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How my Cherry Blossom Tree Has Taught Me So Much!

Cherry Blossom Tree in our front garden

How are you?

I have an inspirational post for you and a video below...

Every morning at this time of year, I wake up to see the beautiful Cherry Blossom Tree in our front garden.

I watch her buds grow fuller and fatter, rich with potential... and then suddenly she explodes into her most incredible, blossoming beauty and all of her magnificence and power flows... which cannot be missed!

The Blossom Tree doesn't look for approval or ask permission to bloom. This just isn't an issue for her.

She simply Becomes Everything she can possibly be.

She has tripled in height and width over the years. She is as tall as our Roof. She stands outside my consulting room window as a constant companion for me all year round. She has been shelter for many birds who often begin the dawn chorus from her branches.

I Love that she won't hold herself back, or in, or make her self smaller.

She doesn't produce less blossom in case the Beech, Hawthorn or Rowan Trees nearby are concerned that she is getting too big for her Roots! :-D

She doesn't compare or compete.. she is simply her truest Self.

I Love her innate tendency to become all she can be, effortlessly... she simply becomes everything she truly is.

Each year, at least half a dozen humans knock on my door and tell me that she is getting way out of hand and she needs cut back. Her branches need thinned out and she needs to be controlled! They have a lot of critical remarks about her!

They have various shiny, sharp, 'chopping' machines... blades which could slice through her incredible branches in just seconds.

They are itching to cut her back, cut her down, make her small, take control... turn her into a pile of shavings...

I smile up at her lovingly and say to them "ABSOLUTELY NOT...!"

The Blossom Tree invites us simply through her 'being', her existence, to bloom and become our most magnificent Selves.

I intend to let go even more of my Beliefs that hold me back, keep me smaller than I truly am or could be and make me worry that I am getting too big for my boots!

She has taught me so much and she didn't utter a single word...!

Isn't she incredible! <3

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Tuesday, 23 April 2024

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