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Invitation to Unleash Your Voice

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I have an invitation for you! I recently began an exciting project as part of my overall work to support all Woman to Express their Voice by sharing their Story.

I have a category on my blog for "Unleashing The Voice of Woman" which I hope others can read, have an emotional connection and say "Me too… I'm not alone… wow, look what she/they survived/achieved/endured/overcame"…etc.

I wonder if you would like to be a Contributor?

The only "requirements" are that you identify as Woman, you free flow your story - that it is your story to tell and to let it come out in all its unleashed, emotional, and expressive ways.

Please don't hold back or censor yourself, unless you want to of course.

Your life story could span your whole life, be a part of it, or one event from it.

Please don't be concerned about grammar or spelling… just let your words tumble out and send to me in an email which I will add to my blog.

…AND!!! if you're saying to yourself "I'd love to but… I'm not good enough… I can't write… my story isn't as important as others…" Absolutely You Are good enough! Your story Needs to be told! Don't even hesitate…

There is no limit to contributing: if you send your story and then sense another part of your life needs to be expressed, you can send me another story and it will be added too. I believe we each have Many stories to share which will help others in their own lives.

Please "own" your story by adding your first name - as well as your locality, even if that is your Country as opposed to your town or city. If you wish to add your surname, please do.

By submitting your story to me via email - this gives me permission to add it to my blog therefore it will be published, be public.

Thinking ahead, for any "just in case" situations, please do not tell anyone else's Story nor name anybody in your own story.

In the future, the whole or part of the blog may be published as a book at some point. I wouldn't be able to sift back through everyone's emails to ask individual permission to include stories in a book (which may not happen) therefore by sharing your story, be aware it may be published in book form.

So… would you like to be a Woman Contributor and share your life story on my blog? Please consider participating. I'd LOVE to honour and celebrate You and your Story.

I believe Woman, world wide, need to be given a voice and so please take a moment to forward this to your friends who might also wish to be included in sharing their story.

Please email your Story to me, Kassi Martin at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. - and add "Unleashing The Voice of Woman" in the subject line so I can spot your email quickly.

I'm warm, friendly and kind and will answer your questions and help you get started if you need support in doing so. Just ask!

I can't wait to read your story! <3



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Saturday, 13 July 2024

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