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Themed Mixed Media

Themed Mixed Media

Paint for relaxation, stress reduction, release from anxiety, pleasure and to lift your mood.

I never cease to be amazed at how relaxed and deeply at peace I feel when I create. It's the best medicine.

Painting always leads me to my truest Self, reducing our stress & anxiety and lifting our mood.

When we finally accept our most real selves, warts and all, this leads to an incredible self confidence and inner peace.


My 'Indian' theme emerged through vibrant Pink, Lilac, Orange, Gold, Green, Sparkling media which left me feeling inspired and excited.

Finger painting, experimenting with inks, dripping, pouring, sprinkling glitter.

You can use oil pastels, oil paint sticks, papers, if you prefer.

Choose colour & texture which expresses how you feel. Follow me as I gently lead you through the process of creating your own themed painting. 

I wonder what your Theme might be? 




I used wallpaper lining to work on.  You could use acrylic paper.

Acrylic Inks, Acrylic Paints

Oil pastels, uni posca pens, gel pens,

wrapping papers, tissue paper, old greeting cards, craft papers

glitters and sparkling shimmer paste

integrate any art materials you wish including ribbons, beads, buttons

If you participate in my Bonus course you will need a piece of hardboard

pva school glue or gel medium



'This has been, and still is, an exciting adventure which has challenged me to come out of my self-imposed comfort zone, filled with negative self talk, into a world of bright and vibrant colours, freedom and playtime.  I'm thoroughly enjoying myself with this, both the creating of my picture - I keep looking at it and thinking; 'did I really make this?' and the reflecting with Kassi of my thoughts and feelings as I've progressed through the course." 


My Videos

15 Self Paced videos which includes an exciting FREE Bonus Course gently guiding you through the process of creating a unique, vibrant mixed media on hardboard which you can frame and hang proudly in your home or office.

Participants say it is as if I am there with them, my Presence is felt through my videos.

I don't 'play the Expert'.  I am very Human and Real, 'warts and all'.  I prefer to be me, who I am.  This is very empowering for each of us to be 'real'.  We are all unique and how can we 'fail' if we are simply being ourselves? 



What You Will Gain: 

...No rush with a whole year to access the course material and create in your own time. 

...Join my Free online community group to connect with me, share photos as your mixed media emerges.

...Develop your self awareness, gain insight into your patterns that may not be helpful for you

...I am a gentle Facilitator and warm Guide, leading you through my process which will enable you to create something totally unique that will speak in a meaningful way for You

...When we look into our art it is like looking in a mirror.  We see ourselves in there. Our lives. Our patterns.  It teaches us so much. It allows us to connect with our self and with others differently

...Making art offers you a way to express yourself without words. Sometimes we don't have the words to explain how we feel or what is going on for us.  Art is an incredible form of self expression

...You will learn about using craft papers, gel medium, how to gather materials and work intuitively. You can include buttons, sparkling gems, ribbons, wording... anything you feel inspired to include can be added to your work. This will be more Congruent and speak more powerfully of who you are

...There is a choice to engage with my plentiful Personal Development Prompts for those who wish to reflect on their creative process and understand what is emerging in their Art. There is no pressure or necessity to do so unless you wish

...Those who love to delve and explore into their personality traits and characteristics can become curious about their ways of being

...Learn the importance of slowing yourself down and tuning inwards to your Body Wisdom 

...When you gaze into your painting, it will feel so familiar, like looking in a mirror where you will find Yourself in there

...My Prompts invite you to explore 'Boundaries' which impact us in so many ways. Explore and reflect in your Journal or in my free community group.

...You may find my conversation on video and in my prompts helpful in setting boundaries for your self in your life.  

...You can consider your Inner Critic who tends to pop up in every day life and whilst painting, offering us potential for change and transformation.  

...We address 'Endings'.  What kind of Endings do you generally have in your every day life, in relationships and friendships or at work?  

...When my participants create, they follow my unique processes but every single Participant paints a unique, individual expression of who they are

...When we create Art our memories, stories, hopes and dreams emerge, offering us a deeply rich experience whilst creating 

...Frame and hang your stunning, unique mixed media and be reminded of all you learned and experienced each time you gaze in to your Painting.

Duration: 1 year
Price: £45.00

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Whether you wish to paint more intuitively with soul & joy or you’re seeking out your Truest Self then I am the person you are looking for to guide you.

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