Kassi Martin

Psychotherapist providing Self Expression for Change & Growth

Bathing in Dewdrops

hi there How are you? The gales and heavy rain have gone, hooray! How are things in your corner of the world? I've had a lovely, magical early morning start to my day. Well actually it began REALLY early just after midnight i...
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Garlic Sausage Incident and Seaside Break

Hi there How are you doing? We are experiencing gorgeous weather here today. It's truly beautiful. My Beloved and I have been up in the East Neuk in Scotland for a seaside break. We walked along the Coastal Path which covers ...
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Time Flies

hi there How are you doing? Summer is approaching here in my small corner of the world. There are blossoms and buds everywhere which is so uplifting to see for me. We have had the occasional sunny day dotted here and there to...
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The story behind my art

hi there how are you doing? Spring has sprung. I have lots of gorgeous daffodils everywhere in the garden. So bright and pretty. I've had a few questions about where I get my inspiration for painting so I thought I would talk...
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Sand In My Shoes...

Hi there, How are you? How has your weekend been? Spring has truly sprung with many shoots, blossoms, daffs and crocus everywhere. I've had a very peaceful weekend. Walking on the beach below and wandering around some really ...
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Conversation From Behind The Mask

Hi there, How are you? I was talking with somebody I've known for a very long time recently. Sam, told me how tired he is. How much harder life is to manage these days. How little energy he has. How much effort he has to put ...
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Psychotherapist providing Self Expression for Change & Growth.

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