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Power In My Expression of Sadness - an exploration


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I've been busy of late getting three new online art classes ready to release. I feel so lucky to work in ways which fulfill me.

Today I have another beautiful Exploration for you to read. I really enjoyed spending time exploring with Tracy Algar, Intuitive Artist, her links are at the end. I hope you enjoy reading what unfolded.

 Kassi:   Welcome Tracy. I've looked at your painting a number of times. It feels very powerful and draws my attention. I just wondered if you would like to say anything about how you feel as you look at your painting?

Tracy:   It feels sad

Kassi:   The painting feels sad?

Tracy:   Yes, the painting feels sad. I feel somehow empowered by it.

Kassi:   Would you like to say something about how you feel empowered?

Tracy:   Like there is some power in my expression of sadness. the images, especially the horned beast, he makes me feel strong.

Kassi:   When you look at him, is there any particular part of him that is most prominent?

Tracy:   His teeth are most prominent.

Kassi:   Can I ask how you feel as you look at his teeth?

Tracy:   The only way I can describe it is as powerful and safe.

Kassi:   I'm wondering if you feel comfortable if I invite you to check out sensations or feelings in your body? I guess I'm wondering 'where' you receive the info "powerful and safe"? If you get signals in your body as you look at his teeth for example.

Tracy:   In the centre of my chest.

Kassi:   Are you ok if stay with the body feeling?

Tracy:   Sure

Kassi:   I'm wondering what the feeling is like in the centre of your chest as you look at his teeth?

Tracy:   Expansive

Kassi:   Expansive like.... ? Like an ocean? The sky?

Tracy:   Like breathing in the Universe.

Kassi:   Wow! That sounds pretty amazing to me... how does it feel for you?

Tracy:   It's a good feeling.

Kassi:   I'm wondering if this could be a "resource" for you if ever you need to feel empowered?  By looking at his teeth or bringing them to mind, you could then experience that amazing feeling in your chest?

Tracy:   Yes, that's a good idea. I can liken the feeling to the way I feel when I gaze at the mountains.

Kassi:   Oh beautiful! I believe having these kind of "anchors" is such a super Resource for us to call on at Will. I'm so glad to know you have this Tracy. Can I just check in with you... how is this going for you?

Tracy:   Fine thanks Kassi. Interested to see where it's going. Already surprised by my feelings about it.

Kassi:   Surprised in a good way?

Tracy:   Yes, a good way.

Kassi:   I am wondering if you would like to say anything about the sadness you mentioned or perhaps prefer not to?

Tracy:   I recognise the sadness in the tears, they are tears of loss.

Kassi:   I am sad to read of your loss Tracy... at the same time I feel glad that you can express your sadness through your art... is there anything you would like to or need to share about your sadness?

Tracy:   Not at this time.I still need to find the lost thing.

Kassi:   Sure... is "the lost thing" something you are searching for?

Tracy:   It's something that has been lost for a long time, I've only just realised that I'm looking for it.

Kassi:   I feel an interest in me to accompany you in your "search" however, you may not be ready to Know about it yet? I imagine that this is something only you will have the answer to Tracy. I am happy to take a step back if you prefer...

Tracy:   I think I need some time to digest how I feel about the painting.  This is so interesting.  It's giving me some Clues to mull over.

Kassi:   Shall we go back to look at your painting? Could I ask a question or two?  Unless this feels "enough"?

Tracy:   Sure you can ask some questions.

Kassi:   If you look at your painting, I'm wondering where your eyes settle first?

Tracy:   The horned beast at the top.

Kassi:   and after him? Unless there is more to say after his "teeth"? He is a magnificent Horned Beast.

Tracy:   After him, the bird.  I wanted it to be a Crow, but it insisted on being a Penguin.

Kassi:   Aww I'm smiling at how it insisted on being a Penguin... did he have to Really Insist? Wondering if the two of you had quite a tussle over its emergence? Oops sorry Tracy, I said "he"

Tracy:   We did. He was a Penguin, then a Crow, then the hand of a Crow with a knife in it when next to the other painting (not shown), and then a Penguin again. "He" is okay.

Kassi:   Wow Penguin went through quite a process as he came in to Being

Tracy:   he did

Kassi:   Can I enquire about you and Penguin's "tussle" as he emerged?   I get a sense of him kind of looking down slightly? I wonder if you sense his mood ?

Tracy:   I think he's rather fed up. And tired.

Kassi:   Poor Penguin... I wonder what he is fed up and tired with?

Tracy:   It looks like he's been on a long journey, and isn't getting on so well with the Horned Beast. And he has the jawbone of an ass on his head.

