Your unique Intuitive Collage will 'speak' deeply for You.

Discover Parts of You that were lost, forgotten or wounded through this Mindful experience.

Discover the wonderful impact colour & texture have upon you.

Follow me or allow your fingers to lead the way.

Relax deeply, allow your stress to release as you paint.

A Soulful Journey rich in Texture, Colour & Meaning.

Discover the amazing messages your Tree has for You!

Finger painting, dripping & splattering vibrant Pink, Lilac, Orange, Gold & Greens bringing Joy & Freedom

Choose colours which light up your Heart

Release Your Inner Wild!

Release yourself from the need to be Perfect & get things 'Right'.

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Let Go of your need to Plan & Control.

What we have need not remain this way forever. We have choices in art ...& life.

An exciting, expressive art course combining your favourite music tracks, painting expressively and writing reflectively.

Dance, sing, paint and reflect! 

Connect deeply with your younger Self

A mindful & deeply Soulful inner journey

Express your feelings and emotions through colour and texture

Express your feelings through colour & texture, reduce Stress & life mood. 

Follow step by step or trust your fingers to lead the way.

Try my FREE Relaxing Gift (worth £49)
Oil Pastels & Paper. You can do it in lunch break or evenings
With Bonus videos!