Art Classes

Intuitive Collage for Self Discovery

Let me gently guide you through the step by step creation of my colourful Tree Painting; 'Shine Brightly'.

If you like to experiment and play creatively, you are encouraged to paint using colours that express how you feel or follow me step by step.

My longest running, Unique & Inspirational Expressive Art Course.

Let Go of Thinking & Planning.

Feel Confident, Happier & Less Stressed.

Paint for relaxation, stress reduction, release from anxiety and to express your feelings and emotions.

Painting with fingers, experimenting with inks, dripping and pouring this Expressive Art Course is for everyone.

Welcome to WILDflowers, my FREE expressive art course. Let me gently lead you through the creation of my painting that speaks of being a Free, Playful, Relaxed You.

Four videos for you to follow, accompanied by my Prompts for you to explore as you create, if you wish.

This is about Loosening up, being more Playful, Spontaneous & Letting Go.

This Expressive Art Course is for Everyone.

Connect with me in my free facebook group Allow me to gently lead you through the process. Follow me step by step or allow your very own Painting to emerge in colours which express how you feel.

In The Words Of A Song is an exciting, expressive art course combining art making with your favourite music.

Express how music makes you feel.

Experience for FREE how Painting Reduces Stress & Anxiety and Lifts Mood.

I feel sure you will not only relax deeply but Love your Autumn Tree Painting as much as I love mine.

About Me

Whether you wish to paint more intuitively with soul & joy or you’re seeking out your Truest Self then I am the person you are looking for to guide you.

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T: 07876 222 790

Some of my work