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Have you ever felt like an Emotional Sponge? Soaking up everyone else's emotions, feelings and even their pain?

Yes, this is completely possible and DOES happen - especially to those of us who have empathic capacity.  Does this happen to you?

I have a video clip for you coming up below

It's almost as if the other person has poured all of their misery onto you, you have obligingly, soaked it all up into your body and mind, and they walk away feeling wonderfully better, more upbeat, happier and less in pain... leaving you feeling utterly miserable wondering "How on earth did that happen?!?"

There seems to be "Givers"... and "Takers"....
Maybe a blunt or clumsy way of describing this, but it's succinct and quickly explains the difference between those of us who are empathic, compassionate, observers of everything going on around us, and those who spend a lot of their life 'In Drama' (perhaps the opposite of being 'In Therapy'!) They fall out with others... they are in need of care and attention... they always have a massive, upsetting, dramatic, draining story to tell, are very animated and often emotional.  As their eyes fill with tears, YOU soak up the big emotions and feelings leaving you feeling terrible!

I wonder if you have had a tendency to notice or attract friends who are in 'Need'?

Maybe you soak up their drama and emotions, causing you discomfort, both physically and emotionally. You may end up feeling 'down' or 'flat' because you now carry the weight of the other's unhappiness whilst they skip off merrily...

This is just one of the Many issues I explain and teach in Goddess Unleashed Transformative Program in my online group.  I teach How to STOP being an Emotional Sponge to others so that you have more time in your life for YOU... to really live.

You may worry and think 'but what will happen to those in Need?'
Please, don't worry about them.  You aren't the only person they have to soak up their problems and make them feel better. There will be others, usually plenty of others... The 'taker' types of personality would greatly benefit from finding alternative ways to manage themselves as opposed to splattering their emotions all over the Giving types of personality like you.

Ideally... Therapy would help them to grow and find ways to solve their own issues and dramas.  They would learn how to self soothe and parent themselves through the Therapeutic Relationship... BUT whilst they have Giving Sponges available to them... they don't need to do anything differently!  I mean... why should they bother?!?

...and for those of us who take responsibility for ourselves and we do go to Therapy and we do undertake Personal Growth such as my Goddess Unleashed program... what does 'change' look like for us?

Well, I made a little video about this... (2nd of the two videos below) 

"Are we ever completely 'sorted'?"  
I don't believe so... I believe we are all A Work In Process... and yes, we definitely can evolve and grow rapidly.  I've changed beyond recognition in the last 3 years, yet I am still me, Kas... however, my old ways of being have been tweaked and developed and I love that.  I love how assertive and confident I am, I love how I can think more clearly and NOT get caught up in the drama of others without considering first... 'this is what is going on here and this is what is likely to pan out from my involvement in this...'.  I won't waste my life on others, I spend time on my life doing the things that are most important to me. 

I continue with my own therapeutic journey as I accompany others as a Therapist alongside them, on their journey.  I absolutely LOVE my work!

The 'tweaking' happens at a very deep level within.  I guess it's like when our computer or iphone receives updates and operates more smoothly or differently and has more capacity...  Therapy does this for us humans... it gradually tweaks and upgrades and updates and we 'operate' more smoothly, efficiently and it brings greater capacity for us to do things differently, better and feel more satisfied in our life.  

I Love Therapy!  I won't be without it!

Below is the first of two, brief Videos for you.  Please Subscribe and Like <3  and... there is another tiny clip on protecting ourselves and setting Boundaries at the very end

I'm Kas, a very unique, Transformative Coach, working with Women who want so much MORE!  Leaders, Writers, Coaches, Therapists, Artists and those who aspire to undergo profound Transformation.  We can work together one to one, in person, online or through Goddess Unleashed Transformative Program

Other Projects:

Real Woman: Real Conversations is about Honouring Our Stories, unashamedly.  I believe we all have incredible stories and experiences to share as our life unfolds.  We are conditioned to pretend to "be fine", we feel prohibited to share feelings or experiences for fear of being judged. 

"What will people think or say about me if they know 'this' thing?"

Many only dare to open up in confidential spaces, or with strangers in airports or train stations, in the hope they will never meet that person again.  We feel SO ashamed, that most of our Life experiences are taken to the grave.

I intend to breakthrough, interrupt, and stop these 'old ways' of keeping our experiences, events, stories, feelings and emotions hidden away, as if there is something wrong with us. Feelings, emotions, thoughts and behaviour have been categorised as 'good' or 'bad'... 'positive' or 'negative' etc.  I believe everything is equal. If we cry or laugh... both are equally valuable and important bodily responses which are expressive and stop us becoming blocked further.

By bringing our 'shame' into the light, where it can be shared, seen, witnessed, known and usually identified with by many others (Me Too), will put an end to lowering our voice in case we are overheard, and therefore judged.

It will give permission to others to begin opening up and sharing without embarrassment, fear or shame about what they have experienced.

Conditional Love and patriarchy uses shame and judgement to keep us Small, Silent and unable to simply be who we truly are and share ourselves in the moment. It stops our Energy flowing through us as we live. 

I unblock you so you can truly Live

We sensor ourselves through fear of being seen as unacceptable, inappropriate, not good enough or whatever your family of origin/those who raised you, taught you in childhood.

With this is mind, and as a Transformative Coach who loves to Unblock and Unleash others, I offer Real Conversations to shine a light on our shame and in an environment of empathy and compassion, it can bring ease and release us from what may have felt like 'imprisonment'.

If you would like to record a conversation with me, please get in touch and we can get this into the diary. I use zoom to make these recordings. We can also do a 'typing back and forth' chat... if you prefer not to be seen on video and just do it as a Transcript. This is shared as a blog.

I'm Kas Martin - - I work with women who want MORE; Leaders, Coaches, Therapists, Artists, Writers and those who aspire to undergo profound Transformation.

We can work together one to one, in person, online, or via **Goddess Unleashed Transformative Program**

Please share my work with friends, colleagues, family... anyone you think will benefit from my work - basically every woman, everywhere.

I have over 175 Videos on You Tube (and growing daily). Some are mini-clips taken from Goddess Unleashed which gives you a taste of the kind of work we do there: You Tube: @kasmartincoaching - please visit me, Subscribe, Like and Share <3

Oh! And if you would like to participate in my new: **Unspoken Moments** project, let me know!

This will take around 5 - 15 minutes on zoom. It's a video recorded experience where I ask between 2 or 3 random - yet therapeutic - questions (depending on your willingness to reply) to capture your immediate response on video and are shared on You Tube.

These are heartfelt, tender and touching to everyone's Heart and Soul which I Love!

Thank you so much for being here <3

Forgive & Forget? (not fcking likely!)
Real Woman: Real Conversations - Paula


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