Whenever my Mind feels scrambled, busy, overwhelmed, stressed... I always return to my love of art materials and paper.  

Tearing, gluing, adding colour & texture, expresses my Emotions, Feelings & Thoughts which transforms my Mind to a calm, relaxed state.

The healing power of Expressive Art offers a Mindful experience releasing us from Anxiety, Stress & Low Mood. 

I bring my 20 year background in Mental Health Counselling, Higher Ed. Training, Mentoring, Group Facilitation & Life experience.  

Find 'answers' and discover a profoundly relaxing, mindful process you can use again and again.  

Intuitive Collage goes deeper than words... 

Honouring our story is vital for Self Acceptance & acknowledging our Truest Self

Discover the wonderful impact colour & texture have upon you.

Follow me or allow your fingers to lead the way.

Relax deeply, allow your stress to release as you paint.

Discover the amazing messages your Tree has for You.

Honour who you are, learn to listen to & trust yourself

Included is a FREE optional 30 minute conversation with Kassi

Paint, Drip, Splatter colour & texture

Experience a Mindful Inner Peace as you create

BONUS Course & FREE online conversation with Kassi

Release Your Inner Wild!

Release yourself from the need to be Perfect & get things 'Right'

Let Go of your need to Plan & Control.

What we have need not remain this way forever. We have choices in art ...& life.

An exciting, expressive art course combining your favourite music tracks, painting expressively and writing reflectively.

Dance, sing, paint and reflect! 

Connect deeply with your younger Self

A mindful & deeply Soulful inner journey

Express your feelings and emotions through colour and texture

Learn how to create a Negative painting!

Express your feelings through colour & texture, reduce Stress & lift mood. 

Follow step by step or trust your fingers to lead the way.

FREE Relaxing Gift (worth £29)
Find a way to reduce Stress & Anxiety
BONUS videos

Going Deeper Than Words...

Expressing our experience through colour & texture

releases us from the discomfort of carrying it within us

We all have 'things' we'd like to Let Go of...

Saying 'yes' when we want to say No!

Smiling when we're sad,  Being overly Responsible



I wonder what messages you will receive

through this exciting Expressive Art adventure

Connect with yourself as you never have before!