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Love Is All You Need

Do You Wuff Me Raw & Gritty Expressive Art - Kassi Martin

Kassi is a Therapeutic Coach, Expressive Artist, Prolific Creator and Enthusiastic Supporter of Unleashing Woman in Art, Life and Business.

Continuing with my Top Coaching Tips, today I share about LOVE!

For a few months I've been really tussling with 'Love'. I've taken it back to Therapy and I've been journaling deeply and avidly about Love in my Life and my work.

This morning, I began a non-dominant hand sketch after seeing two little dogs in an image which really touched me.  I love to use my non-dominant hand for writing/journaling and sketching because I can reach an incredible level of authenticity this way.  Our non-dominant hand refuses to conform and therefore 'speaks' our truth.

Once I sketched the two dogs, I scrawled "do you wuff me?" along the bottom.  I just allow myself to flow intuitively and allow whatever is needed to be expressed, to flow through me and onto paper.  Their little faces, looking upward, seemed to be asking 'Do you love me?'

What a Massive topic 'LOVE' is!

So much began to surface as I drew. This is a wonderful opportunity for healing to really hear, notice and feel wherever possible… because when we feel, we heal.  This really is true, it's proven and I teach this in art and therapeutic coaching with my clients.

I've been Journaling LOTS on this aspect of being Human and what it is like to have such an open, loving heart as I do.

Maybe you'd like to explore a little now, alongside me... like a mini Kassi workshop, right now...?

Here are some prompts for you to ponder…

Do you give Love easily?  Willingly?  Cautiously?  Freely?  With trepidation?

My biggest struggle is around 'Receiving' Love.  I'm delving deeply into "why?" in my therapeutic journey. 

How about you? Are there aspects of Love that you struggle with?

Do you receive Love …easily? Warily? With open heart, or in a wobbly, closed down fearful way perhaps?  Something else...?

Do you notice when Love is around?  Can you spot Love between people you observe?

Perhaps you have a deficit of Love?  I most definitely had!  

How do we know if we have a deficit?  This is a huge pondering question!  Try this...  say to yourself... "Here's what I know about Love..."  and then keep talking aloud or write it all down exactly as it comes to you...  don't censor yourself, just go with the flow...  

Each time you fizzle out of something to say, take the last few words and say "Here's what I know about (whatever your last few words were)" and write all that down too...  Do this a number of times.  It will reveal quite a lot for you.

I began adding metallic watercolours and caran d'arche crayons to my Likkle Dugs (little dogs).

I love listening to music when journaling because it adds an extra deep layer to expressing my self. Wonderful!!

I listened to: Love Is All Around, Let It Be, All You Need Is Love, It Must Be Love, I Wanna Know What Love Is

…and then, I listened to Halfway Hotel by Voyager, Wild World by Maxi Priest and the Most Massively Wounded Heart song for me: Waiting For A Star To Fall by Boy Meets Girl to REALLY "test" my old broken heart!!!

My findings? Well I am delighted to report that my Heart is Healing BEAUTIFULLY!! Also I now know (triumphant fanfare...!!)  I Am Loveable and that I Am after all, LOVED!!! 

I've also learnt the importance of being Loved by at least one human, unconditionally, which makes it very possible for me to go fully out there into the world and be Me, in all my glorious Me-ness and love fearlessly!! :-D

Feel a new painting coming on….!!!

How about You?

If you painted a Heart… I wonder what it would look like and what it might "say" for you?

What are your favourite songs about 'Love'?

AND!!! Before I say farewell for today…

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