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The Womb Heart Video

The Womb Heart Video

Hi there,  how are you?

Those who paint with my Expressive Art Approach soon discover how it opens a whole new way of creating and processing deep within.  

The most magical part for me is how easy 'Change' seems to happen when processed this through Therapeutic Intuitive Art.

I began creating on top of an old background I had begun some weeks ago but had put aside, losing interest due to the length of time the texture was taking to dry.  However the highly textured background offered me a fantastic base to work on, loving the touch of the texture.   I suddenly noticed a little Rabbit'.s pale pink face with a big floppy ear in the centre. 

This little Rabbit's Face felt important to me, stirring something deep inside of me that I had a fierce impulse to 'protect'.
I didn't know why but I trusted my instinct and drew a heart around it offering some kind of boundary and although I had no idea at the time, this little 'Rabbit's Face' would become the focus of this piece of work.

Once I begin to create I lose myself in there, creating from my Gut, my Intuition and just allowing myself to flow.  We get in to a sort of Flow state when creating, it is like losing oneself in there, a deeply meditative state, superb in terms of Health and Wellbeing.

I began creating a "Dark Arch" of turquoise, purple and magenta. The Dark Arch took up the length and width of the board I was working on - it was big!  As I was working I very quickly became aware of this symbolising a 'Community of Judgement' for me.

As I work, and as clients or Seekers (participants) in my groups work, we tune inwards to stories that emerge. The story that emerged with my Community of Judgement was all about being a 1960's baby who was only just born within months of wedlock. 

Back then this was unthinkable, 'bad', 'wrong' and to be seriously judged.

Initially as I created this Dark Arch of 'Judgement' I was remembering times in my late teen years when I was deeply concerned with WHO Thought WHAT About Me.  I was preoccupied with what I wore and how I looked but most of all what others thought about me.  I think many of us go through this particularly in our late teens and early 20's and can continue to be concerned throughout our lives, which is so sad to my Mind.

As I painted however, I became more aware of my little Pink Rabbit's Face I'd spotted earlier on. I felt as if I was looking back through the arch in to the Past. I began to see the Dark Arch - as a Community of Judgement with rows of faceless heads staring in at my beginnings.  Full of judgement.  All eyes on the little Pink Rabbit,  Me!

I felt sure I was the little Pink Rabbit and the heart I had drawn around it was about Protection, my protection. It felt very important that the "Pink Rabbit" remained safe and I was determined that I would keep it safe. I began adding pinks, magenta and lilac to the heart I had drawn around it and painted quickly with my fingers.  The magenta was 'Blood' and this became a very rich lining protecting the Pink Rabbit. I then focused on creating the 'birth canal'.

Back in the 1960's as mentioned, it was considered outrageous and probably even worse to be pregnant and unmarried - and for a short time my Mum and Dad were unmarried.  The shame....  I imagine this must have been very hard for the family at that time.

I became preoccupied with the 'Dark Arch' above the Womb in my painting and began piecing together stories that I had been told about the Cultural Parent of that era.  My Great Grandmother had been born very late 1800's and brought strong Victorian values to our Family.

As I was painting I could sense the Oppression my Mum possibly felt in relation to the 'what the neighbours would think'.   I actually grinned for a moment as I thought of my hippy Mum with her guitar, black eye liner and great love of 60's music.  I remember hearing about the family cooking up a story of 'what to tell the neighbours' however my Mum had the audacity to flounce the Truth - an even wider grin from me! 

I began to really focus in on the Womb, the Purple, Red Womb Heart to ensure it was all safe, cosy and thickly lined with lots of purple and red paint... readying for my 'Birth'.

I felt determined to bring the background up to date.   I spontaneously added lavender pink criss crosses all over the faces of the Community of Judgement softening everything down and creating the environment for myself that I wished to be born into.

I spent time processing all of the above in my journal and uncovered more as I wrote. 

So enlightening, so exciting, such rich personal development for me!

This piece of work is just in the very beginning stages.  Exciting to imagine where this might lead for me personally.  If you are curious or ready to embrace my approach to developing your self, I offer an incredible Journey, through my unique process which I accompany You in whichever way it unfolds.   I remain beside you, a potent and fearless companion.

If you are a "Seeker" - knowing there is something that is missing from your life but you can't figure out quite what that is yet, get in touch without obligation.  This is what I offer You, a journey to Seek what you sense is missing for you and I do it with incredible commitment, wisdom and courage.

take good care,

White Wolf, Running Girl & the Golden Onesie

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Alex Graybow on Wednesday, 12 April 2017 19:32

'Seekers', I like it

'Seekers', I like it :)
Kas Martin on Wednesday, 12 April 2017 19:57

Thank you Alex, it fits perfectly what I do and who I do it for. I was once a Seeker!

Thank you Alex, it fits perfectly what I do and who I do it for. I was once a Seeker! warmly, Kas
Wednesday, 27 May 2020

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