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Owl Is Watching Over Me

Owl Jacqui du Rocher Owl by Jacqui du Rocher

Hi there 

How are you?

I had a wonderful conversation with Jacqui du Rocher earlier this week about her amazing Owl she created using Oil Pastels in her Art Journal - see the wonderful image above.

I introduced Jacqui to my Approach to Expressive Art over a year ago and Jacqui continues to use my process for self care and personal development both in her art journal and on canvas.  Jacqui is very aware of how quickly and easily our Art can offer us solutions to problems with my Approach.

Here's how this conversation began:

Jacqui: I'm not sure quite why yet, but Owls seem to be "speaking" to me at the moment... I feel like this one is watching over me and trying to tell me something, like she is looking into my soul.

Kassi: Oh, I Love your wise Owl. She looks very bright eyed and observant. How lovely to have such a wonderful companion watching over and accompanying? you.

(I tentatively enquired if "accompanying" resonated for Jacqui.)

Jacqui: maybe it is the adult me watching over me while the child me throws a bit of a strop! I've no energy at the moment and am feeling a bit fed up and frustrated, like a child stamping my feet. Maybe owl is saying it's OK to be like this for now? (Pause....) Maybe she's saying she'll take on life for me while I take time out?

Kassi: It's lovely to "hear" your self awareness at work. Thank you for sharing this. It sounds like your Child needed to vent? Maybe she has been denied or ignored?

(I believe many of us, myself included, live from a very young place within, following the Beliefs, the Values and 'rules' from our Family of Origin. We 'do' all that is expected of us.  However, when we develop other Parts of our Self, we can free our young self up to relax, play and not take responsibility for everything.  My Inner Child always tended to take Responsibility 'above and beyond' which is wonderful for everyone around me, but not good for my nervous system nor me!  For much of my life my Child self didn't have time for play: art, walking in the woods and on beaches - which are my loves. Then when we go on holiday we tend to get ill. Perhaps this has been your experience too?)

Kassi: You sense your Adult taking over and providing a much deserved break for your child part...? I wonder how Adult Owl will go about daily business? Maybe she will have lots of boundaries to protect herself? I hope it's ok to suggest this?

(Jacqui and I have shared process conversations together before and I have offered Parent/Adult/Child framework to give us a context to explore certain aspects of Jacqui's inner world.)

Jacqui: I get a sense of the owl just watching and waiting, but 'owning her space' in the tree, content with being who she is and on her own. And yes, with boundaries!

Kassi: Owl sounds an amazing Support to have shown up for you Jacqui. I get a sense of her being self assured with no need to 'say' or 'do' much... perhaps as she watches and waits, she responds moment by moment required?

(I was thinking about how Owls appear to be very still yet not immobile.  Alert.  I think they're aware of their environment, observant and responsive. They respond moment by moment. I hoped by offering this to Jacqui it would resonate.)

Jacqui: Yes, that fits perfectly. I feel a sense of relief in her presence that I can safely take the time out I need and leave her to it :)

Kassi: this sounds much needed and a wonderful resource? Just thinking - when anything arises, you could ask Owl what she would do with "that thing", I bet she will have wise answers for you!

(The Owl symbolises an adult Part of Jacqui. Thinking this way will enable her to sense the very resourced Self within, that her Child self can lean upon.)

Jacqui: That's a good idea, I like that. I'm going to put her up on my shelf for the afternoon so I can watch her out of the corner of my eye as the day goes on.   

Yes that would be good. I hadn't realised the significance of the owl as a part of me at first. But when I did, it felt really important. And then acknowledging that this was the adult me watching over me kind of gave me the 'safety net' almost to feel my feelings, which were very much my child feelings - feeling vulnerable as well as frustrated.

(This allowed Jacqui's Child self to have that 'strop' that she mentioned earlier.  No wonder her Child felt like 'stropping' given how hard she works and cares about everyone so much.)

Kassi: And you created intuitively, then looked at your owl and really became aware of what your owl symbolised in you...?  Which brought about support and relief?

Jacqui:  She gave me permission to take this time out that I need. Yes that's it!

Kassi: Your Child could really sense the potency of Adult You - that Owl was able to really allow your Child's true vulnerability to show - handing over the reins to Owl?

I love your beautiful Earthy colours Jacqui. The branches and her feathers are gorgeous and her eyes are incredible!

Jacqui: I drew the eyes first, which felt important, and then knew it had to be an owl.  Then I kind of asked if it was a he or she, and I felt she answered 'she'....   Yes you've got it spot on. It was a huge relief to hand over the reins to owl.

Kassi: Wonderful, processing as you created... allowing the body to emerge as you sensed the 'she owl' in the eyes?

Jacqui: And just 'be' how I am at the moment. Thank you for helping me untangle it. It was close to the surface but not quite 'there'

Kassi: I love doing the Untangling work. Thank you for sharing and letting me be alongside of you and owl.

Jacqui: Thank YOU!

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I will be back very soon!

Kassi x
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