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Special Easter Gift Ends at Midnight!

Goddess Fire Original Art Kas Martin
Hello! Unblocking Your Feminine Fire to Paint, Write, Lead & Live I have an Incredible Gift for you for Easter Monday!  Ends at midnight tonight... GODDESS UNLEASHED for £99  - Life Time Acce...
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Artistic Expression 'Acts Out' Our Emotions ...but!!!

Goddess Expression Unblock Your Feminine Fire
Hello! Top Coaching Tips to Unblock Your Feminine Fire What is different about my work and that of other Artists? I'm not interested in making 'pretty art' nor do I want to teach you how to do this either.  There are a m...
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How to Heal Generational Trauma with Therapeutic Art & Videos

Goddess of Fire Mixed Media Art - Kas Martin
 Hello Top Coaching Tips to Get Unblocked for Every Woman, EverywhereSo many people talk on social media about Generational Trauma... and forming Trauma Bonds. It's great to 'know'... However, How Do We Actually HEAL fro...
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Invitation To Take Your Precious Life, Seriously

Goddess Art Goddess Unleashed for EVERY Woman
You know... Goddess Unleashed is really just all about Love <3  That's it. In a nutshell.  LOVE. I Unconditionally Love you, so you can Love and Accept your Self which will be life changing,&n...
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Paula Liotine
Goddess Unleashed is the absolute best gift you can give yourself. You are worthy and deserving of this! A free month is amazing.... Read More
Friday, 05 January 2024 23:42
Kas Martin
hi Paula Apologies! I missed your comment here! Thank you so much for sharing your experience of me and my Goddess Unleashed pro... Read More
Wednesday, 10 January 2024 11:55
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Am I Angry? Without a Doubt!

Star Goddess Be Unstoppable, Be Unfuckwithable
Hello Sharing Top Coaching Tips for Every Woman, Everywhere I have something very important to say: Having spent a life time witnessing and experiencing shocking and outrageous 'Limits' placed upon myself and Woman ...
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Exciting, Unique, Wild, Intoxicating: Goddess Unleashed!

Goddess Unleashed Kassi Martin
Hello BE UNSTOPPABLE!  BE UNFCKWITHABLE!!! OMGoddess! After a Long Creation and Birthing process, finally… Goddess Unleashed is here!  And I begin with a HUGE Gift to you. It's been a MASSIVE piece of work...
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