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Intuitive Art for Health & Well Being

Hi there, How are you?  Thank you for all your emails and New Year wishes.  Happy New Year to you.  I feel very excited about a series of new studio workshops coming soon in Gretna as well as new ecourses comin...
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Brand New Paint The Tree of YOUR Life - online adventure

Hi there, How are you? It's just the most beautiful day here today. Mild and Sunny yet icy all at the same time. Isn't Nature amazing. I'm just back from a much needed break by the Sea up in the East Neuk in Scotland. It was ...
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Wilful No-ness - The Adventurer

hi there How has your day been? We have recently had our Wedding Anniversary - on Halloween.  Many people pull a funny face when I mention that we got married on Halloween. I can understand why given the masks and scary ...
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Come And Find Me!

Hi there How are you today? I've been happily creating in my studio. painting, tearing, gluing, Happy Me :) It's so cosy in here with the rain pouring down outside, the chatty Crow community cawing in the almost-bare Beech Tr...
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Moving Towards The Thing I Want To Flee

Hi there How are you doing today?It's October, it's Autumn and it's raining. Three of my favourite, precious "things " in the World.  I'm with my Beloved, a fourth favourite & precious thing.  I would expect mys...
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Fluffy, Amethyst Jumper Time Of Year

Hi there How are you doing? Yesterday I dug out my favourite, fluffy, amethyst jumpers, my soft Indigo fleece with rows of pinks, purples & greens and my luscious Scarves including my favourite soft lilac and a gorgeous b...
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