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Sand In My Shoes...

Sand In My Shoes...

Hi there,

How are you? How has your weekend been? Spring has truly sprung with many shoots, blossoms, daffs and crocus everywhere.

I've had a very peaceful weekend. Walking on the beach below and wandering around some really pretty places. The East Neuk of Fife is a very special place for us to come and relax, restore and re-energise our batteries. A place we found about 20 years ago and visit a number of times each year.

The beach is beautiful. A huge expanse of golden sand of which we never tire. It's very popular with dog walkers, surfers, swimmers and sun bathers. There are (seriously big) sandcastle competitions in Summer and bonfires on New Year's Eve where most of the community spend the whole night seeing in the new year..

Interesting door names and doorways caught my eye whilst out walking on Saturday afternoon.

These above and below look ancient and I bet have interesting stories to tell..

and some delightful gardens right on the beach! I love how the majority of the gardens all lead straight onto the sand.

There was a lot of sand on roads and in doorways and one garden was completely a sand garden..

Not much room left to sit down at the moment!

We walked the whole length of the town along the beach and this end (above) is my favourite with high sand dunes and lots of little paths all over the tops leading criss cross to various garden gates of the lucky residents.

I especially love late Autumn along here with all the huge, fat orange and red rosehips in great abundance.

I transfer my childhood, (very late) summer evening (wild) cycle rides over the paths between the tall nettles where I live today onto these sand dunes. I can almost smell the nasturtiums and stocks and hear our shrieks of excitement echoing in the dark as we cycled at top speed praying our parents wouldn't call us in any time soon!


​We visited the ancient graveyard and Church. This particular gravestone above was really interesting.

When we passed the Green all the crows were preparing their nests for their new arrivals in early summer. We sat awhile and just listened and watched as they called out and worked hard. The sounds were amazing and their antics were fun!

I don't know if you have ever been close enough to a Crow to see its colouring but their feathers are beautiful. Greens and purples along with blacks all shimmering and shiny. They look so well cared for. I was lucky enough to hand feed some Crows on the railings down by the beach. They lined up and shuffled along sideways towards me where they confidently took food from my fingers! I wanted to take photographs and feed them but it wasn't possible to do both so I chose to feed.

On our way here I had a little grin to myself as I remembered how important my packing was before I left.... I bundled a bunch of clothes in various shades of blues and oranges haphazardly into my case with a handful of scarves, then spent ages trying to choose which of my precious paints and brushes to bring with me :)

My Beloved stood patiently holding a big bag open while I chose. Finally he suggested, 'just bring them all, if there is anything you don't need, it doesn't matter. Better than getting there and finding you have forgotten one you really want.'

Awwww he's fabulous.

Luckily I bothered to bring spare shoes as when I was walking along the receding tide an extra big wave took me completely by surprise and engulfed me up to my knees. My lovely Blowfish ballet shoes are currently upside down drying on a radiator full of sand....

Well that is about it for now. I hope all is well with you. As always thank you for your lovely emails, keep them coming - I will reply to you.

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