Grounded Like Me

Grounded Like Me

Grounded Like Me

Coaching for Successful Course Creators

 (see list of Courses/Downloads included at the bottom)

In Brief:

6 x 90 minute Coaching Calls 

A robust Coaching Relationship to breakthrough Limiting Beliefs and Transform you

Constant Contact via WhatsApp

Learn Secret ways to enhance rapport with your Community

Unleash your Power & be unstoppable in your Creative flow & Life Force Energy

Develop your Confidence to show up with potency and empowerment

Be completely Passionate and Engaged in your Work

Lead & Challenge your Community like a true Artist

Release years of Stress & Adrenaline, ease tension to maintain Health & Well Being

Receive EVERY Course for your personal & professional use to replicate

Access my Library of Course ideas to replicate 


 More Detail:

...put your safety belt on as we set off together!

6 x 90 min Coaching Calls, via Zoom or WhatsApp to suit both our diaries & time zones

When you sign up we can schedule in your first Call any time you are ready to begin.  This could be within a day or so if you are ready to start.

We can diary your Calls 'as required' during a 6 month period, or schedule in all 6 Calls so you know well in advance when they are happening.

I am flexible and happy to reschedule any time up to 24 hours before the scheduled call time. 

If you become unwell or have childcare issues, I will do my utmost accommodate you. 

I'm a Mum, Step Mum and been a Guardian Parent so I understand how Mothering 'works'. 


I provide a robust Coaching Relationship to breakthrough Limiting Beliefs and Transform you

I have 22+ years experience as a Therapist, Coach, Mentor, Supervisor & Trainer

I am a robust, potent and empowered and I will provide you with a strong Container for us to meet, discuss, iron out, explore, tussle, resolve whatever needs to be addressed - together.

I strive to create equality in my Relationships.  I am extremely sensitive to the needs of others and intuitively know the best approach for those I work with.  I am flexible and open to hearing feedback and very flexible.

I will challenge with Empathy, Acceptance & Congruence.  I will model a way of being which you will easily develop in your own relationships and enhance your Life and Business.

I work to break down and break through limited beliefs so you can grow and develop.  Those who work with me tend to dive into the deep end, fearlessly.   If you want to keep your Life and Business exactly as it currently stands, please find someone else to work with, there are millions of people willing to work that way with you.


Constant Contact via WhatsApp

  Between our 90 min Coaching Calls you might have a question or concern or something arises... and I will make myself available to you during a 6 month period beginning when you sign up.  I endeavour to respond very quickly, always on the same day.  I am very robust, reliable, capable, I show up - full on, I am present and potent and will do everything I can to be helpful and useful to you.

 I have developed key 'Secret' & Potent ingredients to enhance your Life and Business.

I will share very powerful information and teach you particular ways of being which will enhance the way you relate to your Community and this can be incredibly Transformational.  It is vital that you fully understand the power and potency of what I will share this with you during our Calls.  You will be able to test it out, develop it and fine tune it until it becomes second nature to you.

I work to Unleash your Power & be Unstoppable in your Creative flow & Life Force Energy.  This will happen through our Coaching Relationship as we work and relate together.  I will teach and facilitate this through our work.  It is a choice of course and nothing will be forced upon you, ever!

Develop Confidence to show up with potency and empowerment. I imagine there are times when you have shown up to interviews or live calls or when filming and you feel you have to invest a massive surge of energy and perhaps 'role play' or 'act'.  You may feel so concerned about how you appear on screen or before your audience - perhaps you offer Public Speaking or facilitate large Groups. 

You may feel so stressed, overwhelmed and unable to think clearly that our brain and mouth almost seem disconnected!  We feel messy, anxious, overthink, be filled with Imposter Syndrome and our inner critic is bawling at us inside our head like a Tyrant.  

