Magic Squares FREE Gift

Magic Squares FREE Gift


Loosely based on the incredible work of Paul Klee


Deeply relaxing, Expressive Art Experience

My FREE Gift (worth £29)  Spreading the joy & health benefits art-making brings to our lives. 

A box of oil or soft pastels & Sketchbook making this a portable experience 
You could use wax crayons, colour pencils, sharpie pens


Benefits include Mindfulness, Inspiration, Reduced Stress & Anxiety.


Jacqui says  "I find it hard to sum up Kassi’s Magic Squares ecourse in just a few words as it has had a really fundamental and liberating effect on me!  I find it incredibly relaxing and a great stress reliever, and it has become a tool to use to deal with my everyday anxieties and stresses.  But greater than that, it inspired me to start keeping an art journal, using oil pastels, largely based on Magic Squares... I kind of took the theme and ran with it and it has become a means of checking in with myself and how I am emotionally.  It makes me feel very happy and content, I would go as far as to say I NEED to create in my art journal for my general Well Being.  On top of that it is giving me an enormous amount of pleasure.   Jacqui du Rocher


It is portable so you can get creative on the Train, during your lunch break or in the evenings to find a superb way to release the build up of stress from your day.

In our busy world, taking the time to create has never been more of a priority. We've never been so connected via technology and yet we have become so disconnected from each other and especially our SELF.

That is why honouring time to create for yourself is so important.

The beauty of Expressive Art is we can tap into our inner voice and harness the healing powers of creative therapy.

Gaining self-awareness and truly taking the time to see and listen to ourselves, allows us to improve all areas of our lives, meeting our inner most needs with intuition and confidence.

Learn how to express emotions and feelings through colours & texture, relaxing quickly and experiencing the joy these colourful squares have on us.

My calm, gentle videos will guide you step by step through this colourful process or you can allow your fingers to lead the way.

There are two bonus videos inviting you to take your creative process further if you wish.
Allow me to introduce you to mixed media Magic Squares integrating craft papers, old wrapping paper & greetings cards and pva glue.

Connect with me in my free Facebook group and share pictures of your creativity.

Discover: easy oil pastels create colourful, fun art. distracted you feel from everyday worries & woes
...lower your stress & anxiety
...learn how to lift your mood by expressing your feelings & emotions
...experience the Mindful, meditative flow state you can reach without even trying
...blend oil pastels to create new colours & texture
...notice how expressive art can help you sleep more deeply
...find out how art mirrors our every day life
...find out more about who You are
...learn about and quieten your Inner Critic and manage your internal critical voice
...consider the kind of Endings you have
...interesting prompts inviting you to tune inward and discover You.

You can connect with me in my free online community, share photos and how the experience is going for you.


Tracy says  "Kassi’s 'Magic Squares' course was relaxing and enjoyable. It provided lots of reflection for me around the idea of boundaries/boxes and opportunities to explore and experiment with blurred lines/mixing colours. Once I had experienced creating squares it was then lots of fun to experiment with different shapes, colours etc which always seemed to end up reflecting my mood somehow.  I love how it requires so few resources and is portable so I can start or continue pretty much anywhere. It allows me to add little pockets of relaxation into my daily life whenever or wherever I need it."

Please feel free to share a photo with me, I love to see all the unique paintings made through this experience.

With excitement & joy for your painting journey.


Duration: 4 months
Price: Free