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Psychotherapist providing Self Expression for Change & Growth

How my Cherry Blossom Tree Has Taught Me So Much!

Cherry Blossom Tree in our front garden
HiHow are you?I have an inspirational post for you and a video below...Every morning at this time of year, I wake up to see the beautiful Cherry Blossom Tree in our front garden.I watch her buds grow fuller and fatter, rich w...
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Say Nothing, to Any One, About Anything... EVER!

Kassi Martin Therapeutic Artist The Art of Self Expression - Full On!
Hi there How are You? Launching right in… I was born into a Family who promoted "Good" and disapproved of "Bad".  Conformists were "In" and Rule Breakers were "Out".  I imagine you thinking; "sounds like a nice...
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Desperately Seeking!

Kassi Martin Therapeutic Art Transform Your Life with Therapeutic Art
How are you? I'm a very happy girl! Yesterday I finally found something I'd been desperately searching for, for WEEKS! I don't know if you have ever experienced this before...? Rewind about 3 weeks ago... I'd been in my favou...
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FREE Gifts & Videos for You

Fiesty-Goddess-of-Fire Mixed Media Art by Kassi Martin
hi there How are you? I've got some great stuff for you below... I have another mini FREE Gift for you!  Here is the link.. (you may have to copy and paste it into your browser)
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When We Feel, We Heal...

Self Expression & Therapeutic Art When We Feel, We Heal
Hi there How are you? I'm Really asking! I've been pondering… when did it become custom to say "I'm Fine", especially when we clearly are not? Is this a British "norm" or maybe it is prevalent in your neck of the woods too? W...
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The Stories Within My Tree

from What Kind of Tree Am I series The Mama Tree
hi thereHow are you? Today I share my own Story of growth that emerged from painting my Mama Tree (above). Every single Tree painted is totally unique as your own DNA <3 and that is what I most love about my ecourse.T...
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