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How Art is a Mindful, Stress Reduction Process

Kassi Martin original mixed media Themed Intuitive ecourse

Hi there

How are you doing today? It's a beautiful day here. 

Did you ever have those days at school where you were allowed to use glue, scissors, glitter, old greetings cards to make art?
No one breathing down your neck... ahhhh wonderful.

We all need to cherish these moments of creative expression and release from tension and worries.

Tearing, gluing, splashing inks, adding paint in colourful blocks was how I created the piece in the image above. It was an amazing process. 

There is a video down below for you to watch the final layers coming together if you wish.

The relaxed state of inner peace I experience whenever I create art is a superb way to deal with anxiety and relieve stress.
Creative expressive art activities are good practice to combine with Mindful breathing exercises and journaling to calm and soothe the Soul.

Art as Therapy is the best medicine for my stress and low mood.  What makes it so special, is how those who give my mindful art activity a go, tap into and experience deep inner peace and self-awareness.

Often those who are going through an overwhelming, stressful period in their lives feel they cannot make time or will be no good at creating, but you know what, time and time again we find... the less you know about art as it is taught, the better my process works.

Painting my way, Reduces Stress & Anxiety and Lifts Mood. 

In my video (below) I used vibrant Pinks, Oranges, Golds, Greens, along with Sparkling media leaving me inspired and excited.
Finger painting, experimenting with inks, dripping, pouring, sprinkling glitter.  I didn't want it to come to an end.

I really want for You to experience this process for yourself and feel the benefits too.

I have made this into an ecourse so you can experience the great relaxation and uplift on demand.

You could use oil pastels, craft papers, metallic paints, old greeting cards or wrapping paper, anything you wish. Don't worry about what you will do with these materials, my videos will lead you gently and easily through it all.

Choose colour & texture without Thinking or Planning, expressing how you feel in that moment, Mindfully. 

Notice how you Feel Better as you create and express without needing to 'know' what you are doing. There are no rules.  Follow me, as I gently lead you through the process of creating your own painting.

Something to cherish and mindfully tune into even when you have finished and it proudly hangs in your home, the association of that inner peace waiting for you whenever you need a moment to focus and re-centre.

15 self paced videos guiding you through prompts, self awareness and discovery.  You can simply watch the videos and make.. or you can engage in my prompts too. It's all a choice.  No pressure, lots of choice and freedom...

My ecourse gently allows you to explore your inner thoughts and feelings, of which often we cannot put into words.  Discover the messages your art has for you, reflect and process in your journal to deepen your understanding of self or share within our community group where I am waiting to support you.

Did I mention this ecourse comes with a FREE bonus course too so you can Really explore the benefits of expressive art?  Here is what someone had to say about the creative process!

'This has been, and still is, an exciting adventure which has challenged me to come out of my self-imposed comfort zone, filled with negative self talk, into a world of bright and vibrant colours, freedom and playtime. I'm thoroughly enjoying myself, both the creating of my picture which I keep looking at and thinking Did I really make this? and reflecting with Kassi my thoughts and feelings as I progress through the course.'

Participants say it is as if I am there with them, my Presence is felt through my videos.

I don't play the Expert. I am very Real and down to earth. This is very empowering for each of us to be real. We are all unique and how can we & fail if we are simply being ourselves?

I have made this course as accessible as possible!  With a whole year for just £45, accessing the resources and guidance works out at less than £1 a week!

Look forward to seeing you on the inside!  With excitement and joy for your art journey ahead!
Kassi x

PS.  If you like the video below you can subscribe to my chanel and watch more of my videos

If you feel anyone you know may benefit from expressive art, to reduce their stress, anxiety, lift mood, be sure to share this blog post so they can discover how creative art activities may ease stress in a way that is intuitive, empowering and deeply transformative  Take care x
Just Trust & Do What You Most Love...
Star The Adventurer


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Tuesday, 28 May 2024

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