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White Wolf, Running Girl & the Golden Onesie


Hi there,

How are you?

I love to express myself through vibrant Art. Often Trees, Goddesses, Angels & Intuitive Collage.

Every Painting tells a story of who I am, offering me Healing & Well Being.  It reduces Anxiety & Stress, uplifts Mood.  This is what I offer you too.

My Beloved and I have been having a few days away up in our favourite Scottish retreat by the Sea.  Walking along beaches, up craggy rocks, around ancient Chapels and burial grounds and drinking in the absolute peace.  Just what was needed - a painting prescribed it for me.  Really.

I've been busy creating in my usual way - that is part of the painting above.  This one offered a very revealing piece of personal development for me.  Delving deep inside of me, this piece of work has helped me make so much sense of what has been going on for a very long time.

I created a Background canvas some time ago and had left it sitting in my studio.  I had by chance, torn a little of the background off which revealed an animal's 'Nose' - which is how it looked to my eyes - up in the sky.  I looked at the 'Nose' from time to time and felt very intrigued about it, but not curious enough to do anything with it ...until last week when I began to feel very frustrated about my strong work ethic ingrained in my personality.

It suddenly felt 'just right' to lift the canvas up and focus on that Nose at last as if the 'Bear's Nose' had some answers for me - and as it turned out, it did.

I felt quite excited as I dipped my finger in Titanium White paint and started patting that Nose with the paint.  The nose took shape easily and my 'frustration' with my work-related stuff faded as I became more and more engrossed in the animal.

I noticed a 'jaw shape' also 'head and ears' which had been shaped with textured papers I had worked on to the canvas weeks earlier.  The animal's back took shape quite quickly as I simply followed the line of texture that had formed organically.

The 'Nose' became a White Wolf, sitting quietly among a coppery mountain top, accepting his environment without question. Hmmm, I didn't like the feeling that arose in me as I reflected on those words.

I recognised a part of me in White Wolf immediately.  The part of me who does 'just get on with it', doing what has to be done, dealing with whatever is put before me, hard working, reliable, responsible.

Over to the far left, I noticed black paper with white writing on it.  I felt intrigued by the look of this and felt drawn to creating a 'Crescent Moon' shape under the black paper, again using my finger.  I used a golden ink and allowed it to take shape, trickling it and rubbing it in.  I was lost in the painting, very at ease and deeply relaxed just allowing it all to unfold.

Suddenly when I stepped back and took a look in, I saw 'Running Girl'.  I was very curious about her and the feeling of her 'running away'.  Where is she running to, I wondered .  

Again, writing creatively, I allowed 'Running Girl' to emerge and take shape in her Golden Onesie!

I wrote...  'Running Girl' is wild, free, excited, joyful, creative and can't bear to be tied down .  I loved her immediately.

I noticed a deep well of happiness in my stomach and chest area, floaty, light, bright and soft.  When I tracked the feelings I realised she was a very young part of me who hadn't been allowed to fully Become, Grow, Develop in to her Real Self.  

What sadness I felt as my heart sank for her.

I shared an image with my wise friend who asked;  "I wonder what Running Girl is saying to White Wolf?"  I answered quickly and without hesitation, a big grin on my face,  "Life is too short for all this seriousness," and as I spoke, I felt my Soul fill up with a huge swirl of energy that made me want to run through the forest beside the river where I had learned to swim as a child.  It felt infectious and thrilling in my tummy.

Running Girl wasn't running away ...she was simply running wild and free.  With all my energy in White Wolf there had been no space for her to run free, feel joyful and wild.

I knew then I needed to get away to the sea.  I have vowed that I will find a balance between White Wolf and Running girl and already have been putting things in place this week.  I can't bear to let her get swallowed up and forgotten in all that responsibility, seriousness and hard work of White Wolf's world, ever again.

I'm now looking out for a Golden Onesie to keep my new learning in mind!  

But then, I have my painting which will remind me each day too.

I love Running Girl, I am proud of White Wolf but there has to be space for Running Girl to exist equally, also.

If you like how I work with Art and Personal Development  and want to know more, I am only an email away from you; This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..  I love receiving images of your paintings and any feelings or thoughts you had when creating, so please feel free to share them with me.  I will respond.

Take good care,  warmly,


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Tuesday, 23 April 2024

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