for Life, for Art Making and for Creative Business.

I wonder if you are a Creative like me? With Wild Imaginings…and Massive Hopes & Dreams?

Maybe your Big Dreams or Wild Imaginings are about birthing a Creative Project or Business?  Writing a new book perhaps?  I wonder if - like me - your Wild Heart intends to spread your precious Gifts far and wide into the whole World?

Sometimes our Dreams are slow burners… there may be twists and turns… blocks and barriers….  Other people and their opinions can be a part of these barriers! I have had many, for sure! Yet I'm still here, doing my thing, driven by my passion to Unleash Woman from shackles, old and new.

I know from experience, our path isn't always smooth. Things get in the way… we go off on tangents, taking us off track and lose sight of what we were working towards.

Sometimes it can take months or even years to stumble across our hopes and dreams once again. We dust away the cobwebs and breathe new life back into them and perhaps feel excitement once more, hopeful, determined never to be sidetracked again! Do you have a dusty box of Hopes & Dreams you forgot about?

Whatever your Hopes & Dreams… they are Important! Vital to you for the joy and satisfaction of producing them and for everyone who will benefit.

At times we might hear our Inner Critic dismiss our Wild Heart's Calling and feel insignificant, too big for our boots or hear ourselves say "it's pointless… someone else is doing what I wanted now."

This can come from a deficit of support in our childhood and our life today. We may not have had our hopes and dreams nurtured or enthused about.

Perhaps nobody showed interest in what lit up your Soul? Things may have been harsh or tricky to manage back then… filled with Loss or Trauma which left no space for you and your dreams to be noticed, held and supported.  When it is all about survival mode, there is no way we can develop our hopes and dreams!

We all need somebody.  Me too.  I needed somebody… I didn't "Lean", nor ask for help.  I went through life struggling and stumbling around in the dark without a map or torch.

Eventually, after "everything", I needed somebody who was VERY Strong!!! I am so self sufficient, determined, driven and potent I had developed a very grown up part of me that was practically robotic.

What was missing for my self sufficient, driven, Robotic self? What all Humans need; Connection, Acceptance, Love and Support. These were deeply missing for me. Perhaps this resonates for you too?  

(Hint:  we are usually the ones who everyone else leans upon, we are great fixers and carers but we don't have anyone there for us...)

Each and every one of us emerges from our Beginnings perhaps a little shell shocked.  It can be a battle ground …the struggle between Becoming who we truly are and what we are expected to be to please the family of origin. That conditioning is powerful and an ordeal for most of us.

I wonder if you recognise your strong, self sufficient, possibly lonely Part of you who has a massive Dream, but perhaps needs some back up?

I am Very strong, enthusiastic, positive, real, vulnerable, wise and kind …I totally have your back. I bring my 20+ years of experience as a Therapist & Coach and I share my secrets which you can develop in your Community to become even more successful.

I offer ALL of my Courses for your personal use which you can also replicate anywhere in the world - for life. A whole creative Business for you to roll out anywhere! Along with Constant Contact via WhatsApp and more…

I'm a very potent Woman who won't hold you back. If you want this I will go out of my way to support you in making it happen.

You can find out about "Grounded Like Me" Coaching Package, plus both of my other packages here:  Grounded Like Me - Kassi Martin - Raw & Gritty Art Coaching to Unleash Woman

Or if you would like to build your confidence and resilience and develop your Self...  get Absolutely Everything here:  Absolutely Everything - Kassi Martin - Raw & Gritty Art Coaching to Unleash Woman

If you have questions, just ask! I am speedy, responsive and friendly and I love to help!

Kassi <3
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