What Kind of Tree Am I? ...and many other online Healing Art Experiences for you

Art brings us into the Present moment offering an Inner Calm & Joy, it reduces Anxiety & Stress, eases Pain & lifts Mood

Learn how your Fingers, Intuition & Innate Body Wisdom has the capacity to Heal at a deep, Unconscious level, Without The Need for Words

Learn how to relate with yourself, transforming self criticism, doubt & fear into Self Acceptance and Inner Calm

Let me gently guide you through my Unique Mixed Media

which will 'speak' of who you Truly Are

Tree of YOUR Life £250

Paid in 5 monthly payments of £50.00

Discover the Messages your unique Tree has for You

5 x £50 Payments - Total Investment £250.00

Learn To Let Go and Create an incredible Mixed Media you will Cherish

Learn to Let Go, feel more Confident & manage your Inner Critic

My Free Gift to You - 3 FREE versions within one course!

Honouring My Inner Child £350

Paid in 7 monthly payments of £50.00

Your Inner Child is waiting for you through my unique Intuitive Collage eCourse

7 x £50 Payments - Total Investment £350

Create a beautiful, Negative Space Tree painting

Intuitively express aspects of yourself with Symbol, Colour & Texture

Learn how to use my Soothing, Calming 'Go To' Art Tool
for Anxiety & Stress Reduction

Going Deeper Than Words.

Expressing our Experience to release us from discomfort of Pain held in our Body

Do you cling on tightly? Would you like to Learn to Let Go?

Let's do it, through a wonderful Tree mixed media


Angel, Goddess, Me £350

Paid in 7 monthly payments of £50.00

Angel, Goddess, Me is for You if you feel;

Depleted... Sad... Lost... Empty... Alone... Lost your Potency or Fire...

you Need Direction...  you Need Inner Focus & Calm... 

Angel, Goddess, Me is for You if you are sick of settling for second best!

7 x £50 Payments - Total Investment £350


Did you know you have a Community of Selves within You?

Come & explore who you are

Be inspired to Express Your Feelings & Emotions

Learn how to release pain, fatigue & more!

Create a deeply Layered Collage to Honour Your Story. Learn how to Listen & Accept Yourself during my deeply healing Collage experience

Honouring Your Story - a Process of Grief & Transformation

£199 Total Payment

Explore The Gift of Anger

Experiential, Expressive Art - Awaken, Heal & Transform

The Essence of My Core Self £250

Paid in 5 monthly payments of £50.00

Discover the Essence of Your Core Self, Soul or Spirit

12 Hours CPD & FREE eBook

5 x £50 Payments - TOTAL £250

I offer you a Potent, In-depth Therapeutic Tool for Counsellors

to integrate into their Practice

10 x Hours of CPD with Lifetime Access

What Kind Of Tree Am I (2020) £350

Paid in 7 monthly payments of £50.00

Brand New - What Kind Of Tree Am I?

I wonder what Your Tree has to share with You!

Come On In and DREAM BIG!

Create a rich process of Colour & Texture leading you to the Wisdom Within You

Follow me as closely or loosely as you wish!

Create an Inner Luscious Landscape