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Star The Adventurer


hi there

How are you?  The Sun is glistening all around today.  Our garden is bursting with shoots and we have a beautiful new Magpie visiting each day.  Have you ever seen the incredible colours in their Feathers?

I wanted to share a video with you today all about Star, a ten year old girl who has a lot of 'No' in her.  I hope you enjoy hearing her story in the video.  She has a 'Forest of mixed emotions in her forehead' and for some reason people just don't truly 'get' her...  

They can't understand why she just keeps insisting 'No!'.

Every single time I paint the way in which I do, it tells a rich story of a part of who I am.  We are all made up of many parts of Self.  

If you would like to delve into who you are by painting my way, please get in touch, I can help you get started with this very easily.

Over to Star now, click the video below to hear her story <3


Kas x 

How Art is a Mindful, Stress Reduction Process


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Wednesday, 27 May 2020

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