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Why Is Everyone So Anxious & Stressed?

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My job is really simple…it's to unsettle your childhood conditioning… you know, those "rules" that dilute down our potency so we fit in neatly at home, school, work, relationships… to not be a "difficult child" but one who automatically did all that was required…. I call this robotic… meaning we do everything the way everyone is expected to.

My job invites you to take a look into your 'Shadow side', take risks and live more as You. Embracing our Shadow enables us to drop the robotics and be EVERYTHING we can be and are!

You're absolutely incredible!

Let's show up in our raw, gritty messiness wherever we are, whoever we are with and become more complete and whole. You know… the more real and uniquely You that you are, the more loveable everyone will find you.

It may feel so alien but when we do this we feel happier, more content and at ease. Unpleasant symptoms of stress, anxiety, pain and depression ease.

When we embrace this for ourselves, we unleash others to do the same. What a remarkable knock-on effect and I LOVE this about my job.

We are taught to avoid our feelings and emotions, our fears and moods, what disturbs us… we are told "steer clear! Don't go anywhere near that stuff!"

Basically this gives us the powerful message to not be ourselves. We are diluted down dramatically to be robotic, conditioned versions of every other person!

You're told to avoid your feelings and emotions simply because others taught them to do the same.

No one actually stops and says "Why? Why shouldn’t I feel my emotions and cry if I'm scared or rant if I'm angry?"

And if we asked "why?"… do you know what the answer probably would be?

I believe they (parents, teachers, authority figures) would be taken aback firstly (let's face it, no one usually questions this stuff).

Then they might say "oh! Erm… actually, well, err… I don't know why to be honest… we've just always been taught to do it this way, and now it's your turn! So now YOU have to follow the rules!"

They get all their powerful, authoritative attitude back again! No questions asked, just get on with it you little whipper snapper you! 

Think about those spirited children who fight against the system, who refuse to simply become robotic versions of humans sitting in neat rows of desks doing exactly what is asked of them….

They might be the daydreamers gazing out at the miracle of how planes stay up in the sky… or lose themselves in their wonderful imagination…. These are the children who are labelled Bad, Difficult, Unruly, Rebellious and finally "Disordered"… They're sent off to psychologists and medicated to suppress their true selves…. They're generally excluded or sent to "special units".

So back to my question about "Why?! Why shouldn't I cry or rant?!" if this is how I truly feel…

I believe it is simply because no-one knows how to manage or relate with feelings or emotions…

No-one has been taught to acknowledge, embrace and allow space for feelings, pain, sorrow or rage.

I'd go as far as to say that when someone feels emotional, everyone around feels instantly anxious/stressed. They go into panic and alarm and think: "holy fck now what? Quick… suppress!!! repress!!! gas light!!! scapegoat!!! Let's do anything other than embrace or accept this person's true feelings and emotions!!!" Let's find the quickest way to get back to orderly robotic state we all feel so familiar with!

So imagine this… we are all a nice neat and tidy row of robotic conditioned humans…. Repressed and suppressed to the hilt… everyone knows their place and how it all works….

So here's the thing…. Why is everyone so anxious, stressed, depressed, in pain, experiencing weird sensations like a marble stuck in one's throat or convinced they are dying… they have ME, MS, PTSD, billions of robotic humans are on medications galore, world wide…and from such a young age… like 7 years old!!!  Whaaaaat??? …which may or may not actually help - but definitely is a mega bucks, Big Business Strategy! 

21 million prescriptions of anti depressants were dished out in 2021… there's a Lot of money to be made in keeping everyone conditioned; anxious, depressed, in pain and deeply separated from their Truest Self… therefore Deeply Unhappy!

My answer? It isn't new! Health organisations turn a blind eye to all the knowledge and wisdom available… knowledge that's been around for a Very Long Time… but there is a lot of money to be made in human unhappiness… and this doesn't stop with health orgs… beauty industry is MASSIVE… weight loss industry…. It is endless!!!

If you can be a nice neat and a beautiful size 10, you'll be acceptable and marriage material….

OMGoddess! This stuff drives me nuts!

So my answer…? Let's just embrace what's in our Shadow side and become more whole and complete I say.  When we accept our whole selves and not see parts of us as Bad/Rebellious/Wrong/Unruly/Disordered we will all be so much healthier, happier, more satisfied, and we won't need anti depressants, tranquillizers, Botox, diet drinks, liposuction…

We need to learn how to accept All of our Feelings and Emotions.. allow them space to exist and be felt…. Expression is vital for greater health and well being.

This is what I do. It is what I offer everyone that I make art with or talk with, therapeutically…

And actually this isn't something I turn on and off like a tap… it is always there in me. It is who I am and how I am whether I am chatting in the supermarket to a stranger standing next to me or a person painting with me in my art studio.

It is something I do my very best to offer to my self. Acceptance, love, compassion, empathy and understanding. Freedom to be my truest self, wild, silly, funny, serious, kind, loving, bumbling and clumsy, gentle, intuitive, rebellious, don't give a fck - yet legal, Self. This is me!

I sing out of tune and dance in the dark late at night. I love to watch huge waves crash against rocks and call out loud sounds in caves and hear the echo. I love to create safe spaces so people can become themselves. I am full of love and kindness yet I won't be messed about because I will get feisty and protect myself.  

This is me… amazing, uniquely me.

And YOU are amazing too!!!

In my 20's, 30's and 40's I was extraordinarily anxious, depressed and a People Pleaser to the highest degree…

And now… I do my best to own and embrace my whole self, warts and all, and I am considerably calmer, more authentic, can be vulnerable and incredibly resilient…. I know my flaws and love all of me as best as I can. I have lots of wonderful therapy and make loads of art to express myself fully…

And I want this for YOU and for All of us.

This is who I am and what I do <3

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Take good care of all of your whole self - there is absolutely nothing wrong with you! You're awesome, incredible and beautifully unique.


Kas <3

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