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How Are You? Sudden Surges of Worries...

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hi there

How are you?

I Really Am Asking; How Are You?

We are in such strange and scary circumstances almost everywhere at the present time. Understandably we are going to experience a lot of stress and anxiety.

I notice I move through an array of Feelings and have many different Thoughts each day. How about you? Are you managing to find any still and peaceful moments where you can find some calm?

I often feel very calm and serene. Then every now and again a Sudden Surge Of Worries arise. I may have just seen or heard the latest World News - which I am limiting myself to each day now. My tummy does tumble-overs and my lungs restrict a little, then I start to take some nice deep breaths in through my nose and all of the way out of my mouth... and find this helps even if temporarily.

I've made you a video to help with lots of tips and techniques to ease stress in case you need some support;  link further below...

For a couple of days back there, I was continually googling facts and figures, stats and news, experiencing high anxiety and a sense of dread.  I decided there were so many differing and conflicting reports it really was not good for my Nervous System and cut right back on this stress provoking activity, simply following the Rules and Guidelines set out by those in power and checking the news once a day.

How about you? Are you checking the News more than you ever have before? Are you experiencing anxiety and stress?

My Sudden Surge of Worries felt as though I had just stumbled across something I had temporarily forgotten... Like tripping over a big bag of stuff I'd left lying in the middle of a room.  'Oh gosh, yes... I forgot for a little while that we have this Big Thing happening around the world...' and then I'd remember it fully and my tummy would do that wobbly adrenaline rush feeling again - so unpleasant.

It's What To Do with our Feelings and Sensations as they arise, so that they don't get out of hand and grow bigger. 

The good news is that it proves our Nervous System is working efficiently, but gosh, the sensations from our Nervous System In Action can be so unpleasant! It's what to do with these sensations in that moment that often floors us.

Sometimes understanding the workings of it all can be really useful. We know we feel anxious and particularly at present with this global virus - Why - we feel anxious... but why is my tummy, chest, throat, head, bladder, heart, sweat glands and bowel so impacted? you may ask.

Well it is quite simple. When we sense any fear or risk of harm to ourselves - which happens So, So Rapidly, way before we have a chance to Think about this current global crisis - or any troublesome issue - our Nervous System has a great surge of Adrenaline.  A huge Energy.

Our Nervous System is giving us the Energy to try to "solve" our Fearful Problem. It offers us the energy to Fight, or Flight... or Freeze... from The Problem.

That big surge of energy has to 'Go' somewhere if we aren't actually running away or fighting the issue. It has a tendency to 'go' to our stomach, our chest, our lungs, our heart... We might get a lump in our throat, our heart might thud rapidly, we might get clammy and sweaty or shaky in our limbs.  This is very normal and to be expected if we aren't using up the energy.

We each have our own ways of feeling Stressed.

One of the first signs is the need to dash to the loo. Our Bladder, Bowel, Stomach need to 'empty' so we can fight or flee faster. If the body is empty, then we can run faster, we can fight harder.

Many of us will be experiencing IBS symptoms, dashing to the loo with griping pains. It is very common when we are stressed. You may feel nauseous, which is part of the 'emptying' our Body has an impulse to do. I try reassuring in these moments... 'of course I am going to be dashing to the loo under these incredible circumstances...' Reassurance and understanding oneself is vital in decreasing stress levels. To be harsh, to be unkind will simply raise anxiety and stress and our bladder and bowel will grumble and need to empty again!

If you feel like you could be - or need to be - sick, try asking yourself, 'does it need to come up and out or is it hanging around in my tummy?'. Then let yourself know the answer to this question. Sometimes, like magic, once we have acknowledged how we feel, the nausea may ease a little or even a lot.

Breathing is a wonderful way of managing our Stress and Anxiety and I have made a video which has lots of different tips and 'how to' techniques to reduce stress and anxiety.

Please do share my video link with others because the more people who can experience an ease in stress and anxiety symptoms the better we can all function and think clearly in these stressful times.

I will be back very soon with more news and support.

I may have seemed a little absent to you in the last week or so, but we have had a very sad Death and the funeral was yesterday. It has been distressing and stressful and much love and support has been needed for those left behind.

Here is the link to my video - I hope you benefit hugely and please Share the video so it can help others too. Thank you.

much love
Kassi x

Your Immune System Needs You! and breathe...
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Guest - Angela on Saturday, 21 March 2020 19:16

Thank you Kassie. So informative and helpful. Xx

Thank you Kassie. So informative and helpful. :)Xx
Kas Martin on Saturday, 21 March 2020 21:26

You're really welcome Angela, Take good care xx

You're really welcome Angela, Take good care xx
Tuesday, 23 April 2024

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