Be completely Passionate and Engaged in your Work.  During our time together you will have the opportunity to release a great deal of archaic and limiting beliefs which will enable you to break through into a completely different way of being.  You will feel more Present and Free in your Life so you can be 100% committed to your Business.  This will also enable you to Lead & Challenge your Community like a true Artist

Some ways we will work towards this is through the safe release of Stress & Adrenaline, which probably has built up over many years of events, experiences and relationships.  It holds us back, it clogs up our Body, we can't move so freely, and function so well in the world when we are full of tension.

As a part of my Coaching Program you will receive EVERY single Course/download for your personal & professional use.  This means, if you are blocked or struggle to dream up and imagine ideas for online courses or retreats, you may replicate any or all of my courses and ideas from my Library. 

This could provide you with a very full on, life long, Business; whether in person, online, one to one or in retreats around the world.  You will not be restricted in any way, Except:  you cannot sell my courses/ideas to other Course Creators or Providers as they are for your own business and personal use. 

You can make as much money as you wish with all of my ideas as this is included in our Coaching.

You could make a wonderful Creative Business using all of my ideas and courses.  I have MANY and I dream these up every single day.  It flows from me like a never-ending fountain. 

You will never be stuck for an idea for a creative Course ever again with everything I have here.

You get this part of my Coaching Program for LIFE!  You do not have to sign up year after year... that's it, once you buy this, it's your own forever.


I have a hand-written file which I am currently adding to an online library of ideas for Courses to make. 

I doubt I have enough years left in me to create all of these ideas into Courses and so I am going to make this available to you.  You will be able to look through my ideas and when something (maybe everything) grabs your interest you can then create this into a Course for your website, offer in a fb group or in person.

I have a lot of secret online fb groups where I work one to one with individuals who invest well into these personal experiences with me.  I can teach you how to do this if you would like to learn. 

So...  are you ready for this?

Let's do it!

If you need an alternative way to pay, get in touch and we can talk 

Sign Up for Immediate Access to Me, My Courses, and everything outlined above!

You have my permission to replicate these courses for your own Biz!

List of Courses:  Paint The Tree of Your Life,  Tree of Letting Go,  Be The Generational Turn,  Sloshing Around In Love,  Holly & Berry Door Wreath,  Autumnal Intuitive Collage,  Intuitive Mixed Media,  Wildflowers,  Dancing With Despair,  Tree Hugs,  Brand New Magic Squares,  Angel Goddess Me,  Expressing Feelings with Colour & Texture,  Honouring My Inner Child,  Angel Wings Constellation,  She Turned Her Darkness into Colour,  The Gift of Anger,  The Essence of my Core Self,  The Worry Tree Tool,  Goddess Art Download,  Tree of Self Acceptance,  Wisdom Within Me,  Luscious Landscapes,  Art Journal Covers,  Being Seen, Being Heard,  Let The Dark Be Seen,  Express Accept Release,  Exploring Our Sexual Energy,  The Importance of Saying No pdf/download,  The Knobblyness of Trees,  Dear Emotional You,  Dear Joyful, Contented You,  Tree of Hope and Healing,  Intuitive Soulscape,  I'm Important Too!,  Chaos to Calm,  Intuitive Neon Moon,  Intuitive Concentric Circles,  Feeling Locked Down,  Print/Trace/Colour In my Trees,  Sparkling Confidence Course,  Art of Self Expression pdf,  Bloom Unashamedly poster download, Seeding Our Hopes & Dreams,  Midsummer Goddess of Fire,  AKA Star! Paint The Tree of YOUR Life!,  Hand Tied Flower Posy, LoveHeART Inc, Trees to download for Collage,  Imperfectly Perfect Jukebox Rainbow,  Heal Your Inner Child containing 10 Lessons!,  Seeding Hopes & Dreams (mini),  Raw & Gritty Art Journaling (mature), 6 Mandalas to download & colour in, Steer Clear Inspirational Download to Colour in, The Tussle of Life & Death Intuitive Collage and lots more coming... I add to my library all year long and you will receive these too!  


Duration: 1 Year
Price: £9,999.00

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