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Raw & Gritty Art Coaching to Unleash Woman

on being Messy, Complicated and shoving it all in a dark cupboard

hi there, Dear Heart How are you? Hey... it's me, Kas, you can tell me how you Really feel.  I am listening. I want to hear from you. Really! How is your life? Messy? Complicated? You don't think I would believe it all? ...
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Losing Myself In Art is how I Find Myself

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hi there How are you?   I do enjoy hearing from you about your world so please do share.  I am sending you this from Deep inside my Ice Cave where I am staying cool and taking my Self Care very seriou...
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Autumn In The Air

​Hi there How are you?  Thank you for your touching messages wishing me well and all your encouraging words about what I am offering here from my new website and in my gorgeous garden Studio.  Enormous&nbs...
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Hi from my new website!

​hi there How are you?  Here I am in my beautiful new website writing in a whole different way... feeling a little wobbly at the newness and hoping all goes smoothly - Wobbly Learner Alert. I don't know about you, b...
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And The Tree Held the Sun, Until it learned to Let Go

hi there How are you doing? I'm feeling more and more that I am on the 'right' path for my self.  How long has this taken?  How many circles have I wandered, lost and sometimes bewildered at how I got to where I was...
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