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Autumn In The Air

Autumn In The Air

​Hi there

How are you?  Thank you for your touching messages wishing me well and all your encouraging words about what I am offering here from my new website and in my gorgeous garden Studio.  Enormous thanks to you.

As I type this, it is a beautiful August evening in my garden with a 'scent' of Autumn approaching. Freshly dug soil reminding me of singing 'We Plough The Fields and Scatter...' at school.  Also the scent of bonfire which immediately takes me back to my first Autumn living in London as a very young adult.  I felt so grown up with my job at British Airways in my newly purchased heels.  I probably looked like a Bairn.  Wandering home from the Tube along the lane behinds the gardens in the Crescent.  Raspberry canes and brambles crackling, sweetly fragrant on the fire. 

The huge community of Crows and Jackdaws who live around here are busily shouting their usual goodnight as they prepare for their brief flight over to Jackdaw Woods.  They fly off in groups of approximately 30, around five groups set off in staggered flights.  It's amazing to hear and watch.  My Beloved and I filmed them recently from the cawing... to the flying off...  and then we jumped in our car and zoomed off to record them in the tree tops where they sleep every night.  It was an incredible sound! There must be hundreds of them all high up in the tree tops.  They cawed and screeched and chattered for about 15 minutes possibly reflecting on their day, and how their young are coming along?  calling out 'Night John Boy, Night Grandma...' and then suddenly...  they just went silent.  Instantly...  it was quite eerie yet also very intriguing.  I mean...  who's in charge up there? Who organises how many, when and what time?  It really is very structured and possibly they have all followed this routine for hundreds of years?  What a thought.  

The video we made wasn't that great but we plan to Really Get Our Act Together soon and record the whole thing.  What made me grin at the end of our jaunt out that night was when my Beloved finally broke the eerie silence with; '"We didnae (didn't) even get poo'd on!"  He was being deadly serious.

It has been a bit of a whirlwind in my small corner of the World.  I've had to put a lot of effort in to Making Myself Take Care of Me during this exciting period of  change... development.... shifting from The Awkward Teenager Stage of my own home made website to bigger and much better things with the amazing support of my web designer, Chris.  In fact it's been a real Transition and I've had one or two quite emotional, roller coaster days from feeling delighted to drained in about 20 seconds... to super excited... to a bit of flop in a heap wondering if I can do this or maybe just easier to remain an Awkward Teenager after all  ...and then back up to an excited 'high' when emails pinged into my inbox and everyone went home happily with amazing paintings of themselves as Trees.

Oh and I don't know if I have mentioned this or not but all things Ice have become hugely important to me of late.  Ice Cubes, Ice Lollies, Frozen Yoghurt, ice packs for keeping sandwiches fresh, or more accurately keeping cheeks cool.   They sizzle and crack, melting in minutes against my shiny, red cheeks.   For about three years now I have been completely in denial about the fact that I am menapausal.  Hmmmm  sinuses that were pretending to have hayfever, cheeks that insist on burning in various shades of crimson 24/7, and the heating system hasn't been on for months even when it was snowing!  Ah well, I've been assured that it doesn't usually last more than ten years.  Good Grief!  Luckily my Beloved is very patient and nurturing.  If any of you need any tips, I have plenty.  I'm thinking of writing a Menapause Survival Kit. it's amazing how we Humans adapt.

Please have a look around whilst you are here, join me on facebook at Intuitive Painting with Kassi Martin or connect with me on Instagram @kassimartinart4all AND... if you have any family, friends or colleagues who you think would enjoy reading my blog, experience my Art, Ecourses or maybe need to reduce stress in their everyday life please give them directions how to get here.

So I guess that is about it for now.  Thank you so much again for taking time out of your day to join me here.  Please stay in touch, I love to hear from you, ask questions, add a comment... click Like and Share if you feel called to,  

If there is anything you feel I can help you with, please get in touch This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

from Me to You,


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Tuesday, 23 April 2024

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