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Catching Up and my Latest Free Gifts for You


hello there

How are you?

I have been really busy birthing two new Free gifts of Intuitive Art and Personal Development for You.  They are completely Free, available here on my website with immediate year long access and the opportunity to connect with me in my new facebook group where we can interact, share and explore until our hearts are content. Or you can simply journey your way through my course and feel free to send me emails of your painting as it emerges with pictures of course.  

I don't know why this is but every time I create a new online art experience it feels like giving birth.  It is a Huge process.  It takes up a lot of time, love, soul-baring, creating, filming, editing, dreaming and determination BUT I always get there in the end. Thank goodness and Phew!  

Then comes the part where participants experience my tasters and give feedback and this is just such a wonderful, full of gratitude part for me.  I learn much and tweak and grow myself, so it's a win-win!  

I have, of late, felt a bit like a Soulful Art Mama, encouraging and supporting those of you on your creative journey whether it is the very beginning, middle or further along your path of Intuitive Art and Personal Development.  

I am so lucky to receive gorgeous messages and beautiful, inspiring images of your art, to hear your news, to be a witness to your personal growth through my art classes, to see pics of your new studio spaces, hear about your exhibitions...!  I feel so proud and happy...  I can't tell you what a superb feeling it is for me.  THANK YOU! 

I also have three Very Important and Incredibly Precious, Brave people in my life currently dealing with huge health journeys right now and I am doing my very best to be there for them in different ways.

So to sum up... Life is, as always, full of Texture, just like my art. 

I love to run my fingers over the texture on my paintings and feel the ripples, and ridges, and smoothness...  all so delicious to acknowledge and although Life throws up lots of hillocks, boulders and a few mountains, I am happy and grateful to know that I continue to push through these barriers and embrace all those humps and grooves in all their glory.  

I believe I have always had that kind of Can Do attitude and hope it continues throughout my life.  No matter how tough life gets I still manage to get back up and continue as best as I possibly can.

The first of my new Free Gifts is called WILDflowers.  It's all about Letting Go, loosening up, freeing yourself from rules, restrictions and our Inner Critic who loves to elbow in and hold us back.

WILDflowers is a brief course of 4 videos along with lots of exciting Prompts to help you explore and reflect on your process and journey through the course.  Here is an image of WILDflowers below -all that gorgeous colour and splattering freedom!  No matter what your Inner Critic may suggest to you right now, please let me state...  You CAN Do This, easily and with fun.  I promise!  

Here is the sign up link.  It is completely Free and you can interact with me in the fb group if you wish.  You may need to copy and paste the link into your browser or simply visit my Art Classes page and select WILDflowers.  You can't miss it.

There is information and a video to help you decide if you would like to participate.

My second Free Gift will be born in the next couple of days!  It is called 'Letting Go' and you will find the details on the Art Classes page here on my website.

Letting Go is the header image up at the top of this blog.  What a journey!  We begin with an old piece of hardboard, a plastic palette knife and a few acrylic paints that just light up your soul... We go through stages of Letting Go as we progress through this painting experience... and although Letting Go can be pretty tough, I am a gentle, encouraging Guide steady and with you all the way....  offering lots of exciting, thought provoking personal development prompts for you to explore en route.

You can connect with me in the facebook group to share and explore with like minded people or simply work through the process alone and maybe with your beloved journal to support you?

Here is a video from Letting Go... further on in the process...  to give you a snippet of what is on offer...  watch my struggles with Letting Go :)

As you can see from the image in the Header up at the top I end up with some very profound Inner Child work which was fruitful, cathartic and truly growthful.

Sooooo if you are curious and interested in participating in Letting Go, please check out my Art Classes page in a couple of days.  It is FREE and a very beautiful, soulful process.  I promise you.

here are one or two testimonials...

'I would highly recommend this wonderful opportunity to experience Kas' unique form of self-discovery and personal development through intuitive art. I love to work in an intuitive way and see a visual expression of my feelings - I feel I get to know and understand myself a little better. Kas supported my process throughout the group. Her warmth and curiosity enabled me to deeply explore the images that I chose to share. There is no pressure to share, however when I have done, it has felt that I am being witnessed by a very supportive group of people. This warm and non-judgemental environment has given me a sense of freedom from my more critical voices.'

'This is a fantastic opportunity to start on your journey of self discovery. Kas offers a warm, inviting, safe and friendly space in which to explore. No need to be an artist as this is less about how 'good' the finished artwork is, and more about the process to get there. Kas's experience and passion for what she does shines through in the way she guides you through the whole process. I would heartily recommend this experience.'

'Kas has taught me to 'go with my gut' after a challenging change of direction in my life. It was not easy and I had to take a leap of faith. With Kas's guidance, therapeutic intuitive art enabled me to make sense of what what happening, and often why; there were always good reasons for change, even if we may have been fearful of them.
Today I flourish. I thrive. My lifestyle is quite a bit different in someway and not so different in other ways - but more than ever I am in tune with my sense of self.
Kas's short courses influence my own artistic practice as well as helping me to review the stage that I am at in the journey of life. I know instinctively now when I need to create; draw, paint, collage for insight on matters that I am not clear on, for self-care, or for my own work. Recently I have just made a big decision regarding my own teaching again - I now feel feel and sense a big period of creativity; I am also going through menopause - not an easy time - creating intuitively helps me to relax and slow down and take care of myself; I am taking part in two exhibitions in the next couple of months and I feel very creative and excited about them.
Why should you do one of Kas's courses? I think they empower us. Help us grow in self-confidence. Teach us to value who we are and what we have to offer others. I am certain you will take away with you a gift that will last and continue to teach you, encourage reflection and show that you are honouring your own unique native powers.'

And if you have questions please just ask!  You can respond by scrolling down to the bottom or you can send me an email from the Contact page here on my site.

Thank you for visiting me here <3

Take good care



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Letting Go... my new FREE Gift is here!
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