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Magic Squares FREE Gift

Magic Squares FREE Gift
Magic Squares - my deeply relaxing, creative introduction to Expressive Art.
I love to spread the joy and health benefits art-making brings to our lives. 
The beauty of this course is that it's portable. You can do it on the train, in the evening or during your lunch break.
Reduce Stress and relax during this meditative, Mindful experience.
Follow me step-by-step Or trust your fingers to lead the way.
Did I mention that it's FREE!
All you need is a box of oil pastels (approx £5) and paper or Sketchbook (approx £3)  
Alternatively you could use wax crayons, soft pastels, colour pencils, paints.
The final video is a Bonus inviting you to take your finished creation a little further if you wish to accompany me. Using pva school glue, craft papers, old wrapping paper, greetings cards, watch my final video to see the fun I have with mine and create your very own beautiful mixed media.
Connect with me in my free Facebook group and share pictures as your creation emerges.
Discover: easy oil pastels are to create colourful, fun art. deeply relaxing it is to create this way engrossed you can become, distracting yourself from every day worries & woes
...lower your stress levels along with anxiety
...lift your mood by expressing your feelings & emotions
...experience the Mindful, meditative flow state you can reach without trying
...blend oil pastels to create new colours & texture
...notice how expressive art can help you sleep more deeply with less troubled dreaming
...find out how art mirrors our every day life
...find out more about who You are
...learn about and quieten your Inner Critic and manage your internal critical voice
...consider the kind of Endings you have in life
Each video is accompanied by a prompt which invites you to tune inward and discover more about who you are.
Shall we make a start?  Sign up Now - it's FREE - for immediate access (check your spam/junk folders)
Duration: 1 year
Price: Free

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