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Speaking JellyKat

Hello Sharing Top Coaching Tips to Unblock Woman Once Upon A Time…  I raised a boy I didn't give birth to.This was not an easy situation... and a LOT went on over the years as you might imagine...When he was around ...
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BUT I'm Scared!

Sharing Top Coaching Tips to UNBLOCK WomanMany say:  "Kas... I want to do Goddess Unleashed BUT... I'm scared" Please don't worry about being scared.  This is a wonderful sign...  It means you are ser...
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Healing Deeply - on video

Hello Top Coaching Tips - Unblocking Woman's Energy to Come Alive! The wonderful video snippet below comes from a Conversation with the incredible Tracy Metcalfe: Artist, Educator & Guid...
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God, Santa & Goddesses

Hello Top Coaching Tips To Unblock Your Feminine Fire I'd like to tell you a story to explain why I called my wonderful online program "GODDESS" Unleashed: Once Upon a Time there was a little girl called Kassa (that's me...
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Unashamedly Unstoppable!

Hello Top Coaching Tips to Unblock Your Feminine Fire Many people talk about Empowerment, but WHAT is that exactly, and how does it look? If YOU want to become Unblocked and Empowered - you can have it - 100%.   Thi...
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The Danger of Being Too Nice

Hello! Top Coaching Tips to Unblock Your Feminine Fire Can being 'Too Nice' actually be a problem? Yes, I believe so. A Very Big Problem. I'll share more in a moment. Conditioned To Be NiceI have a feeling the major...
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