Kassi:   Penguin has a lot to deal with!?

Tracy:   He does

Kassi:   A Long Journey... do you get a sense of what it involved?

Tracy:   Getting here, it's been a tricky journey. Travelling a long distance, learning lots of lessons the hard way, carrying too many heavy things.

Kassi:   How does he feel now he has arrived here?

Tracy:   Even though he's fed up, I think he will keep going, because the beast is also heading that way.

Kassi:   My heart feels heavy for Penguin. So much to go through to reach his destination and learn some lessons. I get a feeling the Horned Beast is following Penguin? Hot on his heels?

Tracy:   Or maybe the Penguin has been looking for the Horned Beast.

Kassi:   Ah right... Penguin has been looking for the Horned Beast.

Tracy:   I think they are a team, but have only just found each other again.

Kassi:   ....a team.  I wonder what it was like for the team to be separated?

Tracy:   I think it's been tough, the Beast lost an eye and the Penguin doesn't feel great.

Kassi:   Oh goodness... feels like it's been quite treacherous at times to lose an eye!

Tracy:   It's been a rough time.

Kassi:   It sounds rough

Tracy:   But they look like they have something to do.

Kassi:   I'm wondering if they need anything? Either of them?

Tracy:   I think they're looking for something. The "lost" thing no doubt.

Kassi:   Ah. They're both looking for the "lost thing"

Tracy:   I think so

Kassi:   Do they have a sense if they're going in the "right" direction?

Tracy:   I think so. And it's interesting that it's in the opposite direction of the other two faces, one of who is crying about the lost thing.

Kassi:   Yes, Very interesting...

Tracy:   Perhaps the Penguin is fed up with the crying face, not the Beast after all.

Kassi:   If we gave a voice to Penguin what might he say?

Tracy:   Either way, I'm getting a sense of who these characters are now.   Penguin would say: "Don't look back, we're going off to find the lost thing.  It may take a little while, but the Beast is helping, and he's very tall and can see things from far away."

Kassi:   Is this a positive thing for you Tracy to get a sense of the characters? I can see why Penguin and Beast are a great team

Tracy:   Yes it is. Not all of my paintings make sense to me. This one was particularly confusing. I am going through quite a confusing time at the moment..

Kassi:   I am sorry to hear you're going through a confusing time at present Tracy. I see you say this "was" confusing - so not quite so confusing now?

Tracy:   It's making more sense now.

Kassi:   And is that OK for you? To make more sense ?

Tracy:   Yes, it helps. I've been talking with my Therapist about a missing part of me that I need to find again/allow to come back. I think that's the lost thing.   I painted this before we had that talk, but I think it was my subconscious telling me I need to find something that was missing.

Kassi:   Yes, that makes so much sense... How are you feeling right now Tracy? How is this for you?

Tracy:   This is good. I feel good thank you.

Kassi:   I am pleased to hear that Tracy.  Before we bring this to a close, I wondered if I could acknowledge the Crying Face in your painting? Or would you rather not?

Tracy:   It's me crying for the lost thing I think.

Kassi:   Or perhaps there is another part of your painting you would like to acknowledge before we bring this to a close for today?  Is it ok for me to say something more about your crying?

Tracy:   sure

Kassi:   I wanted to say that I noticed your crying face very early on when first Seeing your painting and I felt very tender towards the crying face. Your crying.

Tracy:   Thank you Kassi.

Kassi:   You're very welcome. I appreciate Penguin may feel fed up and has a big task ahead searching for the lost thing but I felt it is important to also acknowledge your crying too.  I hope Penguin doesn't mind me feeling tender at the same time as realising he has an important task ahead.

Tracy:   Thanks. I very much appreciate your words of support and your time and insight. It's been a very interesting exploration.

Kassi:   You're welcome Tracy. I've really enjoyed getting to know your Painting so well.  If we were to bring this to a close for now - is there anything your painting or you need to say first?

Tracy:   No, thank you.

Kassi:   If you would like to explore your painting any further please let me know Tracy. We can arrange this.  How do you feel right now?

Tracy:   Fine, thank you Kassi, glad to have come to more of an understanding of my painting.

Kassi:   Great. I'm so glad. And you have your amazing resource of  'feeling empowered'  to keep near you for any time you need it...

Tracy:   Yes, thank you. I will remember that.

Kassi:   Great! Thank you Tracy, take good care.

If you would like to find out more about Tracy and her wonderful work, here are her links below.

Thank you for visiting me here,

Tracy Algar can be found here

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